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  1. Does it give any error message? Have you tried to open the game with Compatibility mode (XP2) ?
  2. For me, I loved good old Single Player games back in the days. I liked to play Half-Life 1, Age of Wonders - Shadow Magic, Heroes of Might & Magic 3 / 4... games like that. But right after me and my two brothers got separate computers and a decent internet, we started to play CoD1 and other competitive games online. Then we could compete against each other at LAN as well. That's the turning point when I simply stopped playing Single Player games. I always felt and still feel like I have to compete against someone (not AI). If that doesn't happen, it kind of feels pointless for me. I even bought the new Civilization, played like 2 games and that was it. I loved the game, but I felt the need to compete against someone again. I know that personally I've missed a lot of nice content, because I simply can't seem to enjoy Single Player games anymore. Which is kind of sad, and I envy people who can play them a little If you do play Single Player games, what games do you play?
  3. As a Finnish guy, I'd love to see that happen some day.
  4. Agreed +1
  5. Shift? Sprint ALT. Dno, but if you want to put Q as your weapon switch, feel free to do so @Jakovec12 said all what I meant to say
  6. You can just bind toggle your "next/previous" weapon to your Q
  7. This one is only 1 month old Introducing vozER - 13 Years And Counting This guy (Atheist) also has some nice movies in his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/spiritualcrusher
  8. "IRC"-chat ingame works well in HOTS at least, can't find why not in Battalion as well. If you want to use a separate third-party software, then I'd suggest using Discord as well.
  9. Not if allies and axis have separate team colors (green and gray for example), like this: And only make colors appear on the scoreboard, like this: When you kill an enemy, it would show the colors: ("You killed" would always be colored white) When you kill your teammate, it would always show "TEAMMATE" as red like this: I think it makes your nick and your clan feel unique: I'm sorry, but I don't find this to have a big effect on gameplay. I only find it refreshing But if you have made up your mind, I'm not gonna argue.
  10. Wanted a username that begins with the same letter as my first name, "V". So I just made this nick up when I was 13 years old and been using it ever since
  11. Nah just the part you quoted from Tuna :D (at least I hope so)
  12. Welcome mate! It's good to have you here
  13. Totally agree you with that, matey