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    OTT Jumping

  2. Bulldog1

    OTT Jumping

    Maybe I just chose a server to play in that had a lot of Aussie players in.?. Will try a few others sometime ?
  3. Bulldog1

    OTT Jumping

    Hopefully if Mod tools are released then yes that may well be the ideal option for our squad. Nothing wrong with having fast reactions through being a younger player or through practice, I’m just saying that from an older player and a newbie to this game the continuous jumping when not even shooting at anyone was like watching a bunch of kangaroos playing and was irritating. (To me personally) It just put me off wanting to play the game. You cannot please everyone at the end of the day.
  4. Bulldog1

    OTT Jumping

    My gaming squad are mainly older players and were hoping that this game might be the one to replace our currant game that we play. I started playing B44 the other day and liked it very much but then came the bunny hopping and to be honest it was so annoying I left the server. I’m not recommending this game to my members as it is obviously for the younger players with quicker reactions, which is a great shame for us old buggers!!