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  1. What keyboard do you have?

    Ergodox Infinity w/ zealios 65g
  2. Mission style maps/modes

    You might get some community made maps like in csgo but it seems very unlikely for the devs themselves to make these.
  3. What mouse do you have?

    Currently using an ec2-a with a g-sr. I had used an original ec1 before that which I 'borrowed' from my step dad who bought it for online poker, at the time I had no idea who Zowie were but thought "holy shit, this mouse is amazing".
  4. Competitive wars / Clanwar

    I think the the long games are fine. This idea isn't like competitive matchmaking in csgo but a team Vs team match. There realistically will only be more serious players as only they will care about being in a team and putting the time into it. I guess there could be an option for one map that gets vetoed down but for most people two games is fine as they would likely play that anyway. Also is a lifebash the same as a knife round?
  5. Battalion1944 Keyboard !

    It says "scroll up/down or 1/2" for change weapon
  6. I'm for the idea of more accurate noscopes as I feel like it's a good idea to try and limit the amount of rng in the game. Nobody would like it if they got killed by a sniper that wasn't even aiming at them. yes there are dedicated servers and mod tools.
  7. Cod 1 map Harbor?

    I'm sure someone could make a replica in UE4, it's just a matter of time! I don't think the devs would try this themselves as they don't want to have the same problem that dow had with donner.
  8. Sniper Scope in B:44

    I'm voting for the 'old games' style scope where the surroundings aren't visible as I believe it allows the player to better focus on what's through the scope and also comes with the advantages of higher FPS and less work for the developers. As for the reticle, in a perfect world I would prefer the csgo style of a thin cross for maximum visibility however I understand this game does have a WW2 setting so things probably shouldn't be invented out of thin air even if they do lead to better gameplay.
  9. Swimming

    I vote no as I think it would ruin the fludidity (don't think that's a word) of the movment. I also don't see how lakes and rivers could be added to competitive maps.
  10. Obviously it wouldn't be like that in battalion since battalion uses cod like movement. It's called strafing and increases your speed when done in sync with movement keys. I was more talking about the idea of the game mode itself with timers, checkpoints, jumpstats whilst completing a course.
  11. I'd like to see a movement game-mode mod. Almost exactly the same as CS's KZ.
  12. Competitive Players

    Not as competitive as you guys, but I've played many online CSGO tournaments. I'm too young to have experienced all these old greats in their primes however I do play a small amount of cod2 and to a larger extend promod. Battalion really seems like the game I want currently, cod2 weapons with cod4 movement as csgo gets a bit boring after it being the only game I've played for an extended amount of time in the last 4 years.