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  1. I would highly recommend Malwarebytes or F-Secure
  2. You're very welcome It hasn't been online more than 2 weeks or so. I like going Solo every now and then since I don't have to wait for my team to die to get to play again, hehe ^^ This game is perfect for me to get more patient in FPS-games in general Exactly, you can go "full ham" or be really tactical and thinking every option and move you make. Or go something in between. I'm totally hooked in this game
  3. The ping feels actually surprisingly good. Can't feel much of a difference on EU-servers. EU-servers are desyncing and lagging currently so bad, that it's better to play in NA-servers right now. And thanks for the compliments, hehe! ^^ I have exactly the opposite experience. NA feels like trash compared to EU. For me, EU-players have been camping a lot more and playing more defensively / slowly (which is a little weakness for me since I like to get in to the fights pretty fast). EU lags for me at times, NA - not so much.
  4. Exactly. I haven't yet won a single solo (but have come second too many times), 2 duos and 12 squads on EU. My stats: https://pubg.me/vozER (thos KDA's in NA though). A thing worth mentioning: they are updating the game REALLY fast and they listen and communicate with the community all the time. It's really great to see.
  5. I was really damn sceptic at first. Then I noticed almost all of my friends started playing this game. I though it would flop just like DayZ or something. But now it's the only game I'm playing on the side of HOTS. I highly recommend the game, it's already really good even though it's early access.
  6. Ahh, I think you need to get a separate for the channel. I'm not in that channel so I can't do it, sadly. Probably gotta ask hatton or someone. No problem!
  7. Don't be scared lads, join up with him : )
  8. Hello @BerNa and thank you! Here's a screenshot of CoD2-players that played CoD:WAW 1 month ago You should contact Hatton via private message through CyberGamer http://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/213794/Hatton/ Hi @Andrey2dashes and thanks to you too! If you're getting kicked a lot via punkbuster when in a match, copy this punkbuster folder to your CoD2-folder [ Punkbuster Folder ] Default path is: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2) I've been having a break after the Forgotten Soldier's LAN (Münich, Germany) and kind of waiting for B44 to come out. I've been playin a lot of PUBG as well. I've only played really random matches after March, so not that much, unfortunately. I suggest you making a topic on CoD2-section in CyberGamer as well and tell that you're looking for a mix team I used to play PCW's (Practice Clan Wars) in the early 2005 or something but after that I've only played 'Official' matches in Clanbase and after that in Cybergamer, because you learn a lot more that way (no frag hunting etc.). And of course, if you're playing seriously with your team, you should learn tact nades, different strategies and such Having own server for that helps a lot, of course! Just be polite and ask for help in CyberGamer, they should be really welcoming for new players -vozER
  9. Nice post about your history @Andrey2dashes ! It's an interesting read And yeah, sticking to one game is always good, at least in First Person Shooters. I tried to play CS:GO as well. I mean, I do quite well in the game but it just isn't the thing I want. That's why I went back to play CoD2 again. RIP Xfire, used to have so many friends in there, too. There are still CoD2-gamers who play CoD:WAW(cod5). They arrange matches in Discord. It's a shame the game didn't get wind under it's wings, though. I think it had potential. CoD2matches are still active and available, mostly in Cybergamer. Cybergamer is kind of the "new Clanbase". Smaller scene of course, and the website isn't the best - but it ... "works" ... You could actually explain your history there in the forum Link here and tell that you are looking for a team. I'm sure there are people who are looking for an active gamer. Also, if you like to play mix-matches, there's always people who like to play with mix-teams. Also, if you don't want to join a team, you can always go PUG (similar to CS:GO match making). You will get grouped with random people against random people (be sure to install Teamspeak2 to talk with your teammates). In PUG's, you only play one map with 12 rounds. In normal matches, you play 2 maps, 20 rounds per map. Personally, I'd suggest you to try the PUG-system first, then move on to normal matches. If you get some teammates, you can search matches in IRC-channel #cod2.wars LINK here (type in your nick, channel: #cod2.wars) (for example: 5v5 || server:OFF || PCW) Also, you may find the "Getting Started" section useful in the front page. I think it covers pretty much everything you're asking for. You also need to install Cybergamer Anti-cheat and you need a legit CoD2-key as well (15€ in Steam if I remember right). Here's the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ you might wanna read. That's what happened for many - including me. I was surprised there was still a CoD2-scene when I made a comeback. I began to play different games like LoL, CS:GO, Red Orchestra 2 etc. But I was really happy noticing the whole CoD2-scene was really welcoming having a player coming back in the scene. Hope this post helps you on the road back to CoD2! If there's any questions related to getting back to play CoD2, hit me or @fURBYx up! -vozER
  10. Surprisingly many wondered that I didn't have Mouse Acceleration:ON @ CoD2-lan in Münich. It seems it's quite popular in that scene, too. And I remember myself being really consistent with Mouse Accel:ON in CoD1 even though I flicked almost constantly. I'm not sure if Windows XP and Windows 7/10 have different kinds of acceleration in their default settings, but I think they vary, too.
  11. I used to play it ON for many years. I began to see better results having it off.
  12. Does it give any error message? Have you tried to open the game with Compatibility mode (XP2) ?
  13. For me, I loved good old Single Player games back in the days. I liked to play Half-Life 1, Age of Wonders - Shadow Magic, Heroes of Might & Magic 3 / 4... games like that. But right after me and my two brothers got separate computers and a decent internet, we started to play CoD1 and other competitive games online. Then we could compete against each other at LAN as well. That's the turning point when I simply stopped playing Single Player games. I always felt and still feel like I have to compete against someone (not AI). If that doesn't happen, it kind of feels pointless for me. I even bought the new Civilization, played like 2 games and that was it. I loved the game, but I felt the need to compete against someone again. I know that personally I've missed a lot of nice content, because I simply can't seem to enjoy Single Player games anymore. Which is kind of sad, and I envy people who can play them a little If you do play Single Player games, what games do you play?
  14. As a Finnish guy, I'd love to see that happen some day.