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  1. alyosha

    Faction Grenade Indicator

    What do you think about two different grenade indicators? One for each faction, germans with stielhandgranate and americans with Mk 2. Will be more easy recognize if a grenade comes from teammates or enemies.
  2. alyosha

    BattalionJump 1944

    Sad true but funny image
  3. don't forget xp for capturing and returning the flag, now is like tdm/spawnkill game
  4. alyosha

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  5. alyosha

    Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    I also prefer sniper rifles with breath/sway instead of the zoom out/slowing player system, hope one day there will be a server side option for them in arcade mode.
  6. alyosha

    Capture the Flag XP

    What about XP points in CTF? Actually you don't gain nothing for capture enemy flag or returning your own.
  7. alyosha

    Headshots and gun balance

    Almost same suggestions for me....... the thing that I missed most was the lack of breathing before the shot and the sway after the shot using sniper rifles, they give a different feeling.
  8. alyosha

    Which maps do you want?

    me too
  9. alyosha

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

  10. alyosha

    Team swapping

  11. alyosha

    Minimap is over detailed

    Also for me is over detailed.