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  1. Cod ww2 Beta

    I am the same way, but it actually is very entertaining to read most of the negative reviews xP
  2. Cod ww2 Beta

    I feel the same but you only get one of these reviews when you pass 50 other useless ones and that you can not deny.
  3. Cod ww2 Beta

    Sadly steam reviews are just as useful as tits on a bull..
  4. Cod ww2 Beta

    I liked it but I honestly rather the traditional route of war begins right too taking Berlin.
  5. Cod ww2 Beta

    @Lyseeq LOL hilarious how you find the smallest thing and bring it up just to complain hahaha but as Soldat pointed out its still accurate so before trying to dig deep to find the smallest thing to complain about just because its COD do some homework, like c'mon guys, most of us hear are 25+, act like it lol...
  6. Cod ww2 Beta

    How would I know? I was a console gamer my whole life until 2013 when I switched to PC gaming. They have no weapon balance - its always a WIP in CoD games. the damage system is a joke - That's just a matter of opinion mate. maps are among the worst in games history - Again, opinion. There is 0 hype behind cod's competitive scene and you would have to dig pretty deep to find it - Again in the console world its pretty high, for us in the PC world its just trash. I didn't think throwing a heavy plate was very competitive but hey... there is a Olympic sport based around it so.. My whole point here is that you can take ANYTHING and make it competitive, doesn't matter what the objectives are or items used. Just because it doesn't suit your needs or the people around you, does not make it less competitive as something else.
  7. Cod ww2 Beta

    I'm a 100% PC player and Imma say it and be done, CoD is a competitive game and is quite a good one on console, just because it is not very competitive on PC does not mean that it is not a competitive game, end rant.
  8. Whats UP Battalion Community!

    How I feel waiting..
  9. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    Game is shaping up to be something really nice and being someone who kickstarted Squad this is right up my ally. I hope they do some work on their animations though. They don't look very natural, specially in 3rd person.
  10. ReShade

    For a competitive shooter... I hope not but I do love ReShade and use it on 30-40% of my games..
  11. When is the next beta?

    The only real thing that I dislike about this "in the dark" thing is that the community manager should not go silent.. Like you are the COMMUNITY manager after all unless.
  12. Well its the end of the month no updates

    Haha! I'm not looking for a pat on the back but yeah a skin would be just fine for me as well
  13. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    These are the games that I love, huge maps, beautiful graphics, lots of players, vehicles, teamwork, etc.. BF has everything to make this type of game amazing but it still places like an arcadie run-n-gun sh*t fest.
  14. As long as it is cosmetics and not weapon statistics I'm fine..
  15. Well its the end of the month no updates

    That's a kick in the nuts.. hope we receive something..
  16. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    One thing that does bother me a little bit about these "goals" is the huge gap of money between each goal. Like 10k for just a flamethrower which I am about 98% sure you already have created for the game. Another is the Scout vehicles which sit at 240k, like cmon... I am willing to bet its A) already done or B) going to be there weather they hit that goal or not. They say the funding will speed up production but as soon as they hit the flame thrower goal they show us that they already have the model completed, textures and all xP More realistic goals for the amount of funding they are looking for would have been better but I still can not wait for this!
  17. Well its the end of the month no updates

    I hope so! my post was't as assumption rather it was just me stating about the current situation
  18. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    I back just about anything WWII related, imma huge WWII history buff so Im simple man, I see WWII and I like it hahaha!
  19. Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    So we NEED to reach $600,000 is what I can see here
  20. Well its the end of the month no updates

    Well for the extra $20 - $25 we got to test the game for 6 days longer then beta testers LOL.. worth? imo not at all..
  21. CODWW2 beta public

    Damn, CoD gone VR now and modern.
  22. CODWW2 beta public

    I run & gun too much to use lean haha
  23. CODWW2 beta public

    About 7-8hrs in and I'm having a blast. Nostalgia hit me in the face hardcore. Not a big fan of the division's, I'd rather see the normal perk system return but meh, not a game breaker. Setting tweaks you can do is pretty great as well.
  24. Headshots (Idea)

    Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach scene.