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  1. muso

    Balance Ideas

    Not every game,. CS is a great example.
  2. muso

    B Site on Derailed

    Maps are balanced around people knowing the maps lol... It would be broken if they weren't
  3. muso

    Balance Ideas

    Agree with everything besides jump shots. Keep that, finally a game where bullets go where you aim
  4. i remember there being shown a menu where you could adjust color, lighting effects for each map specifically. where's that?
  5. muso

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    I believe scope sway was removed, like in cod4 because there was issues with inaccuracy. That's why you see a built in 'awp fix' Originally everyone just used /+holdbreath but the awp fix was way more consistent.
  6. muso


    i don't mind the recoil as is, i'd rather it be consistent and low like cod4. That said i'd like the balance of fire rate and usefulness around the heavy smg classes to be better.
  7. This x 1000. So you've fixed it? Like as long as we are in ADS the bullet will go where we aim even jump sprinting horizontally.? @[DEV] KingHoward sick, thanks. This needs to be updated in the notes
  8. Yeah think i have like 2/3k hours in PAM cod2 and 3k/4k at least in cod4 promod or more. I donno xfire died so no record Can't stress enough how the change you've made is not how to solve the issue we're experiencing. and to be fair it is very much a minor thing to the other thing demzz pointing out concerning dying behind walls. The net code or hit boxes are off. If you need a better explanation of what we mean i can show you when i get some footage of the first week the game is in beta.
  9. I love how you link that then don't link literally the first comment calling it out, Not to mention that cod2 also had this.
  10. I mean no human standing still has 100 percent accuracy in real life, sure, but the point is the gun and barrel are aligned regardless. If we're lead to believe that we're playing as super humans with perfect balance and no sway when they hold a rifle (fine i can believe that what ever, i like that aspect). The same logic has to apply when moving otherwise you're fundamentally changing what the iron sights reflect. They go from being an 100% accurate indicator to where the bullets go, to a csgo style... "uhh the bullets kinda go around where you aim". Now granted the csgo rifles don't use iron sights HOWEVER the AWP is 100% accurate standing still but then when moving has this rubber barrel effect which has now been introduced to battalion, where for some magical reason the barrel and scope become misaligned if you're jumping horizontally. Something of which i showed doesn't happen in the OP video. WE CSGO NOW BOYS The best way to fix the problem of jumping being a better engagement strategy is do what demz said + i think map design plays a huge part aswell.
  11. muso

    Jumping ironsights

    how is that skill less, if anything its more skill?
  12. No no you're missing the point. Now when you jump horizontally aim in and shoot the bullet will not go where you aim. That makes no sense since the gun and the ironsight are as one piece (they're aligned), the bullet can't come out of the barrel at an angle (which i proved above) so the nerf makes no sense.
  13. Firstly, why dad? Honestly the best feeling about rolling into battalion after playing so many trash shooters over the years, was bullets going where i aim. Also how do you rationalize iron sites now, is the aiming system just there for aesthetics like CS? I point you towards some research by myth busters (see below at the time stamp). How do iron sights even work now ?? are the sights no longer aligned with the barrel of the gun? Are the barrels made of rubber that sway with movement? In barrels made of metal at least , no matter how much your side way velocity is, the bullet will go straight out of the barrel in line with you gun. You can move at super human speeds and bullet will leave the gun straight and if the barrel and the ironsights are aligned (which we're lead to believe is the case considering standing still and shooting still is accurate) then there's 0 explanation as why the bullet will not travel to the point on the ironsight. ?????????????????????????????