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  1. Hey man! We're getting it asap! Thanks for your support!
  2. Hey guys So we talked about this in another thread a little, but we went off on a tangent and the topic got diluted a little so here is a dedicated thread for what division insignia you want on soldiers shoulders! Concentrate on only GERMAN and US patches please Atm in the pipeline we definitely have the 101st and the 82nd so post up some pictures of American and German patches that you want to see and we'll take a look and decide which ones we like enough to add! Make sure you include what the belong to so please tell me what the insignia signifies. Thanks guys! Tuna
  3. Sup Sup! You jelly bro!? We had to get some footage for your Gameplay trailer Want us to not have that footage for ya
  4. make it happ'n capt'n
  5. @xXclusiivE @ToonBE You don't need to be close. That's what the internet is for
  6. Hey guys! As promised, here's the Vlog announcement! Hope you enjoy it! if you want to read a more indepth analysis of what this means and what we've been working on you can read our latest Kickstarter Update. If you have any questions start a thread in General Discussion and we'll do our best to answer any! Thanks! Tuna
  7. Hey man! Really pumped to see you're so excited for Battalion! Welcome!
  8. Hey Sayo!
  9. Hey bud! Glad to have ya!
  10. Hey @thelinkstate Thanks for your support!
  11. Hey guys! Tuna here and I’m happy to announce that we finally received the Alienware Arena Competition Prize and we are finally ready to announce the winner of it! The lucky community member that will be receiving this great prize is @Pte Walker! I hope you will all join us in congratulating him on winning this super cool prize! Every time we get something given to us from a company we do our best to direct it back into our community and next time we receive something awesome we’ll continue make sure we find a way to get it into your hands. We want to thank everyone for voting for us in the Alienware Arena Competition as it really helped us out! Keep up the awesome work and continue being the best community in games! Thanks a lot. Tuna
  12. Cheers dude. Did the website whilst I was in the zone thaha
  13. Takes more than 5 mins I gotta Photoshop stuff give me 10
  14. Yeah It's on steam
  15. Hey @CrazyZxZGhost We are in talks and we obviously want it on XboxOne asap but it's not 100% going to happen or not yet.
  16. Hey man! Glad to have you!
  17. Nope
  18. Hey man! Welcome to you and your friends! Thanks for your support
  19. The aim is that DLC is free, yes. We want to create a live title that is constantly being supported and built upon. The pricing model at full release is something we are currently reviewing though man! There are a few different options and pro's and con's to weigh up. We want to provide you guys with an awesome game for an affordable price whilst creating and environment where it won't die and there are servers! Trust us to do the right thing though bud!
  20. Hey guys! So over the past week or so you've probably seen us hinting at an announcement coming soon. Well Tomorrow there is! Tomorrow we'll be releasing a Vlog detailing significant updates in Battalion 1944's development! There's also a sneak peak at a few of us playing it for those of you who want any tiny taste of what it will be like! This Vlog will give you a good idea of where the direction of Battalion is heading so make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and our YouTube Channel for it's release. However we will be posting it in our News and Updates Section too! Hope you enjoy it and just a heads up that within the next few weeks there will be a Battalion 1944 reveal trailer! So prepare yourselves for that. One last thing: We are aware that as we gain more and more traction we will be getting more new members join us on here so please don't flame people if they're just being lazy and not using the search function. We will just side with them if you get mad! Please just be patient, some people prefer to learn through their own interactions and not by reading other peoples! Hope you enjoy the Vlog tomorrow! Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me! Thanks! Tuna
  21. Menu's are super not done ahah
  22. Thanks all Feeling a lot better now but still a little sore at times!
  23. Hey! This is a cool idea. We'll probably do a video about it and show you some gameplay soon anyways but I'll definitely suggest it! A version of this will come!
  24. Hey @vozER! Cool to meet you in Munich. Glad you really enjoyed the game so far and thanks for your good feedback! We'll take what you said into consideration when we next take a pass at the weapons! At the Minute the KAR98 is the most finished so it makes sense that the others are a little behind! Thanks for playing it and hopefully you can see the progress in the Alpha / Beta! Tuna
  25. Hey @Maszii Unfortunately not man. I recommend you get some form of electronic banking device as ya know.. This is the 21st century haha ! Hope to see you in Early Access !