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  1. Turn the Auto team balance off, Sorted
  2. [Splat] clan are looking for new members to join our long lasting community. [Splat] was founded in 2001 and currently have around 50 players (some inactive), we started off as MoHaa spearhead clan moving onto Call of Duty, Red Orchestra, PUBG and Battlefield and many more games which our members play. We have players all around the world such as, USA, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Croatia just to name a few, we are a fun, friendly community just looking for other friendly and mature players to play with. There is fair bit of people within our community that is getting excited for Battalion and can't wait for it's release on Feb 1st. so if you're looking for a friendly, mature bunch of old farts to play with then [Splat] is the community for you, we are no pro gamers just a friendly team having some fun. As mentioned before we play many other games in our community, so we really are your all round gaming community so I'm sure you will find someone else playing a game you're interested in. We do plan to also get Scrims so if you're interested in that after joining us, Just let us know. Requirements to join; You must have a working mic and use Discord. You must understand and speak English. You must be at least 18 years old and Mature (If you're younger but mature we can discuss it) You must follow the our community rules and the rules of the game publisher (No cheating!) How can I play with you guys? Unlike many other clans, we like to make sure we are recruiting mature,friendly players and do not just accept every member who applies to fill up the space. Head over to our forum www.splatclan.co.uk fill out an application and introduce yourself, we will then invite you onto Discord and see how you get on with other members. Our website is still under construction at the moment, we was using a pre made clan website but decided to custom build our own. We look forward to finding some mature, friendly players to play with Fun Fun Fun Fancy playing with us on Feb 1st? We will have a 24 Player Wartide on the go!