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  1. As Battalion looks to be a quite competitive shooter, i think being in a clan would have been very cool
  2. Okay thank's let's hope for that!
  3. Haha, yes thank you! Thank you :). Unfortunately i don't have any friends who are into the WW2 fps genre...
  4. Hello! I have been looking at most of the topics here in ''Recruitment and clans'', but i can't seem to find any clan i wish to join, or maybe it is there some place... I am 15 years old, from Norway, been playing WW2 fps in the last 5 years now. Been playing a lot of COD1, COD2, WAW, BF1943, Brothers in arms, MOH Allied Assault .... And yes, i have tried days of war too, and i must say have a lot more faith in Battalion. Also, i backed the alpha tier quite early during the Kickstarter period, so i have been folllowing the game for a while now! I would really like to join a clan in Battalion! Been looking ages for someone to play with online, and really get that team feeling. My steam username is zikiarsenal1 if anyone wants to reach out to me! Cheers
  5. Can't wait for the new gameplay in march!
  6. Imo i think that the devs hypes us so much for the game. On twitter they write fpsrevolution for example. Like i don't think it's something wrong with it, i just think that, wow, this game better be absolutely EPIC, thinking of how much hype it has got from the community and the devs... can't wait for alpha tough
  7. Yes, i believe that it is one other facebook side, but that page is only in the german language so :D. My page was the first Battalion fanpage created at Facebook, give it a thumb up
  8. I am the admin of this page, and it was the first fanpage of Battalion on Facebook
  9. The very first Facebook fanpage of Battalion 1944...
  10. Øst Finnmark! Det e jo kult at det e nån fra området her inne!
  11. BF1943 was such a goog game imo. A shame that it isn't on PS4 or PC. A awesome game. And the reloading of the M1 Garand....
  12. Thank you :). I have seen you over in the Days of War forums too
  13. I don't like these modern games that much like the new COD. infinite warfare, advanced wafare, ghost, etc...
  14. What's your name? My name is Jonas, 15 years old. -Where are you from? Northern Norway. There was lot's of germans here during the war, also there was battles between the germans, russians and partisans. Everyone here is ''connected'' to the war. -What are your favourite videogames? I love COD2, all though i would prefer a longer campaign. I play some Company of Heroes too, and back in the PS3 days i played A LOT of Battlefield 1943. I also like WAW, have been playing that a lot both on PC and PS3. -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Think it was on Youtube! I got very hyped when i saw the trailer. And then i backed the alpha tier without a doubt! Best regards Jonas. Good luck!