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  1. We're now two weeks into early-access...

    Played it for 2hrs on the first day, haven't launched the game since lmao
  2. War Chests

    My Tier: Sergeant Founder $71USD So I took notice that in the email I received(Humble backer) I got a code for the base game and another code for "3 Unique War Chests" . Now in the "first to fight" upgrade on steam users get 5 War Chest plus base game for $24.99. Shouldn't the people who payed $50+ receive at least 5 chest as well, maybe more? Only thing that makes sense to me if if these "unique" war chest contain something a hell of a lot better then whatever is inside of these 5 chest that the first to fight upgrade gets. EDIT: Wouldn't mind having that shotgun skin as well. -----> Just noticed @sNrklhaai has a very similar post.
  3. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    For me I feel as if it is Promod with some CoD2 influences.
  4. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    To be fair I did lay in bed last night and I read through the BATT44 kickstarter page and they talk about COD2 A LOT and nothing about COD4 or even promod to be exact. I did back the game with the idea that the game was going to have a COD2 feel. I am disappointed because I really dislike the Promod movement style but time will tell and I will not downgrade a game just because I am not really into it. I am going to look at it from the outside and see how the player base feels about it, not on an individual level.
  5. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    CoD4 or Promod because there is a huge difference strafing in both.
  6. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    Experience may differ I have tried every release build that has been given so far. I have only seen two types of game play. Hold the lane with a sniper and then you got the CQB guys just constantly strafing everywhere. A lot of people love this and that is absolutely fine but for me it creates very static game play and it just isn't fun 50% of the time. I am on the fence when it comes to, "am I enjoying this game" or am I not enjoying this game", I really do not know yet. Personally I think the game would be 10x better if sprint was not in it at all but that is just my personal opinion. The game was advertised strongly with bringing back the strafe jump so I know sprinting will never go away. Upsetting but nothing anyone can do.
  7. "Play Menu" shown on Twitter

    I'm getting down voted because I do not want to break the rules and get my privileges taken away.. whoops
  8. "Play Menu" shown on Twitter

    I know, does not mean that we can go into detail and tell you all what each individual category represents. From what I see its just a simple tease for folks leading up to EA release.
  9. "Play Menu" shown on Twitter

    Not sure if we are allowed to disclose that info
  10. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    This makes absolutely no sense from any comp or casual point of view for any shooter in general. Please wait till you get to try the game before speaking on the topic further, just try it and experience it first hand. Also go back and look at past titles, they all work fine on the comp scene.
  11. hopefully not just 5v5

    Depends on how many the server and game build can handle before crashing. Games like Squad and Post Scriptum are striving for 50vs50 and as of right now they have succeeded in 40v40(Unreal Engine 4 games).
  12. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    Not really, being someone who use to play a lot of CSGO I've practiced my as* off working on my precision for sniping from all ranges. Now panic flicks can have a little bit of luck too them but still a lot of that being successful is still from skill level.
  13. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    How can you play something for so long if there is so much wrong with it?
  14. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    I just love it, I wish some maps were a little bigger and there was no cover every 5 feet but its whatever, not a game breaker for me. Sadly this goes for almost any game series.. BF, Halo, CSGO, even none fps titles like Company Of Hero's, WarGame, Sims, shit almost any game with sequels lmao!
  15. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    I love CoD:WWII, I already got my $60 out of it easy. Best CoD in since Black Ops 2 easy.
  16. Bulkhead... I think you won me over
  17. Cod ww2 Beta

    I am the same way, but it actually is very entertaining to read most of the negative reviews xP
  18. Cod ww2 Beta

    I feel the same but you only get one of these reviews when you pass 50 other useless ones and that you can not deny.
  19. Cod ww2 Beta

    Sadly steam reviews are just as useful as tits on a bull..
  20. Cod ww2 Beta

    I liked it but I honestly rather the traditional route of war begins right too taking Berlin.
  21. Cod ww2 Beta

    @Lyseeq LOL hilarious how you find the smallest thing and bring it up just to complain hahaha but as Soldat pointed out its still accurate so before trying to dig deep to find the smallest thing to complain about just because its COD do some homework, like c'mon guys, most of us hear are 25+, act like it lol...
  22. Cod ww2 Beta

    How would I know? I was a console gamer my whole life until 2013 when I switched to PC gaming. They have no weapon balance - its always a WIP in CoD games. the damage system is a joke - That's just a matter of opinion mate. maps are among the worst in games history - Again, opinion. There is 0 hype behind cod's competitive scene and you would have to dig pretty deep to find it - Again in the console world its pretty high, for us in the PC world its just trash. I didn't think throwing a heavy plate was very competitive but hey... there is a Olympic sport based around it so.. My whole point here is that you can take ANYTHING and make it competitive, doesn't matter what the objectives are or items used. Just because it doesn't suit your needs or the people around you, does not make it less competitive as something else.
  23. Cod ww2 Beta

    I'm a 100% PC player and Imma say it and be done, CoD is a competitive game and is quite a good one on console, just because it is not very competitive on PC does not mean that it is not a competitive game, end rant.
  24. Whats UP Battalion Community!

    How I feel waiting..