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  1. Please don't post in public forums stating that you have not received your code. DM me and we can get it ironed out. I have ran your email and you were sent a code. 90% of the time it will be in your email and you just haven't seen it. Thanks
  2. Hey guys Lets all chillax. Sure @HypeRNT didn't research these points having already been discussed but most of his points are the same as what most of you thought. So you all have the same opinions, he was just a little bit late in voicing them! Please do use the search function in the future as the answers to most of your questions are within this "Dead Forum" but most of your points have been addressed in the past and withing the chat by our "Wannabe Mods" However if you have any more questions about Battalion. DM me and I will be happy to answer them or direct you to places that discuss them. Cheers guys!
  3. Hey Guys! Just got back into the office after E3. Sorry I've been away. On our next trips I will take my laptop so I can do work whilst I'm working! Thanks a lot for the shout out guys means a lot. Glad to be appreciated by you all! Like I said I'm back in the office now so I'll be re-reachable! Much Love.
  4. Yeah that's not including bank holidays man. They are a given. Doesn't include Christmas day and boxing day and new years day either. Added up its probably 24/28
  5. It's very common to get 16-20 days per year for holiday in the UK.
  6. @natsu Can't say yet mate.
  7. So, if you have a Alpha code, that will translate to Beta. We will send Beta keys out to those that only bought in from the Beta. HOWEVER, Everyone will receive an Early Access code and that will be the full game code too
  8. Hi @Ark I ran your email through our kickstarter system and it appears that unfortunately you have not purchased a tier that qualifies you for the Alpha. The Standard Rifleman Backer tier (which is the tier you have) will get you Steam Early Access, therefore you will get your Early Access key in the run up to that phase. In the future please be careful posting about how "we haven't done our job" or we "haven't given you what you payed for" - as people will see it and form opinions based on incorrect information. Thanks Tuna
  9. you got your code now @Jyvre?
  10. Let's all calm it a little eh. I saw the original post and I saw the "SEND THE KEYS" post and I didn't take it as a bad thing. Stop taking everything each other says badly and lets all be friends.
  11. I understand that lol but just use eyes please
  12. Hey guys So I've seen about 4-5 topics posted about how to get in the Discord server and 2-3 about "where is my key". I understand you're wanting a fast answer but Please use the search function and comment on other posts. The answers will be there from experienced forum users that know the answers and if they don't, they will tag me so I can answer. Please just read and stop clogging up the forum with the same topics. Thanks
  13. If you were a Humble Bundle backer and haven't received your key yet. That should be fixed veryyyyyy soon. Go check your emails !
  14. Hey guys We have noticed that there have been more and more threads of people looking to buy and sell Battalion 1944 codes as well as holding giveaways in return for Twitter followers. Although this is not illegal and we don't have a huge problem with it, we don't want this to be happening on our forum. This forum is designed as a hub for you guys to share your enthusiasm, discuss features, allow us to contact you all easily and to give you all the opportunity to contribute to making Battalion great. We don't want it to become a marketplace. Please report if you see this behaviour We aren't mad about it at all, just from now on I'll be deleting any topics and posts in relation to key buying to selling. You can do what you wish with your codes, but please use another form of communication for selling or buying Thanks everyone! Tuna