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  1. I think the current price point is a good thing. A high price is the best anti-cheat. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  2. Why do people seem to forget this is an arcade competitive shooter. There's tons of daddy gamer 'hardcore' fps out there and none of them done well competitively.
  3. i remember in cod4 i had a bind so that when ever i was shooting it would turn tracers off so i could see where i'm shooting but when ever i pressed W it turned them back on. Depending on the engine i'm fairly sure this would also be possible with console commands.
  4. Unfortunately using your head to shoot people Is best solution to the problem thus far. Otherwise it creates situations where one player can see another without knowing he can be seen. Additionally you don't want to be in a circumstance where you can see a player but your gun shoots the wall in front of you.
  5. See i liked that style of gameplay @scaR is jaded about. The fluidity of being able to move around so effectively made the game less linear and less boring. I think its fair to let people with faster reflex's win. I know i'm gonna get dropped by some 17 year old on energy drinks but i think its a game mechanic that made the game what it was. Also, the whole problem was pretty much fixed when they removed wepnext.
  6. In cod4 you had a minimap but the "red-dot" fix was implemented so red dots wouldn't come up when an enemy shot. That's how it was in competitive for Aus. I think a cs/cod hybrid would be best where there's no red dots and each area is 'named' as you walk into it.
  7. Yeah at some point people kept thinking "more recoil = skill based". When that's not the case at all. If anything it adds more randomness. i'm just hoping for Aus servers.
  8. Yeah, i mean if you can jump and shoot what other crazy 'exploits' could you do... i mean remember all those exploits in cod4? What were those again?
  9. it'll just work like it does in cod2 on wards i assume.
  10. I assume people will just make 1v1 maps eventually and we'll just practice on those. i dont think its something the dev's need to focus on.
  11. It's an arcade fps competitive shooter, realism is probably one of the later thoughts (and rightly so) , Fluidity and a multiple of ways to out skill an opponent is best.
  12. @[CM] BigTuna So just to clarify so i know what to pre purchase There's 4 stages. Closed Alpha>Beta>Early access>Game released. Do you have any idea or wish as to when AUS servers will be available from the closed alpha to the full game timeline? I think this will be very important for people regarding which purchase they make since the Australian scene will be quite substantial.
  13. Apparently there will not or is unlikely to be AUS servers for alpha.
  14. I see, similar to like heads being able to shoot people in csgo? i think thats just some we'll always have to deal with. otherwise your gun will shoot things in your vision. It works alot better if heads shoot as strange as that sounds.
  15. The only thing i remember about cod2 in terms of models/animation bugs in these situations was a thing called 'verting' if you remember that? the direct prone to stand and stand to prone would produce a smaller hitbox and was disallowed in comp. Hopefully that wont be the case here.