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  1. Hi Everyone, I imagine this is the same story repeated already but, this is the first game I've backed via a kick-starter, I'm really impressed with the way the devs and designers came across in the teaser trailer and I've been waiting for a game like this for years, hopefully they deliver on their promises! Now here's my 2 cents worth, or should I say 2 pence worth (from UK ) I've played cod since cod 1, a crazy long time ago now. My favourite is still COD2. I dread to think how many hours I sank into that game and still do but its hard to find decent servers these days! the last good cod game for me was COD4, it took off massively on the consoles, DLC came into play and the PC versions where never the same again. The competitive scene was a no go for many due to no dedi servers and lack of mod tools. Now I didn't just play public games. I was in a clan like many and made lots of friends and played a lot of fun wars or scrims as we called them. I remember the days of jumping on IRC or spamming people on xfire if they fancied a 5v5 CTF war. Our clan was called Cobblers, i'll be amazed if any of our old friends recognize me/us We were also active in competitive ladders, clanbase being the big one, can people remember the big CTF clans, H2k, BRBR, team.DFS to name but a few! those dam dutchies are good gamers! I'm hoping the competitive scene for this game takes off like the games before it have. I didn't play moh competitively but that scene was active for years on clanbase Now for the game itself, I only have one concern and that is Spawns. Spawns are very important when playing gametypes such as TDM and CTF. People are going to hate me for saying this but in competitive gaming you need to be able to control the spawns, to a certain degree it is spawn raping. The top CTF clans in COD2 would be able to force the opposing team into a certain spawn and contain them there while they ran the flag back and forth. If you cant get out of your spawn then the other team is doing an amazing job at controlling the game. When 5 players clicked and had the other team pinned in it was a great feeling. Toujane was great for this, as was Dawnville and Burgundy ahhh classic classic maps People saying give spawn protection dont understand the basics of how to win at TDM or CTF. Lean - why are people moaning about this lean, imo it needs to be in? the game is to be based on shooters that all have this feature in, I fear that the most vocal people are maybe the younger crowd who didn't play these older games at their peak. crouch/prone - again needs to be in. People worried about campers. Camping in a game like this with no perks and abilities and smaller compact maps will not be an issue. edit. I forgot to mention another thing that people dont seem to like, "bunny hopping". I must admit I'm one of these guys. I will do anything to avoid you killing me, jump crouch prone jump again. I dont see why you should expect somebody to stand still so you can shoot at them?