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  1. Modtools Introduction

    Can you do a remake of cod uo broadsword?
  2. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Well all right then..... and yes there is a way counter it... You have hit boxes... If you get hit in the head hit box, then there's a reaction... If you get hit in the side gut hit box, then no reaction, if you get hit in the center gut hit box, then a reaction, cause you may hit the spine. you guys were all concerned about too much reaction, and I simply pointed out that in real life it's not the case, like Hollywood portrays, getting shot and flying 100 ft in the air....but whatever..
  3. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Shouldn't it really depend on where you get hit? If you want to be realistic, most of the time, when someone gets shot, they don't even know it, because the bullet goes right thru them, hense , no immeadiate reaction from the one getting shot...unless the bullet actually hits a bone, a helmet, armor plate , their belt or gear, the bullet will just sail right thru soft flesh without any reaction... so, maybe it depends on where the player is hit...
  4. Competitive Players

    amen berna..!!! welcome...
  5. I hope theres a 12v12 search and destroy.

  6. Battalion Announcement Vlog!

    YES..!!! you guys keepus in the loop and want to communicate and hear our feedback. and you listen to what we want....this makes the difference in gaming..this is what will make this a great game,,.......thank you...
  7. Weapon sounds

  8. Drawing on map

    yup yup yup....amen.... there will be plenty of servers that will be all tactical........why? because we will have the ability to make them that way....just like we do now in COD WAW.....!!!!!!
  9. Drawing on map

    we already said not during the game, maybe before a 5 on 5 round or a clan match...not during the game itself...of course your going to rely on coms, im talking about laying out the game plan before the round even starts...but, only in comp games, not general play.....its just an idea....and all this fast paced talk is starting to scare me.....sounds like run and gun to me...i hope this game is all tactical, skill and feeding off each other as a team, not every man for himself....
  10. Drawing on map

    no, i dont think so...., i think in a 5 on 5 or some other comp., like a clan war, i think it will be benificial at the begining of the scrim to be able to mark out positions and such to your team...maybe before the match or at the half time..,...maybe make it an admin option...i certainly wouldnt put it in the general public area.....for sure, your going to get pee pees and wee wees...
  11. Drawing on map

    yes, agreed usually guys who draw pee pees are dreaming of a bigger one...
  12. In game name display

    Ok I did a search on similar topics and couldn't find anything, hiw are the names going to be displayed in game? Like in COD, we can see our teammates names about their heads, also when in a squad, the color changes... is bat44 going to follow the same idea? And what about seeing enemy names when they are killed, so we know who we killed? Or when we walk over a dead body, we see who it is ? This is I paradise for team tactical play to be able to identify bodies... or will this all be able to be controlled or tweeted by console? And will differnt colors and info be avalible to display?
  13. Mild Language?

    LOL..... Yeah, it funny how they use the Lords name so easily, but they don't use any other religious name ...lets be an equal opportunity offender..! Instead of yelling Jesus, ......yell , dang Harry chrishna!! Or how about , Damn budda!!
  14. Development Update & Sneak Peaks!

    yeah..!! would be great,....THE ARDENNES.!!! or HURTGEN, or VOLKHOVSKY....or the lesser known BATTLE OF HOCHWALD GAP...with the canadians....although almost as big as the D-day invasion itself... or alot of the forests in poland with lakes and ponds all around....