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  1. I am giving them a chance and am actually looking forward to this. However if they fuck this one up I don't think they're going to recover from that. Also they should finally start treating their own forums as their main channel for the community instead of plebbit. reddit is bad for one big reason - people there can only suck each other off and anything negative is immediately downvoted to hell.
  2. I don't think giving a shit about the backers, aside from some stupid skins, was ever Bulkhead's intention. They would've left their forums like they did regardless at the first sight of negative feedback.
  3. Tygrys

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Clearly you're talking about the 300 people left playing this abomination because I don't see any resemblance to MoHAA, CoD1 or ET. I don't even know if they actually believe their own charade that CoD4 is actually "old school style of FPS" or if they're just being consistent in their misinformation. However they're clearly not going to change the gameplay because apparently this garbage is what they're aiming for so good luck to them - but not really. Being so confident in Battalion not being a failure in the end - oh the hilarity that will ensue in year's time. Also not even posting this on your own forums? I can't even wish them luck if they're just cherry picking criticism like that after all their failures. Funny thing is I actually believed in this project because I backed it and now here I am. I guess lesson learned not to take any interest in Kickstarter games because it's going to suddenly change mid development and everyone's going to claim it's been like this from the start.
  4. I haven't since the last "great and awesome" update. I just checked out if anything has changed, nothing did so I stopped playing altogether. Besides if I want a good WW2 CoD game I still have CoD WaW and people still play it so there's no reason to bother with this garbage.
  5. A dead game and by that I mean barely 1500 people playing and the only people left caring about the game will be those few teams playing for a bag of Lay's. Unless something miraculous happens like Bulkhead finally seeing through their own ego and actually changing some mechanics in order to cater to all the 15k lost instead of the 1k they are left with.
  6. Tygrys

    Strafe jump poll

    Bull fucking shit. It's not a question whether it's hard to play or anything like that. It's a matter of how enjoyable the mechanics are for both sides. It might be fun to be a spastic corner strafer but is sure isn't fun for the guy on the receiving end where there's basically no counter play other than being lucky and having the crosshair in the correct spot at the correct time. Old games like ET were hard but I don't recall any bullshit mechanics like the absolutely retarded corner strafing ALL THE TIME. Not to mention the initial kickstarter hinted at a different game, more in line with MoHAA and CoD1/2 and not CoD4 and promod. DOOM is the perfect example of an oldschool game remade with new technology. Battalion isn't. Also there's a lot of projections in your post. Are you sure you're not talking about your own adventures with the Xbox?
  7. Tygrys

    Strafe jump poll

    People mean corner strafing so it doesn't matter what they call it if everyone knows what everyone's talking about. Stop trying to argue for the sake of arguing.
  8. Tygrys

    Strafe jump poll

    You know exactly what people are talking about, it's irrelevant if that term is correct or not if people agree on the issue. It doesn't make it less true or relevant. Stop trying to be a nitpicking dipshit.
  9. If this is actually true then this game is far worse off than I thought. This is slowly rivaling DayZ levels of lies and bullshit.
  10. Managed to get a few games in FINALLY after this patch disaster and hilariously enough if people aren't playing like spastics, jumping every corner, the game plays fine - but that's it. TTK is still disgustingly low and one hit kills are making me rage. Other than that there's a decent game under there however Bulkhead won't change their "vision" which will ultimately lead them to kill their own game if this keeps up. In it's current state I don't see casuals flocking to this game and this is the main enemy of this game - player numbers.
  11. reddit generally gobbles up everything you throw at them. At this point seems like Bulkhead isn't looking for any kind of criticism, just praises. Probably why they stopped caring about their own forums because half of the people here are mad at them and rightfully so they are.
  12. That sucks major balls. Well, they either code every obstacle on every map or make an automated script for mantling. Current jump height feels even higher than BF2's kangaroos.
  13. Tygrys

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    You're completely missing the point. This is not the case whether it's realistic or not but whether it's a good and enjoyable mechanic for both sides. Unsurprisingly it's neither.
  14. What? There is mantling. Just now I was able to "grab" some ledges on Manorhouse. The obnoxiously high jumping looks like a deliberate gameplay mechanic.
  15. Tygrys

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    I aplaud your effort but it's pretty pointless to be honest. Seems like the devs are dead set on how they want this game to turn out, which basically is promod 2.0, whether it succeeds or not. I'd say wait for mod tools but by that point barely anyone will be still left playing this thing.
  16. Tygrys

    Strafe jump poll

    See you around on release day with 300 people playing it. Also the first few kickstarter videos advertised this as MoHAA/CoD1/CoD2 type of game and it clearly isn't. It's just promod 2.0 which apparently barely a 1000 people at a time want to play.
  17. When I played the beta I absolutely hated that gamemode. It felt like Battlefield lite except much worse. Speaking of which when I want that type of gameplay I'd rather play Battlefield and I was more talking if I absolutely had to choose a game. Otherwise I'll just stay with Battlefield for the time being and wait for the next game.
  18. I gave the game another chance and what I was greeted with was 6 lootboxes I don't give a single shit about, all my settings reset and servers crashing after about a minute of playing. Gameplay seems to be the same promod garbage so I don't foresee a bright future for this abomination. At this point I'm actually thinking of buying the absolutely terrible CoD WW2 or just going back to CoD WaW which was average at best. Way to destroy someones hope with a single, "awesome" patch that was supposed to be the gamechanger. I'm just angry I can't get my money back.
  19. I didn't see anything else concerning TTK other than the SMGs and they're not the only problem here. TTK should've been upped across the board, getting one shot in the chest, or sprayed to death in half a second, isn't fun for anyone, save for competetive tryhards but as everyone has probably noticed a game cannot survive only on competetive life support.
  20. Wouldn't hold my breath. All I've seen in the changelog concerning gameplay is an SMG nerf. That's it. Nothing about corner jumping. Probably because the 500 people left love it so much they'd rather the game die off completely than change and gather some of it's playerbase back.
  21. I'm almost certain TTK is not going to be changed at all. Afterall the oh so supieror and popular promod had it that way.
  22. Tygrys

    Lil Joe

    Yeah, I'd hold that thought if I were them. Take a look at Days of War. On top of that there's, ironically, a battalion of angry people who, rightfully, feel cheated on what the final product will look like. This isn't a scenario where you can just wait it out but it's their game. If it flops it's only on them.
  23. Tygrys

    Kickstarter Game vs Early Access Game

    Simply put me, and probably many others, gathered from the very first kickstarter videos that we'll get something close to MoHAA and CoD1. Instead we got this ADHD CoD4 turd dressed up in a WW2 skin. Frankly I wasn't paying much attention to the subsequent videos and press releases, or whatever, only to the kickstarter e-mail news. Regardless that doesn't matter because I gave them my money at that point already so the damage has been done whether I knew it or not.
  24. Tygrys

    Game's Dead guys..

    Player counts speak volumes, especially in this case since the decline was caused almost exclusively by the gameplay mechanics. Obviously if so many people wanted promod 2.0 there would've been still at least 10k daily peak players left from the initial 16k. However that's not the case and truth be told it's the very vocal minority wanting the game to be promod 2.0 while a much larger chunk of people who played and supported the game want something else. This has nothing to do with speed of bug fixes rather than taking a step back and thinking over if changing some mechanics is really that bad of an idea.