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  1. Activision do not make games.. They are a producer not developer. They are just the bank account.
  2. I know right but its a shame that BF had to copy CODW@W... such a shame
  3. Yeah you really cant see much but I don't expect it to be dumbed down. I've only ever seen Ubisoft do that to their games. The recent CODs have all held true to there trailers when it comes to visuals, or it does on my PC anyway lol
  4. Could careless about the producer, the topic was about the game it's self.
  5. There was game play, it was just in 2 second intervals haha
  6. First time since 2008 I have been this excited for a game..
  7. Been waiting for 3 hours now
  8. FU phantasy!! kidding obvi, but its amazing that people are coming in here but the attitude they bring with them is the problem.
  9. I agreed with everything until you started putting words in my mouth, "DONT blame anybody for his/her opinion and dont blame DEV for something you've picked from different game ". I did not do any of this.
  10. TL;DR - Forums are getting toxic and not welcoming. May 1st, 2016 - Nov 2016 The forums were not very active and we had a one or two new threads come up a week. Everyone discussed it and everyone got along with one and other. The casuals would suggest and idea and the competitive guys would give constructive criticism and not belittling criticism and vice versa. Everyone respect everyone's opinions and peacefully discussed ideas and such. End of Nov - Dec 2016 We suddenly see a flock of competitive guys come on the forums. Now I clearly remember a casual guy posting an idea and these new guys with less then a week or so on the forum verbally beating him. Belittling him because his idea's are stupid and would never work in a competitive scene. Now this guy is not going to just stand there and take it so he begins to fight back. Now I see some more people who have been on the forums for almost a year but they creep out of the shadows and join the fight. The domino effect goes in to place and now the War starts, competitive and casual guys go at each others throats. Present day People have been fighting for so long that just the names of certain people now trigger one and other and the respect is gone and there is no way that even if their suggestions are valid they will down vote them or hate on it anyway. Figurative example: I would bet that if I posted "have a great day everyone" I would receive two reputation notifications but when I go to look it would say "0" just because two people down voted and made it neutral just because of who I am. Literal example: Someone wanted a trello so I responded respectfully "Doesn't seem necessary right now. Creating a Trello is pretty much showing everything that they want to create which ruins the surprise for everyone." Now if we had a trello all the devs ideas and future plans would be out in the open, no surprises and if they had to remove some ideas that people loved then there would be a huge outcry. After the NDA then sure a trello would be amazing! Literal example: Some guy asked what single player story you found the best and if you play single player games."For myself it was COD: Big Red One. I use to get into that campaign so much that I actually use to get upset when some of the co-main characters died as the war progressed. Back to the subject I always play single player games. When I need to relax I always play a single player game." I responded respectfully yet this had 2 upvotes but became neutral from two down votes. Why? I mean it was me telling people about my childhood and a game I loved. Literal example: Someone tried to take my COD 2017 thread off topic. "What does this have too do with COD 2017?" This is a respectful question as to why and there was no intention of disrespect in it yet it received down votes again. So is this enough information, can anyone see the direction the forums are going. People may say of you're over reacting but no I am not, I am trying to put into reality that this forum is not welcoming, people who come here are not going to get a good first impression and first impressions are everything. I had my ups and downs but I cooled off over the past 2 months and others have noticed this.
  11. They where the only skins in the video that where shown.
  12. I can wait.. I still don't care if there in the game or not I just simply gave everyone a example of a "flashy skin" in a WWII setting an it looks like crap. I might play this game for 2hrs a week so I could careless what they do with it. But hey! xXclusiivE's name is at the top of the post so lets just down vote it anyway
  13. You're missing the point. It was to demonstrate what "flashy skins" would look like in a WWII setting..
  14. I said I didn't care about skins but here is some low res shots from a modded COD W@W server with flashy skins.. yeah it doesn't look good in a WWII setting lol
  15. 1,700+ post, always gives constructive criticism and not blatant criticism, someone who would be fit as a forum moderator yet attempts to bring a thread off topic lol