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  1. If removing the up- and downvotes will get rid of all the drama I'm all for it. Is it really that important to people? I get it, if one gets downvoted it will always help and "feel better" when an explanation is added but as @ChubbyNinja said, some might do it simply because they disagree. The same goes for upvotes, while not "as critical", an additional comment as to why the upvoted a certain post might just be because they agree. Will there be people trolling and downvoting certain people just for the hell of it? Of course. This is the internet, that's nothing new.
  2. Works the same way as on a laptop with a Fn key in junction with 1-0. So F1 = Fn+1. I don't use the function keys in any game besides for things like votes which are very rare these days so it's no biggie.
  3. Space is scarce and I don't really use the numpad. I have come to miss the arrow keys though.
  4. Sounds like Dawnville, Neuville or Tigertown?
  5. Ducky Mini something something. Not my image but:
  6. In my opinion it would be more benificial to being able to decide how one "queues". Such as checkboxes if you want to i.e play with/against: • other solo players • at least a 2/3/4 premade group • whatever first match it finds in your skill group/elo/rank/whatever • etc Same goes for when you and your friends queue up as an actual team. Most of the time you will not learn much if you go up against five solo queuers. A checkbox to indicate you wish to be placed another group of 5 would be much better. Obviously the matchmaking would try it best to make this happen anyway, but any of us who have used a matchmaking system in any game will most likely have experience being put against a full team or soloqueuers when you, yourself are as a team or solo player. Choosing to queue as a specific, in lack of a better word, class makes more sense if there are actual classes. Does that make sense? Such as League Of Legends. For example, I think Overwatch would benefit from that particular system. From what I've heard regarding the card/reward/asset system Bulkhead and Batallion is shooting for I believe it's extremely important to be flexible. You might prefer to play as a sniper or perhaps a shotgunner, but if you're not flexible enough to hang that role up on the wall for a few rounds that entire idea kind of falls flat. Another risk will be that people will use it as an excuse to be pricks about it. "Could we please try to do X" could easily be shot back with "No, I queued as role Y so no!".
  7. I believe the intention is for the entire game, no matter if it's casual or competitive, to use the "card system" you're referring to.
  8. Would be swell to have the "source style" information in some sort of training mode as well. Not only to know how much damage is being lost through certain materials but also to get a better idea of angles. Example image as reference:
  9. We're yet to be informed as to what the developers have discussed with ESL. While I partially agree with ESL being "just" a ladder system with a pretty horrible UX/UI one can't deny the fact that they are pretty boss when it comes to events. Everything from organizination, to stream setup, casters and all that jazz so I would imagine that would be the primary discussion between Bulkhead and ESL. But it wouldn't surprise me if the ingame system somehow also is tied to ESL. Think of it, you and/or your team are in the top tier or qualified for a certain event, online or offline, it'd be much easier for you to contact ESL, or ESL to contact you, for anything. FaceIt is definately solid, but where FaceIt fails (in my oppinion) ESL shines, namely when it comes to setting up, organizing and running events and tournaments. Oh, and btw, if you ever used Clanbase you know that it's UX/UI wasn't any better than ESLs I get a headache just thinking of the process of adding a game GUID or changing active clan/team on my profile.
  10. Why does it suck?
  11. Classic case of personal preference. As long as there's an option for raw input, everyone will be happy! Personally, acceleration off, raw input all the way.
  12. They did indeed exist, however not as big of a difference as you would expect in more recent games. In COD1 you roughly had three different speeds, pistols, smg/rifles, heavy. Might have been more than that but the difference between them was in that case very small and barely noticable. In COD2 you ha more or less the same "setup" although the differences between each speed and equipped gun was more noticeable but still, not as prominent as it would be in more recent games. COD4 definately had it but since it also had sprint it was not something you really payed attention to, at least I didn't. There was other games as well, i.e. DOD and CS (although not classes per say, but still). I believe NS might have had something like it as well but I barely played that.
  13. Rit, if you take a closer look to what @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON said, the Carentan you are referring to is/was only a prototype level and is not being worked on and will most likely not be in the game at all.
  14. I have no idea how this actually worked but back when I was active in COD2 I always used 1680:1050 (16:10) and set the "Aspect ratio" setting to 4:3. I believe COD4 has this as well, not sure, long time since I played it. Bit of a stretch but would that be something you boys are looking into?
  15. Some have said they don't want it in and why. Some have said they do want it in and why. Some have said they are indifferent if they are in and why. Developers have stated they are looking into adding skins into the game and why, although the look and aesthetics of the skins is yet to be determined and shown. They have also stated they would also be looking into a setting to disabled these (not sure if it was client/server sided though). Until we get 100% confirmation with examples straight from the developers of what we can expect the skins to look like I really don't get what keeps this thread going.