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  1. Turn the Auto team balance off, Sorted
  2. Bump - ps Screw that person that down voted my posts for no bloody reason..
  3. Sanchez

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Early access is beta
  4. Sanchez

    Server Not Running [Linux Server]

    What error? when you load the server this is all that is meant to load ( You need to open ports and add the external IP to the Run.sh also Check you for how to setup the server -
  5. Sanchez

    Naming system

    change your steam name
  6. If you have a server with multiplay, you can't at the moment. if its with any other game hoster or hosting your self its in Battalion > loadouts
  7. Sanchez


    Not the best game to reference for seeing people lol, Back in this game you had to shoot every corner because there could be someone clipping
  8. Sanchez

    Record game

    There is no demo function yet in this game, Look at the Roadmap for future content. so for now will have to use a third party recorder if you want to record game plays ( Nvidia Shadowplay )
  9. Wrong Section. This will be fixed in the next update on 05/02
  10. Sanchez

    Teammate got shot through wall (video)

    Ye thats legit, He is prone up against a wall so feet have gone through it
  11. Sanchez

    Anticheat guys

    why do people think battle eye is the best anti cheat?? have you not seen the games that are run with them?? hackers everywhere
  12. Sanchez

    Have I become insane?

    ITS NOT JUST ME! LOL so many times today i said on discord what did you say and they're confused " didnt say anything "
  13. Sanchez

    The Turing Test MP40

    Just need to play the game for a bit (5mins) I left the starting bit and landed on europea. Gonna play it more tho seems interesting
  14. Sanchez

    I haven't gotten my EA key?

    Just send proof to @[CM] BigTuna don't think you was able to pre-order it a year ago mind