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  1. Unlikely. I backed them through Kickstarter and I didn't get anything.
  2. Nothing on either of my mails which is not cool since I did back them on Kickstarter. I'm conflicted at this point.
  3. "Beta players are picked at random or have backed the game via Humble Bundle or Kickstarter (at any PC tier)." Doesn't this suggest everyone who backed no matter how much should get a bet key for this test? It isn't written clearly enough.
  4. I think I did the survey because I vaguely remember receiving something like that. Hopefully you're right and I'll get my key today because there's a terrible lack of good FPS out there right now and Battalion has that original MoH and CoD feel to it.
  5. So do I understand this right? If I backed the game on Kickstarter back in the day, no matter the tier, I should be getting a key for sure? I backed for early access if that changes anything.