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  1. Holmes502

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    There is your answer everyone. I would say this is more than enough of a response on behalf of Bulkhead. Thanks for the response @[CM] BigTuna! We appreciate it.
  2. Issue resolved. Seemed to be an issue with the new defaultgame.ini file from the 15th February update. Did not update on server's end and there were mismatched lines and cvars in it when I compared the two. Issue resolved
  3. Well prior to the update, with the changed load outs, everything functioned properly. Ill revert to the default and to test. If that doesn’t resolve it I would say it’s something config wise or game server file wise that is broken.
  4. As the title states, no one can pick up the bomb on my server since this update. You run over it, nothing. No settings have been changed since before the update and everything was functioning properly. Any one have a functioning server that can assist? Or is it the same across the board?