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  1. Colored names in the scoreboard

    As longs as there's a clientside option to disable them.
  2. Wallbang's

    Wood, sheet metal and overall thinner materials sure. 30cm+ concrete wall, no thank you.
  3. Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    Should definately try to push this one as much as possible. One of the better videos that clearly defines what Battalion 1944 is all about and what the developers want it to be. Short, sweet and to the point.
  4. Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    Sprint is in the game, discussed in various topics and featured in almost every footage we've seen so far.
  5. Hitbox damage areas

    As long as they're accurate and register well with the actual player model I don't really have a preference.
  6. Let's discuss about maps

    Maps from older COD games will most likely not be included in the game due to copyright/licensing issues. That doesn't prevent modders and mappers from creating custom maps based on those though.
  7. Rifle Balance

    Kar98k: Nipples and up = 1 hit Nipples down = 2 hit Some sort of nerf, i.e. spread, for longer distances to prevent a hip firing nightmare M1 Garand: Head = 1 hit Shoulders down to pelvis = 2 hit Pelvis and down = 3 hit Could do with less hectic recoil animation This is solely based of the TDM mode and the only map we've played so far. Other weapons, maps and modes will most definitely skew these opinions as they are implemented.
  8. Battle Cry

    Hmm.. Tough call. Would that battle cry be bound to the player? If in the start of a round a team decides to rush A and that battlecry stays with the players it's a dead giveaway for the defending team. If it's not bound to the player but rather an ambient noise bound to the spawn area then it could work. My guess is that it would get tiresome quite fast. The rounds are, most likely, shorter which would result in that battlecry being played out much, much more frequently than in BF1. In that case I'd much more prefer a version closer to that of Day Of Infamy, where only the commander says a quick "let's go boys". However having binds for it I wouldn't mind at all!
  9. I'm pretty confident they will have actual interiors. But instead of littering each room with a sofa, a desk, a table, a few chairs, a dresser, low hanging lamps, we might see only a sofa and a table. Enough for using as cover and having an advantage, but also enough room for making a fast, although, risky entry. As it should be. I'm guessign it's the same for the rest of the map design. Of course there will be completely open streets at times, but obviously some will have a few sandbags, perhaps a pile of rubble or a dead horse. Who knows. Key thing is that the obstacles/covers that are present, shouldn't hinder movement in a way that makes the game feel clunky.
  10. Forum Reputation System

    If removing the up- and downvotes will get rid of all the drama I'm all for it. Is it really that important to people? I get it, if one gets downvoted it will always help and "feel better" when an explanation is added but as @ChubbyNinja said, some might do it simply because they disagree. The same goes for upvotes, while not "as critical", an additional comment as to why the upvoted a certain post might just be because they agree. Will there be people trolling and downvoting certain people just for the hell of it? Of course. This is the internet, that's nothing new.
  11. What keyboard do you have?

    Works the same way as on a laptop with a Fn key in junction with 1-0. So F1 = Fn+1. I don't use the function keys in any game besides for things like votes which are very rare these days so it's no biggie.
  12. What keyboard do you have?

    Space is scarce and I don't really use the numpad. I have come to miss the arrow keys though.
  13. Attack and defend gamemode

    Sounds like Dawnville, Neuville or Tigertown?