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  1. BattalionJump 1944

    To be honest I'd be fine with bunny hopping a'la ET instead of the stupid single strafes.
  2. Well yeah, seems like mods are the only hope for this game, at least in it's current state. I for one would be the first guy to make a MoHAA-lite mod, especially since it'll probably be UE4 tool kit and I used to mod various games back in the day.
  3. The two biggest issues with the game are TTK being so stupidly low it's not even funny and corner jumping absolutely everywhere. I'd be fine with actual bunny hopping but not this. Sadly I don't see either of those being changed too much because apparently this is how it's supposed to be since that's how promod played. And that's a shame.
  4. OTT Jumping

    How is vCoD not relevant? It is THE classic CoD no matter how supposedly good and popular CoD4promod was. That's like saying Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a classic Battlefield game which is obviously stupid and wrong because you're omitting BF1942 and BF2 at the very least. People have good reasons to feel cheated and saying vCoD is irrelevant is just plain dumb. 2007 was near the end of good classic FPS and CoD4 was the catalyst for that.
  5. To add to all this I also don't give a single shit about all those CS-tier skins. However I feel shafted as to what the game was supposed to be. I paid £15 just to get another spastic CoD clone and yet it was always advertised as a spiritual successor to MoHAA, CoD 1 and 2 and even ET. This barely plays like CoD 2 let alone 1. Yes, the devs are making adjusments and I can actually adjust to what they came up with but is it fun? Is it the project that was advertised to me? No and no. There's still hope in mods, that is as long as this game can survive that long due to all the various backlash.
  6. to much like Hardcore Modus

    Which isn't good. The lower the TTK the higher the chances some random element might influence a fight. Even if whoever you run into is a lot worse than you at aiming he will most likely still win that firefight because he started shooting first. He might miss a few shots if he's firing an automatic but since TTK is so low it won't really matter. He could as well just randomly spazz out and throw his mouse across his desk and there's a high chance he's still going to win just because he shot first. And don't even get me started on 1 hit bodyshot kills. That's just infuriating.
  7. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    They are at least listening to people. They are actually trying to do something about the stupidass corner jumping so maybe if enough people dislike how the game currently plays they'll do something about it. Probably wishful thinking but still. Also I love that one manchild who downvotes my posts without offering a counterargument.
  8. A real concern for this game

    There's no point to an esport game if there's noone playing it. A game like this has to appeal both to scrubs and people who can actually aim. Just saying.
  9. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Woah, woah, woah, Enemy Territory movement? The beta felt nothing like ET movement. I think it was dumped there just so it could be ticked off as an inspiration off an oldschool shooter. Unless someone can point me to exactly what feels like ET movement.
  10. This is not the COD2 I ever new

    I'd be careful with what you call oldschool shooters. Many people, me included, when hearing "oldschool WW2 shooter" immediately think back to MoHAA with it's lack of iron sights and not ridiculous TTK. Or even ET. This obviously isn't either of these games but just the same way what is considered skillful is also subjective. In my eyes stupidly low TTK is as far as it can be from good gameplay with skill required. That's what many people are confused about. Preferably TTK would be hightened to accomodate for those players but so far it seems Battalion is fixated on the CoD crowd and brings absolutely nothing recognizable from MoHAA.
  11. Angry Joe Plays Battalion 1944

    I chuckle at all the comments saying Day of Infamy is better than this. DoI? More like DoA. I played the game a bit and if someone says Battalion is clunky they should try that game out. Also it's one of those pseudo realistic shooters that want to change the formula up so much they get lost on the way there and just come up with garbled gamemodes that make no sense. With that being said though the comments make a good point in their own retarded way. Personally I have no problems with how BT44 looks and in fact I'm happy the way it looks because it's a really visually clear game but graphics are going to either way make or break the game because children are now fixated on that exclusively. Gameplay doesn't matter, just shiny things. Unless of course people are happy with a few thousand daily players because unlike CSGO there isn't a cult following this game yet because barely anyone knows this is basically CoD4. All they see is the graphics and it being a ripoff supposedly.
  12. Some changes for me.

    Mad cuz bad. Really. Now you're just being an idiot. If you want a demanding game you should've played ET back in the day or even try it now but suit yourself.
  13. Some changes for me.

    Insurgency is the worst example you could have come up with. This and other pseudo realistic shooters strive for realism while being hilariously bad at it. Take RS2 for example - inconsequential damage models, AK has basically no recoil and absolutely random shotguns. Better example would be ET since it sits in the same general vicinity of early CoDs while also requiring actualy forethought and skill unlike CoD4.
  14. recoil

    And yet ET was a very competetive game with it's own tournaments and all that jazz despite not having much in terms of recoil or weapon dispersion. Hell, it didn't even have ADS for most weapons and a relatively high TTK which arguably makes a game a lot more difficult than "hold down mouse button 1 for half a second" CoD4.
  15. Mechanics wise, don't try to nitpick. There are really big gameplay differences between MoHAA/CoD1 and CoD2 and CoD4.