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    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Good start ?
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    To be fair to @johnoboro he talks rubbish and cant tell his a$$ from his elbow, but I suppose least hes here trying to defend the game which is more than the community lead is doing!
  3. lol made me laugh you seem to repeat yourself all the time, are you an undercover dev? Explain the lack of involvement from devs ie the community lead on their OWN forum? Explain why they are supporting competitive (In early access) instead of working on ways to make their game survive? They over promised and under delivered simple.
  4. The game is dead and devs don't care, they got their money so why should they? If they they was that interested in their game they would be posting on their own forums and building up their community. Instead they would rather support competitive play in early access