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  1. I have been thinking. How about instead of skin, we get colors and materials to craft gun skin instead? And we can save what we designed as presets, even if we don't have enough of the currency which we receive from playing matches to craft it. And of course, we would be able to share our presets on Steam workshop for other players to be able to craft it as long as they have the required materiel, color and currency. That said, yea, the devs will have to pick which color and material are allowed in the game in accordance to the WW2 theme.
  2. Sounds good, as long as we have the ability to get currency in case we get duplicates IF there will be duplicate system and buy new skins with what we get also, we should have the ability to buy skins with our money but the cost may be more or less than a crate depending on the skin quality. And I guess we will be able to suggest the skins in the Design section of the forums so I shall be thinking of what I can dig up.
  3. Since this is being make in the image of old CODs, there's a very high chance that there won't be DLCs, only expansion packs.
  4. More ideas? Sure, as long as it's nothing basic or something that lands in that category by one's common sense and it's good to see you devs about, reading what we plebs been suggesting and chatting with us. I look forward to what the game has to offer by ours(devs) truly and our future role in it. And bless you lot for making our wish come true, even if it's just plans and code with no actual game for now. P.S. May be you guys can make a pinned post on what we should suggest? Just so we would know what to suggest for the sake of suggesting
  5. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    If that kind of ammo count is going to be a thing, I would rather have the (remaining ammo in the mag in numbers)/(maximum amount of ammo in a mag in numbers).