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  1. Few Ideas by jackis

    Thats completely fair and a good point. Is there plans for bullet penetration?
  2. Few Ideas by jackis

    Regenerative health is an absolute must for this game. The implications for not having this features are a lot more than you realize i think. I check the forums now and then in hopes that everything on track but i really only need to respond when people suggest regenerative health shouldn't be in the game. It absolutely should, its vital. Non-regenerative Health - From what I have experienced it is very annoying when I perhaps tag a guy with rifle 3 times in one round (The same guy) and then he gives me one bullet HS with m1. This happened many times and adding that non-regenerative feature would completely make the game more strategic, competetive and much more interesting. I see this working very well in csgo and I have experienced regenerative mode in cod2-cod4 and I can clearly say non-regenerative is way to go. Hopefully more people will reconsider this. But Im worried devs are already cleared on this one. Hopefully rifle tags are consistent and that it's 1 hit above the belt. The lack of regenerative health. i argue makes the game less strategic and less dynamic. Since grouping up is better and all pushing to one site becomes the norm. In cod you have diverse roll out strats for attack and defence since 1 player theoretically could kill all the people at one site and open it up. In CSGO it's a lot harder to accomplish that since your first fire fight you're tagged and now you have to wait for your team mates before you have a good shot at killing the other people. The strategy is different sure but it vastly changes the style of the game. The second thing is that it's more balanced this way. Each contact you have is on equal footing. You go into each individual fire fight on a even footing. This is important for things like clutching. Additionally if it becomes an E-Sport it makes it much more exciting to watch. CSGO yes you can clutch but its a lot tougher and happens more rarely. due to non regenerative health. An individual player can have more impact this way instead of getting worn down by 5 other players constantly tagging him. i was global in CS , not that it means much and played every invite season of cod4 competitive in Australia. Jumping into a game against a far worse team i could effect the game far more as an individual in cod than i could in cs and this is all down to regen. Deciding between regen and no regen isn't a small change to the game , its probably one of the biggest. Its drastically will change how the game is played at the top level and pretty much any competition level at the very least.
  3. Yeah reshade is nothing like that, it's literally just edge enhancements and bloom/color effects.
  4. Will they be detected as false positives by anticheats or are the devs okay with their use
  5. Really happy the downvote button is back. I assume it also helps the mods understand how people feel about certain opinions or game ideas expressed on the forum so it is constructive 'most' of the time.
  6. What FPS have people been getting on the Alpha? low/medium settings?
  7. Filmtweaks?

    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON It's really not a big deal because you could just have a note pad and write it down for each map. But in the future when you get some time it might be worth making filmtweeks for map specific. Ie at the top of that menu you posted have each map and i can edit what it'll look like every time that map loads. in promod we just made binds and bound them to like f1/2/3/4 and just hit the bind that executed the string of color changes depending on what map we were playing.
  8. Filmtweaks?

    My god these dev's are literally the only competent devs i've ever seen. They systematically smack down all stupid daddy gamer non competitive ideas and then even pick up small things like film tweaks.
  9. Those m1 garand shot at 52 seconds. Makes me so happy to see bullets going where you aim even while moving.
  10. Feedback from competitive players

    SD is only viable option that will make 1944 competitive against other fps shooters. Overwatch is a class based shooter and hardly comparable. the only 'okay' game type is escort. That wouldn't work in a game like this at all. The other game types are loathed by the competitive community. And to be honest i find watching over watch incredibly boring due to the game type. i hate CS with a passion but its much better to watch. Other game types can be fun for casual like CTF . HQ etc but not for competitive. those game types are not as fun to watch or cast. The dev's have their head screwed on. They know if they create a competitive free movement,SD game mode, bullet goes where you aim shooter, match making support and micro transaction skin system. They are going to tap into a huge disenfranchised market.
  11. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    kinda proves kizmmit's point about 'casuals' or 'daddy gamers' with this horrible display of ye olde meme. Like you don't even get the meme game, how are you gonna get the competitive game of 1944`.
  12. Counter Strike Global Offensive
  13. @[DEV] KingHoward Does the engine have the ability to use film tweaks? like in cod4 promod http://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/260381/Filmtweaks/ as seen here.
  14. Server locations

    Maybe.... damnit see i didn't pre order the alpha because originally they said there wouldn't be Aus servers for the alpha.