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  1. This is going wayyyy offtopic guys.
  2. Funny that it took so long for someone to notice that Good pick @Clakkers. And yeah it's spelled Sergeant ^^
  3. Hello and welcome Sumacz
  4. Welcome r3db4r0n
  5. Hi!

    Welcome, fellow CoD 1/2/4 gamer <3 You're sharing the same feelings as I am IRC was the best chatting software ever existed! Still using it for searching CoD2-wars ^^ Never forget, hehe. Damn, I had soo many friends in xfire and I was devastated when it wore out. Welcome to the forums twinxnl, it's really nice to have you here!
  6. Ooh, fellow CoD1 gamer I see! I played CoD1 and still playing CoD2 competitively. Same here buddy, can't wait for a new competitive WW2 shooter. What's cal-m / cal-i though? Haven't heard that shorten before. Anyway, welcome to the forums dogo! Really nice to have you here in the forums -vozER
  7. Yesterday it felt super slow. I think it's back to normal now
  8. This was my post. Don't know what happened after it since I was AFK for the rest of the day. I'm going to put here some valid agruments about the subject with a shameless copy paste: "Being able to cook grenades rewards players too much for something that requires no skill at all, it would be fine if they did half the damage but they kill you in one hit 9/10 times without you even getting the chance to react." "It's punishing players that want a close-medium ranged gameplay so much that half of the round is just waiting for people to get tempted to throw their grenades. I think spam grenades are fine, it doesn't do too much harm as they are easily evaded." "Without cooking nades players throw nades from longer distancesinstead at close/medium, start learning positions to throw the grenades to other spots and overall increase the amount of planning and skill needed to delete someone in one hit, while also giving more depth to the gameplay at close-medium range." "And yeah, grenades just laying on the ground for 4 seconds isn't great, but you could throw upwards and make them fall places and explode pretty much instantly. Like in CoD 1/2/4, people would practice grenade tricks and actually use them tactically when people are doing things like defusing/planting/holding higher ground." "Grenades totally ruin all of that by being a better option than the guns in most cases"
  9. I like it when everything's black around the scope
  10. If the 'aimpunch' is going to exist, I hope it's going to be very very minimal.
  11. That's what I wanna know. I haven't seen this in any game that I remember
  12. Definition of aimpunch: (Shameless copy paste) It's a mechanic that when you get hit in the head or body without armor, your aim flicks up briefly, making aiming nearly impossible for that half a second or so. It's supposed to be a reward system for players with accuracy, however many people feel conflicted on whether or not the mechanic should even be in the game.
  13. I honestly don't get it why it is SO important for people to get to play SS
  14. I just came from a Dachau a week ago. A chilling place... I'm glad for this decision. I agree with this.
  15. God I hated CoD4 grenades. I just had an awful flashback on Backlot...