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  1. Hey guys I understand your concerns here and I am sorry that your expectations of booting up Battalion offline are not likely to be met. I am sad to hear that some of you don't believe that the Alpha isn't worth the money. However, when you buy and participate in Battalion 1944's Alpha you are participating in a 100% in development Alpha test. You are the guys that get to experience the game before almost anybody. With AAA titles now that release Open Alpha and Beta's, they are basically Demo's there will be little to a small amount of progression between their Alpha and Beta release to the full game. When participating in Battalion's Alpha and Beta phases you will be massively contributing and witnessing your contributions having a DIRECT impact on the Development of Battalion 1944 week by week. There's not that many of you guys in the Alpha and you all are the foundation for the development. We are aiming for this to be huge but we have to start somewhere and you're in on the ground floor! I know you're annoyed by Offline play possibly not being included but what were you really expecting to get out of it? We've said LAN might not be possible yet. It would be you running around a training map firing guns that are probably going to get re-balanced at some point so if that's what you're worried about then it wouldn't be helpful towards that goal. It's still in Alpha guys and this is a REAL Alpha. We aren't a AAA studio size yet, but be patient. Believe me we are grinding to get Battalion as best as we can and include the little things that the community wants most! We need your help and your support to progress this game and you have a chance to mold it into what you want. After this we have obviously seen how much you guys are interested in offline play so that's a clear goal that we need to reach so this is already helpful! Thanks Tuna
  2. The NDA will be within the game. I don't know about the recording rights I am not writing the NDA or the rules of it man. You'll have to read it when it comes out and it will outline what you can or cannot do!
  3. Hey @DukeNukem The NDA will be within the game. So there will be a watermark on screen throughout and a statement embedded into the start up of the game notifying you that you're not allowed to stream or record..
  4. We want it to be otherwise and we are working on it but I don't think its going to be a thing.
  5. Hey guys. So the surveys will go out specifically to Kickstarter Backers ONLY. They will allow them to: Confirm the email address they wish to receive their keys to. Confirm their home address they want their rewards send to and clarify things like t shirt sizes, name they want on dog tags and in credits For certain backers; specifying what Platform they want their codes. There are a few other small questions but its mainly to clarify important information about you that we need in order to get your things to you correctly!
  6. Hey guys. I'm hearing that we have had to change our mind on booting up midweek / offline because of security reasons! Sorry guys!
  7. The US will have a Scoped Springfield
  8. Yes mate. We intend on having them. We are aiming for AUS servers on Early Access release
  9. Hey man, There probably won't be Australian Servers for the Alpha but we will look into releasing them by Early Access!
  10. Hey guys! We are encouraging you to check out the Official Battalion 1944 sub/Reddit! It's kind of small atm but when we release later down the line I'm sure there will be some important information, super cool highlights as well as other neat Battalion stuff that you're going to want to check out! Hit it up here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/
  11. There is an in game bug report system dude!
  12. What Soldat Said ^ Probably can't Host a LAN during Alpha sorry!
  13. Hey guys As you have probably seen we have made the personal reputation counter visible on your profiles. We have done this to encourage constructive and interesting posts whilst limiting argumentative or derogatory comments. We felt there has been little repercussions for these actions in the past so now you will have your rep public for everyone else to see! Consider the toxicity or the relevance of your post before you post it and rise up the upvote leader board. We are considering resetting the rep and allowing it to start from now but we may just leave it how it is. Enjoy!
  14. Okay, so you paid $70 for the Full Game + Early Access + Beta + Alpha. We aren't a huge team. We don't have hundreds of programmers and employees to catalog bugs and report them. We can't push builds and remodel things within the hour. We need a little more time to work on these things, just a little though We will have a post explaining how the Alpha is going to work soon so keep an eye out for that The Alpha will stretch across multiple weekends from Friday to Saturday. You'll have three full days of play over the weekend and a hard focussed time for you to report bugs. Instead of a few hours a night midweek. Then that will give us 4 days (mon, tues, wed, thurs) to implement changes and push a build for the next weekend. I am sure it will go fast don't worry!
  15. Sorry guys I misread what you meant. I've implemented what you requested. It should be live now!