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  1. [CM] BigTuna

    How can i mod own maps ?

    Mod tools will come a little later. We have guys specifically working on JUST this at the moment
  2. [CM] BigTuna

    How can i mod own maps ?

    Hey man. At some point soon we will release our Map tools which will enable people to create their own maps and push them to the steam workshop
  3. [CM] BigTuna


    Thanks for outlining our player count dude. We appreciate it. We see the figures daily but we are not stopping working on Battalion for a long time yet. We are working hard everyday to improve as much as possible through our Early Access period so by February you'll most likely see a MUCH more improved Battalion. Thanks
  4. [CM] BigTuna

    Battalion 1944 Early Access’ Kickstarter Skin code

    Have you restarted your game?
  5. If your server is not dropping cards for Pathfinder/Marksman this is because you have copied over your server config to your new server. We added code to make specific cards not drop/drop. Apologies for the inconvenience. Make sure you have the new server config from the wiki Thanks
  6. [CM] BigTuna

    forum hacked?

    Good idea @[NGBC]CH_SwissWolf Added one. Should be simple too.
  7. [CM] BigTuna

    forum hacked?

    We have set up new captcha but we think something has changed that is out of our control. We are in talks with Invision to try and sort it out. Apologies.
  8. Hey guys Today we announced our first Supported EU LAN tournament. This is one of 4 Battalion LAN's we plan on hosting around the world this year. Read more about it here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/2621529181154065886 Thanks
  9. [CM] BigTuna

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    Oh we are reading the forums and you will get replies but now the game is released just don't expect as many as previously
  10. [CM] BigTuna

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    I think we already tried this and didn't get anywhere unfortunately.
  11. [CM] BigTuna

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    @Grasshopper I think the main problem is the fact there is no app we know of that means we can get the forum on our mobile devices. Joe will write thigns up the reddit app at home or on the couch or on the toilet for all I know. I know we are on it more on our phones during our of office ours than we can be on the forums because of the lack of mobility. Reddit is something we are keen to grow too there are lots of new community members there that (we thought) needed more attention to keep satisfied than our long standing forum users!
  12. [CM] BigTuna

    EU team looking for scrims

    Hey man. As this guy said. Scrims can be arranged on the discord. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/bNuVXB
  13. [CM] BigTuna

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    At the moment I personally spend 90% of my time in my DM's on Twitter, Forum and Discord. 75% of that time is spent giving people their keys after they haven't checked their emails correctly or they never filled out their KS survey. I have spent entire days at the office on this task alone. The other small amount of time left is spent doing important back room stuff that goes unnoticed. If I was replying to threads people wouldn't be getting their keys and not playing the game. It is very similar with the other devs apart from that 90% for them is spent with their heads down building updates and fixes to make the game better. Unfortunately we are a small team so we spend a lot of time just balancing a lot of jobs so it pains me to say this but you should just keep playing and enjoying Battalion and when you want to, providing feedback and maybe worry a little less whether or not you think you're being "heard" or not. We hear your complaints we read a lot of them. I personally believe we are much more interactive with our community than a LOT of other developers. Our STUDIO LEAD has been streaming a lot over the past 3 weeks which is a place you can go to directly ask him questions. What other studio lead does this. He has been so vocal about his opinions and interacting with the community that we had to put out a an announcement about it as some people got offended when he gave his real opinions about things. Want more or less of this? We read your bug reports and appreciate them but there is just not enough time to be replying to all them whilst we are working our asses off behind the scenes to keep everything going. Thanks for your support
  14. Hey guys! If you're reporting an issue with your Dedicated Server or simply expressing opinions, please: Use English as much as possible, however - If your post is specific to your country of origin you we may over look it. Try to include as much information about your Config as possible. Try to be clear and precise with your explanations of what happened so the developers can get a good indication of what is going on. Please do not hijack other peoples posts with your personal bugs. If you have a separate issues please create your own post. As usual, please be kind and courteous to everyone. Here is a link to our Community Servers Wiki We appreciate your support. Thanks a lot! Tuna
  15. [CM] BigTuna

    Forum Issues

    Should be fixed