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  1. suggestion about graphic + few questions

    Visuals are the least important thing, don’t forget that the game is still in alpha and visuals prolly will improve, however I’m fine if the graphics stay the way they are now, as it’s not an AAA. I believe so, everything can be modded so in public servers the options are endless. As for now I believe the devs will keep the guns as they are now. Maybe they will add new guns when the game further develops after Early Acces.
  2. Tek 9 Cinema Frag movies / Plays

    The game will feature a theatermode ingame. This way moviemakers will have all the freedom when making a fragmovie
  3. "Proved" Players & Clans

    Everything can be faked, you've got burner phones and can find fake numbers where a text message is send to on the internet, plus numerous of other options. ESL has a similair system with the IDcard, but its a paid system.
  4. Freezetag should be a mode

    Doesnt really look like something I would play. Would rather make it a mod then an official gamemode.
  5. Lets talk about skins

    Most people dislike the microtrans for lootboxes etc, and those transactions our now being investigated by an gambling committee. The game needs to have some win-percentage or income, but I would suggest that you can ''grind'' for the skin or easy buy it. Don't make exclusive skins that only money can buy... And when buying lootboxes make sure having a warning installed for younger kids etc. to not and try to rip them off.
  6. Whilst scrolling down on Facebook you always get those sponsored advertisement. Normally I just ignore them, but every now and then they've got something interesting. They had an advertisement about the Wooting one "analog" mechanical keyboards. Was wondering if anyone had the keyboard already who funded their project and how it performs. https://wooting.nl/en/
  7. Price Strategy

    Price at $10.99, think they could make it a bit more expensive, what does everybody think about it?
  8. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Depending on the map, rush tactic etc but as how @jackis explained it, that would be agreeable for me.
  9. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I´m just a bit worried about that whole economic in bat1944. If its the same as CS with ´´eco rounds´´ I wouldn´t like it, but would still be playable. But 5 shotguns, really? Hope he's taking the piss.
  10. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Could still be a beta with no downtime, now its certain that they will release the game in that time period
  11. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    He just confirmed that Bat1944 will be coming as a release in Q1 2018
  12. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    So its now confirmed, PC release early next year. So prolly January 2018/Q 2018
  13. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Would love to see this in bat44 as a game mode. But think it will be a classic s&d mode. Never played ET, but always loved to watch that game mode on competitive streams😍
  14. CoD2 Fragmovies

    This was when it all started, 18 mins long and my first try back then recording and Sony Vegas
  15. How did you found your nickname?

    Started of with Mr. X, the end boss in Lego stunt rally. After that I changed it to Xtreem, just felt good and Still does 😇 Been gaming with that name for 10 years now
  16. Battle Cry

    I'm just playing OW cause don't got anything else to play :'( A way to taunt people would be awesome, especially when you want to backstab him
  17. Gamescom 2017

    OMG they were able to test the BAR and springfield
  18. Battle Cry

    It should be like a voice line in overwatch, would be fun to say something like I'm gonna kill that jerry!
  19. Vehicles

    No problem and GL & HF in any game you gonna play mate
  20. Vehicles

    The competitive/esports side of the game will be 5v5 yes. But there will be options for you to host your own server with more people on it, heck you might even be able to play on a 64 player server and play 32v32, only the maps won't be created for those kind of players, thats up to the community to make new maps every esports/competitive game had its own team sizes halo: 4v4 cod: 5v5 (console 4v4) cs: 5v5 overwatch: 6v6 tf2: 6v6 and 9v9 bf: 8v8 and 12v12 but everything will be optimized for a 5v5 esports game, the community is able to form the rest the way they want to hope this info helped you some bit @insaneroy
  21. Vehicles

    There will be no vehicle in bat1944 as the devs want a classic 5v5 raw skill infantry ww2 fps game. You are able to mod the game, so maybe you can realize it then.
  22. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Nades should be applied for 3 reasons namely; - To make a player move from a certain position; - To stop players from pushing a certain point; - To stop players from rushing.
  23. For consoles: aim assist

    I would say make aim assist but with the option to turn it off. Make it so the aim assist helps the player by ?% and for those who want to play without it will have the option to do so
  24. Are console versions neglected?

    The only reason they sell more is because kids can't afford to buy a PC and most adults choose to just be more laid back and game on their couch + if they have kids they can all use the same console. Mostly CoD used that to expend that console community and neglected the PC versions.
  25. Lee-Enfield and more...

    Love the way it looks