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    Battalion 1944 Early Access’ Kickstarter Skin code

    Yeah im getting the same message with my code. I also had 5 chests in my inventory. I opened first no problem then got a error on second and no reward. It then proceeded to clear the other 3 chests????
  2. Alchemist023

    Fresh install?

    Quick query. The early access is a separate executable in steam. Is it possible to manually place the files from the alpha/beta test zone in the new folder to save downloading everything again? Not sure if it will even work. What is size of early access game to download. Weighing up free space on ssd etc
  3. Alchemist023

    You will all be happy with the price? Are you?

    Yeah the time difference during alpha testing made it very difficult to get a good play in for me in Australia. Also one play test weekend game would only start when server full. Few hours of waiting around and finally we get 10 players. Upon loading for second game a 11 player shows up and Im demoted to queing on my own as no other players. Just bad luck but its a shame the cost for how little I ended up playing