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  1. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON It's really not a big deal because you could just have a note pad and write it down for each map. But in the future when you get some time it might be worth making filmtweeks for map specific. Ie at the top of that menu you posted have each map and i can edit what it'll look like every time that map loads. in promod we just made binds and bound them to like f1/2/3/4 and just hit the bind that executed the string of color changes depending on what map we were playing.
  2. My god these dev's are literally the only competent devs i've ever seen. They systematically smack down all stupid daddy gamer non competitive ideas and then even pick up small things like film tweaks.
  3. Those m1 garand shot at 52 seconds. Makes me so happy to see bullets going where you aim even while moving.
  4. SD is only viable option that will make 1944 competitive against other fps shooters. Overwatch is a class based shooter and hardly comparable. the only 'okay' game type is escort. That wouldn't work in a game like this at all. The other game types are loathed by the competitive community. And to be honest i find watching over watch incredibly boring due to the game type. i hate CS with a passion but its much better to watch. Other game types can be fun for casual like CTF . HQ etc but not for competitive. those game types are not as fun to watch or cast. The dev's have their head screwed on. They know if they create a competitive free movement,SD game mode, bullet goes where you aim shooter, match making support and micro transaction skin system. They are going to tap into a huge disenfranchised market.
  5. kinda proves kizmmit's point about 'casuals' or 'daddy gamers' with this horrible display of ye olde meme. Like you don't even get the meme game, how are you gonna get the competitive game of 1944`.
  6. Counter Strike Global Offensive
  7. @[DEV] KingHoward Does the engine have the ability to use film tweaks? like in cod4 promod as seen here.
  8. Maybe.... damnit see i didn't pre order the alpha because originally they said there wouldn't be Aus servers for the alpha.
  9. No one is ever calling out compass directions in a competitive arcade shooter. There will be named com's for every building and corner.
  10. 1.Sprint is good, 2.Recoil looked absolutely fine. I prefer the recoil seen in the gameplay trailer. Makes it more consistent and smooth. People really need to get away from the More recoil = more skill bullshit. 3.Movement looks a tad quick, especially how i saw someone strafe through a walk way into someones face. Cod4 promod that happened with wepnexting, but not at the speed the gameplay video looked. i'd prefer more cod4 speed. 4.Red dots are disgusting, turn them off great call. Instead of using your ears your eyes get drawn to the map which i think is a bad play, red dots were taken out of cod4promod in AUS for this reason. 5. As long as the hit boxes are fine you should be right here. 6. Keep the hit indicator its useful for team mate coms, its helpful to work out how many tags you got off or if you hit someone. 7. The hip fire looked similar to cod4 promod no? 8. Map being a map is fine, without red dots no one will look at it anyway
  11. 100% need first shot accuracy on every weapon at every time. Where that iron sight is pointed or croshair placed the bullets must go.... or we just CSGO now boys.
  12. Game play looked amazing! really happy with how its coming along. There's already too many slow daddy gamer games out there and its good that we're seeing something fast paced with the potential to be competitive. this is the only style of game that'll compete with cs. Hit indicators good , TTK good, Recoil good, Movement looks excellent but maybe a bit too fast, would be interested to see speed comparison with cod4. Don't rate red dots though takes your eyes away from the centre of the screen when you should be using hearing for location.
  13. I think the current price point is a good thing. A high price is the best anti-cheat. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  14. Why do people seem to forget this is an arcade competitive shooter. There's tons of daddy gamer 'hardcore' fps out there and none of them done well competitively.
  15. i remember in cod4 i had a bind so that when ever i was shooting it would turn tracers off so i could see where i'm shooting but when ever i pressed W it turned them back on. Depending on the engine i'm fairly sure this would also be possible with console commands.