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  1. OMGNetwork We are a group of older peeps based in the U.S. that still enjoy gaming in our free time.We are a laid back community looking for any English speaking like minded peeps to game with. We are very strong supporters of our Men and Women in the Military. With out them we would not have we have today. Thank You !! If your 21 or older and would like to join us click on the JOIN US at the top in the menu bar. Some of us have a twig with a couple berries and some don't so all 21 and up are welcome to join us. Our ages range from 22 - 64 OMGN Gaming is a laid back Community for older gamers that still enjoy gaming. We have Jobs,Kids,School or all the above and know life happens and we can't always be as active as we would like. We setup Events to try and work with peeps schedules weekly and on the weekends. We also do friendly in house Tournaments which take place on the weekends. Either a Saturday or Sunday. Which ever works best for everyone. All we ask is try to keep up with the forums and Band to stay up to date on the community. https://www.facebook.com/OMGNgaming/