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  1. Headshots (Idea)

    Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach scene.
  2. Call Of Duty (2017)

    "Leaked" Praying this is true!
  3. Days of War ?

    100%.. I may have a strong dislike for the dev team but Switz was always the man who got the info out to the public first, he always had a clear vision and supported the devs 100% from day one. Even DMing myself and telling me to just give it time and things will work out. I feel sorry for @Switz and his group because they where the true supporters of DOW who tried to be positive and help the community 24/7. Driven Arts need to disband because they have already killed the name.
  4. Days of War ?

    I feel like they all met on the street and was like okay you know how to code, I know how to use the Unreal map editor, lets make some money and bam that's it, total flop. Like even on there website the community manager only post like once ever 3 months.
  5. Call Of Duty (2017)

  6. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Damn.. only thing I see is a mix of headquarters, search and destroy and the game mode from Overwatch @WolfEnstein
  7. Call Of Duty (2017)

    The PC community hates COD in general so I don't expect it to be a big hit over here anyway. The console community will thrive and all the power to them. "Honestly in the past few years whenever a dev said they were "going back to their roots" with their next title", tell me more about this because I've never heard a dev team say this or even try it. Within the last 8+ years of gaming for me anyway lol.. The remastered version was complete shit because it was rushed for the simple fact that Activision knew that the main game was going to be a flop. They knew 70% of the community hates the future shit so they threw in a quick remaster to bump the sales of an already shit primary game. Kinda pisses me off how they would ruin a remastered version of the best COD that was created because they just rushed it to make up for there original fail.
  8. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Gonna have to go with COD4 being the best but its all just peoples opinions.
  9. Call Of Duty (2017)

    I mean there were prototypes during WWII, they just didn't use them during the war. The dot was black and not red though. Nice try attempting to bring up a past argument in order to start another argument though Here
  10. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Exactly and for me that is just perfect. I don't have time to dedicate at becoming amazing at a video game. Between 12hr work days and going out a socializing with friends when I come home and kick back my feet and play 30-90 mins of COD just to bow off some steam and shoot the sh*t with buddies then that's all I need. So far it doesn't really look different then either besides COD4 because its modern. I've yet to see the big deal about female soldiers or swastikas.. I guess its just me but in no way is it a deal breaker lol. EDIT: the PC community is just ripping into the game. Over and PC Gamer there is an article and all the people are just straight up ripping about female soldiers, swastikas and how its not anything like COD2 and on the console side they are all in love with the game so far lmao.
  11. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Same engine but its funny because it still looks better then then about 85% of games that are made on Unreal I stated about 3 months ago that when they say back to there roots they were meaning back too the COD4/CODWAW days not COD2 but noooo nobody agreed, well look what we have! <3 They stated in the Q&A today that the single player will have swastikas and such to keep it historically accurate but the multiplayer will not due to obvious reasons from other countries and there laws so female soldiers will only exist in the French Resistance in SP but MP is an open book for creativity.
  12. Call Of Duty (2017)

    He's got a point.. you kind of compare everything or anything to it
  13. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Multiplayer Reveal trailer! So far I could see Americans, Germans, Soviet Union and British units, I would assume there British.
  14. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    Turning out to be the best year in gaming for me since 2008..
  15. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    I can't get into it.. I played RO2 religiously but this one I actually dislike greatly.
  16. Rifle Balance

    God no.. in a fast pace twitch shooter like this game is aiming to be the rifle class weapons would be rendered useless if you needed to get a HS every time for a one hit kill. Do you not realize how much skill is needed to ADS and get a HS when people are sprinting and strafing around the map. Rifles in BAT44 need to be a one shot kill from the center of your torso and up and the head period. Just like @WeAsOne posted 100%
  17. Rifle Balance

    No need for him to calm down. You are lucky the Devs are being soft.
  18. Finally got my key!!

    See you in 17 minutes!
  19. Download the game?

  20. Download the game?

    Yeah the first line is what he wrote but someone beat him to it so he edited then added the second line. That's it lol
  21. Download the game?

    He never said anything remotely rude to you he simply answered your question.
  22. Round based Infiltration

    Yeah I just corrected myself as you guys posted Had to do some research myself.
  23. Round based Infiltration

    There were no helicopters in 1940s EDIT: Correction the first heli flew in 1939 and was used for observation and med-vac but they where very uncommon. They did shine during the Korean War though.
  24. Please stop creating new topics over and over

    In stressful times the troll king Howard always comes in to poke some fun hahaha!
  25. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Relax guys! still another 6hrs and 30 mins before it kicks off.