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  1. chippy

    Hey devs!? Console commands?

    A lil' thing regarding console stuff I've been tinkering on. Will hopefully add examples and stuff later on. http://rdyup.org/b44cmd/ Anyone is free to file an issue or make a pull request with stuff they want to see added over at: https://github.com/rawksteady/b44cmd
  2. I have a hard time believing that there will be "gamertags" above enemy players. For allies, sure but enemies, nah, I highly doubt that. That will most likely only be shown when actually get killed by an enemy player. I'm only speculating though.
  3. chippy

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    On stock maps it's usually OK with 12 or maybe 14 players. More than that it's a real mess.
  4. Lawbreakers tried to do too much at once. Their marketing scheme was "Trust us, it's going to be good" and "We got Cliffy B, no worries". Other than that they released a few cinematic trailers, which honestly looked really boss but was just that, cinematic. All in all they did too little marketing while the game itself tried to do too much at once. I find it very hard to believe that Battalion 1944 will suffer from the same fate at least from a marketing stand point. So far they've done very well. They've stated what people that have played the alpha thinks, what they personally want, were they're at, what core problem they're trying to fix. As soon as they can start to release more gameplay, both screenshots and videos, things will escalate from there. Until that happens we can only speculate. TL;DR: I'm not worried. The worry lies in if there's still a market for a game like this, which I truly hope there is.
  5. chippy

    Simple map Poll

    Can't answer due to NDA.
  6. chippy

    Competitive HUD/UI

    I don't think he is suggestion removing the old classic spectator view, simply addition of an overview such as the one in COD:WWII or even NS2. Other than that: • The live player specific statistics from QL • Pretty much everything from CS:GO with a prettier and less clunky appearance • Alternate overview perspecive such as NS2 (or the example from COD:WWII) • Production additions (player faces/reactions, timers, etc.) such as those by PGL If it's possible to find a sweet spot in between any of these you're in a damn good place.
  7. chippy


    Stationary, prop-like vehicles. You will not be able to drive around in a tank, jeep or similar. The vehicles will be props around the maps or perhaps objectives on some, i.e. a bombsite.
  8. chippy

    How Many Keys

    So you have bought into the game through Kickstarter or Humble Bundle, but have not yet recieved any keys or information on how to participate in the alpha tests? If that is the case you have a few options: Make sure that you backed a tier that granted you access to the alpha. There have been those who thought they made into the alpha only to discovered they only backed a tier that allowed them access to the beta or EA. So, be sure to check that. If you've backed a tier with alpha access, check the email you used on either site. If you backed it through Kickstarter, check the email you are using there. Same goes for Humble Bundle. If you still have not been able to find it, message @[CM] BigTuna or @[CM] phantasy with the details of your order and the will surely help you out.
  9. chippy

    Colored names in the scoreboard

    As longs as there's a clientside option to disable them.
  10. chippy


    Wood, sheet metal and overall thinner materials sure. 30cm+ concrete wall, no thank you.
  11. chippy

    Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    Should definately try to push this one as much as possible. One of the better videos that clearly defines what Battalion 1944 is all about and what the developers want it to be. Short, sweet and to the point.
  12. chippy

    Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    Sprint is in the game, discussed in various topics and featured in almost every footage we've seen so far.
  13. chippy

    Hitbox damage areas

    As long as they're accurate and register well with the actual player model I don't really have a preference.
  14. chippy

    Let's discuss about maps

    Maps from older COD games will most likely not be included in the game due to copyright/licensing issues. That doesn't prevent modders and mappers from creating custom maps based on those though.
  15. chippy

    Rifle Balance

    Kar98k: Nipples and up = 1 hit Nipples down = 2 hit Some sort of nerf, i.e. spread, for longer distances to prevent a hip firing nightmare M1 Garand: Head = 1 hit Shoulders down to pelvis = 2 hit Pelvis and down = 3 hit Could do with less hectic recoil animation This is solely based of the TDM mode and the only map we've played so far. Other weapons, maps and modes will most definitely skew these opinions as they are implemented.