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  1. Incoming!

    Probably yes, lots of hours played In countless servers. We used to be [RMC] Royal Marine Commandos
  2. Incoming!

    That "Baron" got me... have we ever meet before? DoD? hehe
  3. Incoming!

    Thanks guys!! I wanna play now lol, this wait is taking too long
  4. Incoming!

    Ok I'm now reading about the Alpha Access pending to be sent the survey.... And the Forums tags not ready yet
  5. Incoming!

    Hi there! I'm a veteran player. WW2 History enthusiast So the Alpha is coming in May? Are we receiving any email with info about this? Got the Sergeant Founder with Closed Alpha Access! (PC) in Kickstarter.... but didn't get much info the last months hehe. Should it appear in my purchases under "Alpha Access"? Thanks guys!!