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  1. I am giving them a chance and am actually looking forward to this. However if they fuck this one up I don't think they're going to recover from that. Also they should finally start treating their own forums as their main channel for the community instead of plebbit. reddit is bad for one big reason - people there can only suck each other off and anything negative is immediately downvoted to hell.
  2. I don't think giving a shit about the backers, aside from some stupid skins, was ever Bulkhead's intention. They would've left their forums like they did regardless at the first sight of negative feedback.
  3. Tygrys

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Clearly you're talking about the 300 people left playing this abomination because I don't see any resemblance to MoHAA, CoD1 or ET. I don't even know if they actually believe their own charade that CoD4 is actually "old school style of FPS" or if they're just being consistent in their misinformation. However they're clearly not going to change the gameplay because apparently this garbage is what they're aiming for so good luck to them - but not really. Being so confident in Battalion not being a failure in the end - oh the hilarity that will ensue in year's time. Also not even posting this on your own forums? I can't even wish them luck if they're just cherry picking criticism like that after all their failures. Funny thing is I actually believed in this project because I backed it and now here I am. I guess lesson learned not to take any interest in Kickstarter games because it's going to suddenly change mid development and everyone's going to claim it's been like this from the start.
  4. I haven't since the last "great and awesome" update. I just checked out if anything has changed, nothing did so I stopped playing altogether. Besides if I want a good WW2 CoD game I still have CoD WaW and people still play it so there's no reason to bother with this garbage.