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  1. Some have said they don't want it in and why. Some have said they do want it in and why. Some have said they are indifferent if they are in and why. Developers have stated they are looking into adding skins into the game and why, although the look and aesthetics of the skins is yet to be determined and shown. They have also stated they would also be looking into a setting to disabled these (not sure if it was client/server sided though). Until we get 100% confirmation with examples straight from the developers of what we can expect the skins to look like I really don't get what keeps this thread going.
  2. If they do, due to licensing issues it will unfortunately most likely not be close to Call Of Duty 2. I'll also add this again:
  3. At least now I know what you mean by "flawed" and "clunky". When you put it that way you make a hell of a lot more sense. You could still have different throw lengths even with a "hotkey". In CS:GO you'd use primary/secondary attack, or both, right? As in mouse1/mouse2 or both? It's basically the same as using, as an example, G+mouse1 or G+mouse2. So I don't see this particular feature being obsolete because of the hotkey mechanic, although perhaps not optimal. I don't see a reason why we can't have a hotkey AND it being an item at the same time. If you use the hotkey you get one single throw, just like you say. If you equip it, you get more options such as different throw lengths. One options is not necessarily better than the other, both are very situational. However having the option to choose which and when is definitely a good idea. While I understand your logic behind accidentally letting a grenade go off, I don't think it's because of the mechanic itself even though it's definately more likely to happen. You could just as well let a grenade or smoke go off early or wrong if you equip it and let M1 go. But yes, a hotkey is more prone to that issue.
  4. But why do you consider it a flawed mechanic? And before you go on to another rant, I'd prefer it the same way as you, to have it an actual equippable inventory item. I've played a plethora of games that have had many versions. Three examples: As an inventory item (i.e. CS) "Hotkey" (i.e. COD2 and onward) Mixture of both (i.e. Dirty Bomb). In all of these games I've yet to consider any of them a flawed mechanic since they all worked because of the overall gameplay. Why did it work in CS? Because it usually relies on actual setups in which you want to change, stand still, and wait for a go. That is cumbersome with hotkeys, I agree with you. Why did it work in COD2 and latter games in the series? It didn't rely on setups as much, 75% of all grenades and smokes we're thrown on the go as stop grenades or direct grenades in order to flush opponents out. Yes, there were "tactical" or "set" grenades, whatever you want to call it, but they were often very specific for very specific rounds. That overall, made the "hotkey" solution work. Why did Dirty Bomb have both? Combine all the reasons above with the fact that the developers took inspiration from alot of their earlier games, i.e. ET, ET:QW, where that inventory was prevalent. But they also wanted to cater to the "cod side" as well (if you want to call it that), hence they also had a hotkey solution. So, this particular game had both version to cater to both sides and it works just fine. You're thinking in absolutes way to often. Again, I would personally prefer to have it being an actual equippable item but from my past experiences I've yet to come across a game where any of the different versions doesn't work well within the game. I have not seen anything in the footage so far that would indicate any of the options being a clear disadvantage (or flawed if you will).
  5. @rit I think you need to be a little more patient buddy. We're not even in the official closed alpha stage and they have stated the graphics on the maps is not a high priority, not yet. Getting all the maps and textures done right is obviosly important but at the current stage of the game it's simply not a high priority for the developers.
  6. For a mechanic to be flawed I would expect at the very least two things: 1. The vast majority of users complaining and/or modifying the behaviour 2. A clear, distinct disadvantage when using it None of which have been the case in the games I've played that have had it. Can it be cumbersome at times? Yes, definately. But as long as there is a way to cancel the action it won't be such a big deal except for a brief adjustment period. There will always be those who prefer to have, in this case, grenades as an actual item to equip before using it. But saying it's flawed because of that is pretty extreme.
  7. They've already stated that they will implement a setting to turn it off. /endthread
  8. Yay, it's this again.
  9. Set level/time requirements for certain functions and an ingame report function and possbibly something similar to overwatch in CS:GO. I think it's almost impossible to completely deal with it. The way forward is having easy ways for the users to report and "detain" them.
  10. A couple of them: WRYYYY WRYYYY 2 The inWHOman We are Call Of Duty 2 Legendary (Unfinished due to "computer issues and motivation", but still worthy to watch imo) I've seen the Dignitas movie floating around on Youtube but it's sadly cut up into multiple parts and some of the audio has been muted.
  11. Simply put: No. The closed alpha is not early access I'm afraid.
  12. You can move and lean in the COD series as well, although you are slowed down significantly.
  13. Please keep the discussions civil and above board. Since this game is heavily inspired by COD2/4 chances are this person will try to arrange a new "LAN" or possibly even online tourmanents. Personal note: I have not been affected by this personally but I am very close friends with a team who intended to attend at this LAN and as such made their deposit which they obviously lost.
  14. Depends on the tweaks themselfes. Take the options for people with different types and degrees of color blindness in Overwatch as an example. None of the presets give a definitive advantage even though they look pretty different.