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  1. Andrey2dashes


    Nice. Nice work on updates.
  2. Andrey2dashes

    Battalion 1944 Early Access Trailer 2018

    Finally. I can feel the nostalgia flowing!! I can't wait for this good job guys.
  3. Andrey2dashes

    CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    Classic Cod Coduo Cod2 Cod4 Cod5 player reporting for duty
  4. Andrey2dashes

    Whats UP Battalion Community!

    All we have to do is wait. Which sometimes is just straight killing me :(.
  5. Andrey2dashes

    E3 Battalion

    That's why I love Call of Duty 1, uo, 2. In order to play further in the match (pcw, cm, mix etc) you had to play with both Allies and Axis. When you come to conclusion that "we lost only because weapons for Axis are way better then for Allies". Ok, just wait until you get to switch sides and try those "better" weapons. I don't think it will make any difference if you don't know how to use them :). During that time I never heard any complaints about weapons for any nation. Everyone just sat down and played with what that side had to offer. I find it way more interesting because as I already mentioned before you had to master different weapons from each nation instead of 1-2 weapons through entire game. For example back in Cod WaW I used to see people running around with only ppsh or stg44 all the time... No matter what side they were on. How is that interesting? I don't think earlier Call of Duties had this overpower problem for weapons.. In my opinion every single weapon was optimized to perfection. Sure all them had their flaws and all but every single weapon in was deadly if you knew how to use it and aim with it properly.
  6. Andrey2dashes

    E3 Battalion

    Me too. I don't see why Battalion should have customization stuff like many other shooter games. It wont stand out... I really wish that every side gets what it gets and there could be no changes... I am a die hard Call of duty 1-2 fan and it was always fun when both sides got their own weapons from WW2 and the only way to obtain enemy weapon was after you killed him and took it from him. Class creation ability ruined cod5 (just for me, don't get offended or anything). Because how in the world a Japanese soldier can spawn with Russian weapon? I think there are way too many games that have customization, or even better class creation, ability... It is just too boring already... CoD, Coduo and Cod2 were best because you had to be skilled with different weapons for each side instead of having same one weapon on any nation you play with. There were no problems back then... You wouldn't be spending time creating your classes. Just jump right in and play with whatever it gives. P.S. Great stuff about E3. A lot of information was lurking in the background.
  7. Andrey2dashes

    What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    I was pretty big jumper myself in CoD2. I would like to see the return of classical jumping in B44 :). I am missing the old grenade jumps and all that stuff. Plus I think this will be achieved by community but I would like to see the return of classical Cod2 Zombie mod. Where 1 zombie on team gets to hunt the other team who have limited ammo and have to survive for as long as they can. When killed they become zombies themselves. Until the very last one alive becomes first zombie in the next round. And that would be cool without chainsaw bs, teleportation, lasers etc...
  8. Andrey2dashes

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Yeah that thing happens way too often... This needs to be reconsidered as much as possible
  9. Andrey2dashes

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Good choice. Citystreets were awesome because of many different approaches that can be executed. I think cars could stay as exploding material, but there should be either a smaller number of them or they should be more durable and not exploded after few shots. Cars should stay as a part of the map to be used for cover in my mind. Red barrels is a common thing in majority of games "If the barrel is red, it explodes no matter what". If they are placed at certain points like in the corners and not in the middle of a corridor then I don't mind them at all :).
  10. Andrey2dashes

    Re-make Carentan

    Buddy, you need to let them finish the game first. If needed, gaming community will recreate one in time. As you've been told it was just a prototype map. Maybe the map itself won't be there in the final release. I am pretty sure a lot of good maps will be out here. Developers themselves traveled to places and cities where great battles of WW2 took place just to get an inspiration. That should say something. I get it, Carentan was/is an epic map. But it doesn't mean that this map needs to be in every single WW2 game. I am pretty sure that instead of Carentan itself other great maps will be there. Just have some patience my friend :).
  11. Andrey2dashes

    Competitive Players

    First name seems to work. Yep I am into it to play Cod waw. I am usually available during late evenings
  12. Andrey2dashes

    Competitive Players

    @BerNa I don't seem to find you on steam. I would like to join the action for free time. I might be able to talk some buddies into jumping into CoD WaW multiplayer instead of zombies :). @vozER Wow. Thank you for long instructions :D. Seriously I can't thank you enough. I am putting up my settings and everything else in order to jump back into action. I got to do some pubbing first to get into some sort of shape. Do you guys hold mixed matches too? I mean you and your team? Like going SD for fun or have a training with guests (something we used to do back in the day with our team going against guests, learning tactics, nade throws and all that stuff)? Or having guests on your side in order just to pass time :). This time I won't take any breaks from CoD2. With Battalion 1944 up in the sights already these are just great times. Let's see where this game will lead us.
  13. Andrey2dashes

    Competitive Players

    I've played CoD2 since few months after it's release. Right until now I am still holding CoD2 as my best competitive experience. Right after CoD4 release I went to play on both games. A huge mistake (at least for me) because I couldn't get any better while playing both of them. Always used to switch from one to another if there's any action going on (tournaments or some sort of events). But still being a huge fan of WWII I tried returning back into CoD2. Sadly everything has changed and I can't really find any friends, ex-squadmates or anyone else online (mostly because they were on Xfire and I didn't use it for those last years before it was changed or was shut down). We mostly used to play on ClanBase. For now CoD2 is now mostly for pubbing on deep evenings and nights after evening shifts for me :). I was thinking of moving to one of CSs but for some reason I didn't. I guess I was still hoping that some kind of WWII game will appear. After CoD4 I didn't moved to CoD5 even though I always wanted to have a CoD2 game with CoD4 graphics and mechanics... It a shame it didn't met my expectations. At least good old zombie mode is still available so with bunch of my school mates we still get to play it :). Pretty fun. A small question for you vozER. Are there still CoD2 matches going on? Where should I start looking so I could join back into the action? The moment ClanBase fell down I was actually lost... Since I never been on leading side of the team or clan, I never really looked where to go from dying ClanBase. I guess that also influenced me to do other things instead of joining some other competitive arenas. Thanks in advance. P.S. Oh yeah I double read what you've wrote I guess I'll start there at cybergamer.
  14. Andrey2dashes

    Revolutionize Competitive Play

    Well I guess at some point in the past he got pissed about ESL for some reason (maybe it was too complicated, maybe he got into conflict and it was resolved the way he didn't like), but I mean come on. Yes FaceIt is good, but so is ESL. Both of them have their flaws and both of them have their merits (or whatever they are called English is not my specialty). Let's just sit and wait until devs themselves decides what is good and what is bad. And yeah... There are a lot of people like that who just won't accept any other opinion that differs from their own. The best way is avoid getting into fights like this. I feel like these kind of people enjoy irritating other people while trying to push their own opinion in.
  15. Andrey2dashes

    Revolutionize Competitive Play

    It is good that this game will be competitive. I don't really care what will it be (ESL, FaceIt or even some sort of Clanbase equivalent) as long as we get back into competitive arena I am IN. I was missing for a stuff like that since my last Cod4 pcw match