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    Beta feedback

    First off excellent game guys, it definitely recaptures that old skwl vibe. Things i picked up on : Aiming down the sniper rifle scope, toggling sprint doesn't cancel the action. Implement nade cooking, as we have nade markers getting a kill with them is quite a challenge. The shoot delay when switching weapons, as a sniper you want to be able to switch to your side arm and shoot asap! The option to make the chat box permanent for the more sociable players. Colour in names/clan tags (sorry but its my only wish ^^) That's it from me guys, thanks for giving me beta access. Happy gaming!
  3. Yep once consoles took the mantle the standards we were used too went down hill. I agree lean is another basic element that has been taken away from recent fps games to appease the younger crowd who have just broken away from there xbox/playstation
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    hopefully not just 5v5

    like the lord of the rings maps on cod:uo!
  5. vanr6

    Player Cap?

    Console ports started these small player cap servers, I remember playing the console version of cod4 for the first time at a friends house and thinking Jesus christ how can you find any enjoyment from playing an ONLINE GAME! thats right.. an ONLINE GAME!.. on a 6v6 server. It was horrific lol they truly were 10 steps behind PC games so then PC had to downgrade itself to make the playing field equal across all platforms (goodbye 32/62 man servers). It blew his mind when he played the pc version
  6. Golden Eye Smash Bros Mario Kart Vigilante 8 F-zero GX Gauntlet Dark Legacy Timesplitters 2 Star wars episode 1 racer Zelda OOT CoD1 CoD:UO CoD2 World Of Warcraft These games stand out as the most addictive (at the time)
  7. BF1 brings back the call of duty: united offensive vibe with its maps and vehicles. Its the only half decent world war shooter since cod2. Didn't think i would ever enjoy a battlefield game but it really is s*** hot!. I guess BF2 was kinda fun too.......
  8. Its also how clans made themselves stand out on the server browser, Its simple but effective. Take BF1 for example, you load up the server browser its really bland and boring once your on the server (press tab) you might as well be on a dice official server there is no indication you are on a clan server. Servers that stand out has its regulars which creates a community which doesn't exist in today's fps games. Those days are dead.