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  1. Just a heads up...

    Welcome back Mr Tuna
  2. DVM Clan Recruiting

    Thanks folks We are really looking forward to the release of Battalion as I'm sure all of us on here are PS. I'm sure Big Tuna can vouch for me being a bit of 'a loony'. I don't blame him for not replying to my last email to him!!!!!!
  3. DVM Clan Recruiting

    Admin, I read somewhere on this forum that you are allowed to recruit. If not, I'm sure you'll remove this post or put it in the right section DVM clan has been going for over 5 years but we have been playing MOH since the days of Alied Assault. Ran our own servers as well as being involved with F.T.S clan 5 years previous. We consider ourselves a friendly clan who like to have a laugh whether it be on our forum or within the game itself. Please be aware that we are an ADULT clan. This applies to our forum too! Based in the UK - we are open to any person that can reach us around the world. If you'd like to become a member of this crazy/unhinged clan (well, some of us) then please register at http://www.dvm.org.uk Once you have registered please use the Contact Us tab and tell us your name that you have registered with. The reason why we ask this is because we get at least a 100 bots a day trying to register. We look forward to hearing from you. Of course our main aim is build our clan members ready for the release of Battalion
  4. Mild Language?

    Loooooooooollllllllllllllllll Nice one gonzomark43. Maybe the retort could be................'Infamy, infamy...........they've got it infamy!'