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  1. DVM-Dogz


    Well said Mr Tuna. And let that be a lesson to anyone that decides to cheat on any game. With 10 to 15 years experience of Admin/ Forum/Server's the amount of cheating increased so much (MOH Breakthrough/Spearhead) that the game became unplayable. Yes we had ye olde foresight 1.6 running but even a ban on a visual check and even some fools decided to send in their SS's that were blatently cheating, they'd still come back to say they were not cheating ffs! Having said that, that was when the 'eastern world' picked up on the game appx 8 years after it's orginal realease. Internet Cafe's either allowed the cheats to be installed or innocently installed them. That was then. This is now! Put a hack/cheat within your game you DESERVE to get banned So DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!
  2. DVM-Dogz

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Kreator and Greenfox are trying to tell you something but you are not listening to their comments.
  3. DVM-Dogz

    Game's Dead guys..

    Wellllllllllll, I'm a bit pissed ATM, but surely the weapon stuff, jumping etc, could easily be sorted. It took me ten mins to sort out (scripting) on ye olde moh spearhead/breakthrough. Same scripting I assume? Also................Hic. Why do people that want to play this game have to fuck around there graphic settings with this game when most default settings for other FPS games are ok?
  4. DVM-Dogz

    Game's Dead guys..

    I've been reading this thread - and haven't we all!. Give the guys at Bulkhead a chance. They've put their heart and souls into developing a good game. Steam can go and fuck off so far I'm concerned. Many, many years ago there used to be a game called MOH AA/Breakthrough/Spearhead.....................that didn't need STEAM to play it. Why not with this game?
  5. DVM-Dogz

    Game's Dead guys..

    Yeah, good idea Firefly and Chinese /Indian restaurants. Trouble is, there'd be quite a bit of spew to avoid the next day.
  6. DVM-Dogz

    Game's Dead guys..

    Hold on a minute. Sod the burgers and Tacos. What about a few nice olde english pubs dotted about the maps for 'us' serious pissheads!!!!
  7. DVM-Dogz


    Hi Lt.john. I think you should look on the battalion roadmap http://battaliongame.com/ And I think you will find that all DLC will be free - hope this helps
  8. DVM-Dogz

    BattalionJump 1944

    10 out 10 for the pic PMSL!
  9. DVM-Dogz

    Teammates color.

    What about pink - think about it ROFL.
  10. DVM-Dogz

    my 2cents

    Totally agree with you Mr W.King
  11. DVM-Dogz

    A Laugh Pt2

    So there I was just before the game started when I saw a player fall over to the ground. I was quite concerned. Did he die of a heart attack or had a fit before the game started????
  12. DVM-Dogz


    Thanks for the info guys Yep I'm running on a SSD 3 drive and my monitor is set to high frame rate. Also direct wired connection for internet. Will look into Nvidia setting. As for MOH Breakthrough/Spearhead. Those corner clipping bastards used to do my head in!!!!!!!!
  13. DVM-Dogz


    Sorry to be an old geezer but back in the olde days of MOH Breakthrough/Spearhead you could see where your enemy was. Thus, going forward to attack! All I can see on my comp screen is the players - team that I'm playing with. Also with a 300mbs connection/2GB Nvidia/16 GB Ram/Intel I7 comp I wouldn't have thought I'd be experiencing soooooooooo much laggggggggggggg. I have to wait for atleast 10 minutes before the game starts.
  14. DVM-Dogz

    A Laugh

    I was on the server last night and joined a server with only one player. Well, we were running around exploring the map when I said to the player - who was over the otherside of the map 'Hey, there's a rat over here'! To which he replied. 'Leave it alone'. Now that had me laughing. It's not all about killing and winning sometimes
  15. DVM-Dogz

    Congrats :)

    Well done Bulkhead - apart from teething problems - I think you've got a massive 'hit' on your hands!!!!! Woohooooooooooooo