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  1. "Leaked" Praying this is true!
  2. hacks confirmed, IP ban him before it's too late
  3. No, the devs already said there will be no environmental destruction. I don't know exactly if there will be bullet penetration however? @[CM] BigTuna
  4. Why assault the bunker straight on when you can take the tunnel system tot he right and flank the whole damn open area but back on topic haha! Fingers crossed that they don't bring in supply drops, again fingers crossed
  5. All I know is if it in fact is WWII then I am going to buy it and be amazed. If one thing that Call of Duty has always done right for me is make the atmosphere of the levels amazing. I always get the feeling that I am actually in that time frame. They always hit the nail on the head with immersion and intensity with the WWII theme and I love it.
  6. We can sit and argue about this all day but seeing as millions continue to buy the gaming knowing the experience they are going to receive so I would say the roots they are going is not a problem with marketing...
  7. Not going to happen here.
  8. Do you guys think that when they said bring call of duty back to its roots they meant CoD1/2?! I am pretty sure they where trying to say CoD4 - Black Ops. Kill streaks and all that kind of Jazz is fine with me. CoD4, CoDWAW, MW2, BLOPS, BLOPS2, all had kill streaks and such but where awesome games.
  9. Sorry but it annoys me that some of you don't know the difference from your own opinions and facts.
  10. World At War zombies was amazing. What made it so good was the Easter eggs and mysterious story line that you had to pretty much decrypt. Black Ops One Zombies kind of touched on this but fell short of the game inside of a game inside of a game. The rest of the CoD zombies where just random maps fighting off waves. No story to figure out, no nothing just blah.
  11. My blindness didn't see the comment you where responding too... bla haha
  12. If people see boots on the ground and WWII.. yeah that alone will make sales explode again.
  13. That's because a lot of people don't care! you need to sit and realize that this is all your own opinion towards them and that it, your opinion.
  14. If I ever seen CoD reach 85 FPS then I would be in aw...
  15. 1. You need to start doing a milti-quote post and not post 5 times right after another in the same thread. 2. You need to realize that one faction in this game is Germany. So that means we can not use there rank structure because its related to the Nazis? HELLO you are playing as "Nazi's" but I rather prefer to them as German Soldiers because not all of them where Nazi's. Its a game structured for competitive play that caters to both party's(comp/Cas). You don't need to like it but uniforms and other "military stuff" is going to get a great deal of attention just like the game play is. Both of you need to chill..
  16. I'm a WWII nut so any game that comes out on 2017 with a WWII theme I will buy.. weird addiction
  17. I could care less about the "broken net-code". I just causally play it so if I die a few times to stuff that may seem weird Im good!
  18. Inappropriate picture response incoming
  19. I mean its neat but seems unnecessary.
  20. That's your opinion though. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people really love and enjoy those games. I hate them but they are not bad games.
  21. I don't think so, I've seen a lot of picture for it and I own the box art for the series my self and its not the same at all. My love for WWII is so great that no matter how much people hate activation for there money hungry ways I will still buy it. They can love money but in the end there games where always great. The exo suit games where great it just did not fit my taste but for the new generation of kids, a lot loved it. Activision are bad not for the quality of games they produce but for there marketing ways. @Farq-S
  22. He's not, this was like 10+ months ago
  23. Please no.. Clan tag colors sure but not the actual names or as for a few things the option to turn it off.
  24. Not really much point to stay on topic or even keep the thread alive. Your question was answered straight from the devs themselves so..
  25. Like I stated before the weapon models are also too small. The character models are either all 6'6"+ or the weapon scaling is wrong. EDIT: I love your attention to detail, I have OCD when it comes to the little things like this as well.