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  1. Hi there, I've backed kickstarter for alpha, but not any privalidges on forum or not yet received a alpha kickstarter survey ?
  2. Hi mate sounds like you have the same intentions as me, I have the time and finances to play very competitively, my steam username is Pero19 we'll chat nearer time of release
  3. True that maps and textures look old school but by the looks of it doesn't look so old school in the sense of movement and recoil but I'm sure will be good anyway.
  4. Still buzzing for this game but I am patient for it to be perfect and trust the devs decisions implicitly!!
  5. Hi morphy funnily enough I used to play against sfto in COD1!, I'm looking to play this competitively and also available to lan . Cheers
  6. Looks good would like to see more recoil looks very consoley
  7. Cod1 2 and 4 here
  8. Buying a new machine for this bad boy, any suggestions... deep pockets
  9. I really hope this game takes over this exactly what the community needs, I believe perhaps maybe because I am from mohaa cod1 cod2, so so excited, like a school kid!!!
  10. Cannot wait for this, no hitmarkers tho please
  11. I'll deffo be up for playing.. played cod1 at a high level, cod2 and 4 competitively too.
  12. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than play an fps shooter with health regen
  13. See you guys on mugs tdm server