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  1. Of course i'm saying the same thing over and over again because a lot of the people here seems to think that i don't want skins in the game.
  2. Again, i have to say it yet again: I don't have any problems with skins, what i have problems with is flashy skins placed in a game placed in 1944
  3. I am so tired of saying that i have ZERO problems with skins, just with flashy skins in a game placed in ww2. I agree, and i don't know if this is true or what but i think that the devs are going away from that customization with uniform emblems etc while still retaining a ww2 authentic experience as they said in the KS. Any admins here on the forum? ... Thanks, just saying my opinion even though i have like 40- reputuations I can see reasons for why there shall be skins in the game, and yes i want skins, i just don't want flashy skins in a authentic ww2 fps...
  4. I know. CSGO is a modern day shooter. Well Joe said it on Twitter, and in the interview on YouTube. I find this quite interesting: Intense & balanced infantry combat. Our designers have scoured hundreds of multiplayer shooters to design the best fitting formula for a well balanced WW2 first person shooter. The excitement in Battalion lies in the down the barrel experience. Bulkhead said this during the KS. Then why didn't they inform us better of the changed plans for the development? And it's well worth to say that i think 10 000 people on KS paid for the KS
  5. I understand that skins will help to improve the game and improve the economic income for the game, BUT why can't you use the same skin system like Battlefield 1? They look good and are authentic. Why just why shall you have flashy skins in a game placed during 1944 ...
  6. Then why did they say authentic ww2 fps? A big difference between historical accuracy and gameplay + longevity. Have you ever seen a game placed in ww2 that has flashy skins?
  7. As one of the guys in here posted a few screenshots from a modded WW2 server, did that weapon look good? Just wanted to puke... Yes i also care about gampelay ofc, that is the most important part obviously, but i just really don't think flashy skins suits a game called Battalion 1944 which takes place during WW2. As a hobby historican and a militaria collector i don't find this suitable in a game called Battalion1944. According to the devs, the game is called Battalion 1944 or am i VERY wrong here?
  8. It was a joke about 2044 if you didn't understand.
  9. Haven't got a problem with skins, just think that flashy skins don't suit in a game where the setting is WW2 and the game is called Battalion 1944, not Battalion 2044.
  10. I think Joe said it in a interview on YouTube. ''Accidently''. haha. They said this during the KS, and that was what we told we were getting...
  11. I'm sorry, but was it flashy skins in the oldschool FPS? Han't got a single problem with skins in the game. I just think that flashy skins on WW2 weapons is not right in ANY WAY. I know that they weren't going to make a realistic ww2 fps. but they have said ''AUTHENTIC''. And flashy stupid pink shit skins is NOT authentic in a game called BATTALION1944. We're actually in 1944 according to the title. Not 2044.
  12. So what? 10 000 backers paid for a WW2 SHOOTER as they stated A LOT. Again, i have to repeat myself, i don't have any problems at all with skins. I just think that flashy skins and that stuff... I just can't see ONE reason for why it shall be in the game. As i said, again, i'm totally fine with skins, it's just those flashy skins ... Why will you use that in a shooter which is placed in WW2, and the title of the game is BATTALION 1944?
  13. I have absolutely nothing against skins, I think skins are in fact cool, but as i mentioned earlier - As a shooter which is placed in WW2 -the theme is WW2, and like those pink and bright skins will ruin a lot of the experience. Just think of a purple MP40??? Oh my good....And how many times haven't the devs said these words: WW2 shooter. AUTHENTIC WW2 experience. DOWN THE BARREL WW2 EXPERIENCE. I paid 60 pounds for the game duirng the KS, and this will - believe it or not - ruin a bit of the experience. I JUST CAN'T SEE ANY REASON FOR THESE AWFULLY LOOKING SKINS I have never had a problem with skins. Never said that. I just can't understand why someone has to put these bright awfully pink looking skins in the game which is, ACCORDING TO THE DEVS an authentic WW2 experience, AND a WW2 shooter which we paid for during the KS.
  14. I own it.
  15. Will there stilll be customization the game???