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  1. chippy

    Hey devs!? Console commands?

    A lil' thing regarding console stuff I've been tinkering on. Will hopefully add examples and stuff later on. http://rdyup.org/b44cmd/ Anyone is free to file an issue or make a pull request with stuff they want to see added over at: https://github.com/rawksteady/b44cmd
  2. Please keep the discussions civil and above board. Since this game is heavily inspired by COD2/4 chances are this person will try to arrange a new "LAN" or possibly even online tourmanents. http://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/609173/Scammer-Sam-Brown-aka-Sam-Lockton/ Personal note: I have not been affected by this personally but I am very close friends with a team who intended to attend at this LAN and as such made their deposit which they obviously lost.