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  1. No need for him to calm down. You are lucky the Devs are being soft.
  2. See you in 17 minutes!
  3. Yeah the first line is what he wrote but someone beat him to it so he edited then added the second line. That's it lol
  4. He never said anything remotely rude to you he simply answered your question.
  5. Yeah I just corrected myself as you guys posted Had to do some research myself.
  6. There were no helicopters in 1940s EDIT: Correction the first heli flew in 1939 and was used for observation and med-vac but they where very uncommon. They did shine during the Korean War though.
  7. In stressful times the troll king Howard always comes in to poke some fun hahaha!
  8. Relax guys! still another 6hrs and 30 mins before it kicks off.
  9. Humble guys get it as well. Tuna sent me the "insta invite" for discord but the url expired before I could accept it. Bummer but I'm not in any rush!
  10. I didn't DM him last time but I did this morning but also asked if Howard was trying to troll him again I mean it clearly says to DM him so I did.
  11. Oh this place has been going downhill since the big influx of people that came in around Dec of 2016 and when 70% of the people on here use the down vote button to troll yes when someone explains why they down voted its amazing! guess you really haven't been reading most of the post in this thread and a few others.
  12. This man just gave a down vote and explained why.. Putin approves
  13. There is no human being on this planet that I am afraid of.. I'm not going to post names out in public because like I said it will just make things even more bad. Hey if anyone wants to know PM me LOL...