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  1. What is it people who make games like this are thinking? There is a poll, strafe/jump, it comes out, for jumping 39.5 against jumping 60.47. the 39.5 win the 60.47 leave permanently, who's won. Maybe if the jumping/hopping/strafe thing had been removed the game may have still been a viable option. but never mind, should have kept my £10 in my wallet.
  2. oldman

    Ah well!

    Tonight I decided to give Battalion 1944 one last try. But even that was fruitless, there were a number of players on "locked" servers and the odd one on the unlocked ones so even if I wanted to play it was a waste of time. Good luck with the game but I am uninstalling. Bye bye!
  3. oldman

    Strafe jump poll

    Enough is enough, joined the only available server, one other person on, no indication of where he was yet he within seconds Spider-Man flies around the corner and in mid air shoots me. This happened every time that I spawned! Just a question, how did he know just which corner that I was around or does everyone fly around every corner? Afraid that's it for me, if I had wanted a Marvel game I would have bought one. Bye
  4. oldman


    I am 70 years old and on the test my average was 250.0 I suppose this makes me old n slow eh!
  5. oldman


    Well I've read some arrogant post on these forums but this takes the "P:ss" . I an 70 years old have played Moh, all except the last few CoD "due to Jump/Bunny hopping) and all Battlefield games so far and have reach the highest rank in almost all. 5 of my friends (half my age) have made the decision not to continue with this game down to the Jump shooting or what ever. The last one recently was playing and suddenly was banned but doesn't know why, he made an enquiry but heard nothing back. Not a very good sign for the future eh! Suppose I will get banned for this, its a shame because the game had potential, but I suppose games are for children