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  1. German voice

    Yesterday while playing as a German, i got really tired of hearing the German voice screaming "THEY ARE TAKING B" like all the time. The voice was kinda bad aswell. The American one is much better.
  2. Grenade Cooking

    Searched the forum but for some reason i could not find a thread like this? Mabye i missed it. Anyway.. Is grenade cooking ever gonna come to Battalion? I'm sure this question have been asked and answered 100 times already so sorry for being repetitive.
  3. it takes forever to load

    After i select my region (EU West) and press play i have to wait 1 minute before the game starts up.
  4. Disconnected After Each Round

    Everytime the server changed map i got connection to host lost.
  5. [BUG] Unknown Map

    That's exactly what happened. Everytime.
  6. [BUG] Unknown Map

    I was able to play Coastal 2 times and when the next map "Battery" loaded i lost connection to host, this happened 2 times, then when i tried to join a game again it just says UNKNOWN MAP / Lost connection to host.
  7. Days of War ?

    Days of War Early Access starts today. Anyone going to play it?