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  1. Jump + zoom

    You could shoot, but not accurately. When jumping + shooting, it would be really inaccurate. I don't want a situation where you cannot jump and shoot, either.
  2. Jump + zoom

    Agreed on every other aspects except on jump + aim. A small part of your body is shown and you get to shoot 100% accurately. While not allowing jumping and accurately hitting a target, it would be a "high risk - high reward" kind of situation, where I don't see a problem with.
  3. Scope Diffrence

    Discussed here.
  4. I think you're mixing the newer CoDs with the early CoDS. That kind of sniper-action is unacceptable and disgusting as seen in the video. It should not be like that, and it won't. The fire rate shouldn't be that high and the time to aim down the sights should be longer. Compare shooting with Snipers in Call of Duty 1 and 2 and see the difference. I think most of the players here are thinking how snipers work similar to CoD1, 2 and 4 - not the newer "spray 'n pray" -Call of Duties. Video Example of all of the Snipers used in Call of Duty -series. Exactly this. 1. Most of the times you miss = you're dead 2. Hit the legs / arms = you might be dead. Be fast enough to change to pistol and hit the enemy once. 3. Get super lucky and hit the head / upper torso to kill the enemy
  5. Jump + zoom

    Care to explain? Do you mean there shouldn't be any luck involved? I think when it seems almost impossible to hit an enemy - and somehow you manage to do it - is highly rewarding. For example, when you are just about to go behind a corner, and manage to see an enemy. You don't have time to zoom-in, you just have to hip-fire and pray that your bullet hits the enemy (which is a really low% number to succeed). It's gonna reveal your position, but there's a tiny chance you will hit. Aimed shots should be always 100% accurate, hip-shots definitely not. Anyway. ADS + jumping is already implemented in the game. Nothing to see here.
  6. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Agreed. To me it feels clunky, if I can't lean + walk slowly towards the wall to peak. I want to have my body next to the wall pretty much any time I can. I totally agree on the fact, that it should not be like in the early Wolfensteins since the movement speed doesn't get slower at all while walking and leaning. CoD1 and CoD2 had it done perfecrtly imo = slow down the movement speed drastically while leaning. It just adds more for a smoother gameplay, in my opinion.
  7. Any CoD UO players out there?

    I used to play CoD:UO for a brief moment in Clanbase Matches (around a year or so) Good memories. I always loved Brecourt
  8. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Yes I think that should be implemented. Just slow down the movement speed drastically while leaning.
  9. Days of War ?

    They just digged their own grave and they deserve it.
  10. Call Of Duty (2017)

    I swear, the guy who narrates the first section of this video sounds just like the guy on Battlezone 1's first mission introduction, listen yourself: The nostalgia hit me REAL! This game is from 1998!
  11. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Amen, my brother. Amen.
  12. Call Of Duty (2017)

    That scope reminds me of Call of Duty: United Offensive's scope
  13. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Let's be fair, I've not expected any competitive elements from CoD since CoD4 CoD-series has always been a let-down since that. It can stay casual, it's not like I'd give any support to CoD anymore. I don't mind it. BAT44 is shifted to be more competitive exactly for the reasons they've been saying since the kickstarted began. I'm just expressing some thoughts. It definitely is a good thing CoD and Bat44 don't compare. Agreed, buddy.