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  1. Days of War ?

    Days of War Early Access starts today. Anyone going to play it?
  2. So i thought, why the hell not have a thread where we post funny pictures? We could try to stay on the "war" topic tho ^^
  3. Swedish clan?

    As the title states, i am looking for a Swedish clan ^^ I hope there is someone or i will have to make one myself
  4. Grenade Animations

    I still hope this thread is something the devs can reply to
  5. Snow and maps

    At any rate, if they allow mods to be crafted for the game im sure someone will come along and make a mod where you have some fog and snowfall during gameplay Ofc i want a competitive game but also a good looking one that feels great to look at as good as it plays.
  6. Snow and maps

    Thank god.
  7. Snow and maps

    Exactly what i meant, I just want some light snowfall
  8. Map specific weapons

    You have the right idea Wolf! I meant on public servers where competitive dont matter and you just want to have a blast for some hours
  9. Snow and maps

    I meant minimal snowfall / fog. As DukeNukem said, A option where you could turn it off would be awesome. I mean i understand B1944 is being developed to be a competitive game and you want minimal interference from the weather. But to be fair not everyone will play in clans / tournaments and just wants a nice fps game to blow some hours on. Ofcourse i understand if this is something you as devs dont want to do / see in the game and i respect that. This is just my wishing
  10. Snow and maps

    So i have always been a fan of winter warfare so it's only natural for me that i want to see winter maps in Battalion 1944. My question is, Will there be weather effects or not in this game? If so, It would be nice to have a option to be able to turn it off. Imagine feeling the cold, seeing the ice starting to embrace your weapon as you try to find a perfect shot in a wartorn trainstation while snow is blocking your view. Simply amazing!
  11. Days of War ?

    I am very interested to see what Days of War will bring to the table. I think it's good to have competitive as it will tend to drive the devs even further giving us a better game in the end. But what i've seen, the game feels and looks like a Day of Defeat copy paste. Not saying that is a bad thing as that game was good, i just hope they can deliver a nice WW2 fps. I would place my bet at Battalion 1944 tho.
  12. Map specific weapons

    How about crates where you can pick up a panzerfaust with 1 shot? A crate with a scoped FG42? In the good old CoD there was crates at some places on specific maps where you could pick up these weapons. Like the map Powcamp for example. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. Both soldiers dying at the same time

    This happened to me alot of times in CoD 1,2,4
  14. Blowing up enemy grenades

    Instead of being able to shoot the grenade i would rather have the ability to pick it up and throw it back without knowing when it will blow it will be a risky but sometimes worth to do!
  15. Happy New Year