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  1. We are planning to add specific things that are bangable. e.g. certain wooden walls and things like that but they will be sparing.
  2. Hey man! We're getting it asap! Thanks for your support!
  3. Sup Sup! You jelly bro!? We had to get some footage for your Gameplay trailer Want us to not have that footage for ya
  4. make it happ'n capt'n
  5. @xXclusiivE @ToonBE You don't need to be close. That's what the internet is for
  6. Hey man! Really pumped to see you're so excited for Battalion! Welcome!
  7. Hey Sayo!
  8. Hey bud! Glad to have ya!
  9. Hey @thelinkstate Thanks for your support!
  10. Cheers dude. Did the website whilst I was in the zone thaha
  11. Takes more than 5 mins I gotta Photoshop stuff give me 10
  12. Yeah It's on steam
  13. Hey @CrazyZxZGhost We are in talks and we obviously want it on XboxOne asap but it's not 100% going to happen or not yet.
  14. Hey man! Glad to have you!
  15. Nope