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  1. grizzgolf

    Player numbers back up?

    Since the last update have the player numbers increased? Ive been trying to read over on the steam community but all I see is a ton of children yelling at each other.
  2. grizzgolf

    Update is Live!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw it on steam! I'm super pumped!
  3. grizzgolf

    July Update

    Where can I find the most up to date info on the july update?
  4. grizzgolf

    Feedback on the heavies

    I cant hit anything with the bar.
  5. grizzgolf

    Active US East Coast Times

    When is this most active on the EC? I really want to play but I haven't seen many players in the morning or afternoon
  6. grizzgolf

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I hope the next update brings back some players. This game is actually really great!
  7. grizzgolf

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I wish it had more players on steam
  8. Since the day it hit steam on EA I have only got into 1 match. Everytime when I try to load the game I get a white box and that error. What can I do to fix this or what info do you guys and girls need so I can figure this out.
  9. grizzgolf

    Outdated graphics?

    Graphics will come later
  10. This is better than WW2
  11. So if your getting a beta key you would already know about it?