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  1. 5th Ranger Battalion. Realism Unit. Forums: Steam Group:
  2. Really excited to play the alpha in May. Looking good!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, WolfEnstein!
  4. Wolfsbane's Realism Mod (WRM). This was a great realism mod in CoD2. Might be able to pull a few ideas from this mod for a realism mode. Here's a link to the mod: Thanks!
  5. 5th Rangers
  6. 5th Ranger Battalion Fox Company. Est. 2003 Camp Forrest, Tennessee. WHO ARE WE? The Fifth Ranger Battalion is a Realism Unit currently in the World War II games, Days of War and Day of Infamy. We look forward to conducting combat operations within Battalion 1944 upon it's full release. We call ourselves a “Realism Unit” due to the fact that we attempt to emulate how a real United States Army infantry unit would have been organized during World War II. The rank system, medals, badges, promotions and weapons are all accurate to that time period. We are not a clan, which means we do not participate in leagues, but we make our own scrimmages with other Realism Units who also participate in realism battles. We also hold weekly drills, trainings and realism events. OUR HISTORY. The Fifth Ranger Battalion has been leading the way within the realism community ever since the dawn of realism gaming within Day of Defeat 1.3. The unit was originally founded by Dexter Humphreys along with son, Martin Humphreys, best friends, and military veterans Kevin Bryant, Richard Harris, and Matthew Flynn on 2nd June 2003. The unit held it's first Ranger Candidate Training School (RCTS) during June 2003 and six out of fourteen candidates graduated from the five day course as Rangers. The Fifth Ranger Battalion was de-activated from active service from the realism community within Day of Defeat 1.3 in 2013. The game no longer had an active community of public players and other Realism Units had moved to newer, more populated games. In 2015, due to popular demand, retired members of the unit requested that the Fifth Ranger Battalion be reactivated within Day of Defeat: Source by founder Martin Humphreys. Since then the unit has been conducting combat operations weekly with the intent of once again leading the way within the realism community on new fronts. WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT? If you want to be apart of a brotherhood of gamers who thrive upon dedication, discipline, and teamwork, then this is the place for you! The Fifth Ranger Battalion is not your average gaming clan who only care about your in-game skill. We offer an in-depth and realistic experience for every member. You will learn and experience the thrill of being in an authentic World War II United States Army infantry unit gaming community. In the 5th Ranger Battalion you will also gain access to an exclusive community of like minded, mature people that enjoy realism. The comradery you gain in this unit with it's members will create friends that last a lifetime. We maintain very high standards for our members to ensure we retain only the most active, dedicated and mature members. STABILITY: We have been around for more than 11 years. AUTHENTICITY: We use a realistic Chain of Command, rank system, medals and awards. BROTHERHOOD: When you earn the right to wear the [5th RB] tags, you become a member of the family. PURPOSE: Every member has a specific purpose and has the opportunity to advance as far throughout the unit as they wish to during their time with us. Each Ranger has put in a lot of time and dedication for where they are at within the unit. . Visit our website today at
  7. The 3rd Marines are the epitome of a professional and solid realism unit. I have a lot of respect for Switz and what he has done so far in DOW realism. If you're looking for a realism unit that emulates a US Marine Corps unit, look no further!