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  1. After seeing the Gallantry LAN I wanted to play the game again and see what the MU2 is all about. A little history about me is below. I've been playing CoD2 competitive since 2005 and later switched over for CoD4. Between the death of CoD4 and Battalion 1944 I've played Overwatch and PUBG. I'm generally a nice guy who get's along with others. Real name: Paul Polling Game nick: Xtreem Age: 27 | Role: Scope, but can adjust with other weapons to fit the team their need! City: Breda, the Netherlands Spoken Languages: Dutch, English and German (Can understand 75% of it, speak around 1%) Activity: I work in a rotating work schedule with early, day, late and night shifts. LAN’s: Dreamhack Winter 2008, The Lag v1 and v4, Regroup 16, NRG LAN v1 and v2, The Party 5, 7, 9 and 10, LAN-macht, TLS Prague, Campzone 2008, FoM 10.1, 14.0 and 15.0, The Reality 7, CIC 7, AEF 2010, BGLAN v3 and v4, SAGE, ESM, Antec Arena 2012 and GAMEBOX LAN. Teams CoD2: Potencial (poEEE, sPi, FEVER, deadeye, Xtreem) diamondZ eV (stuwow, mEp, prekii, Qic, Xtreem) mouseFX (bluez, phanz, glowixz, bazu, Xtreem) Target eSports (rix, fastx, head, hirannor, Xtreem) proteq eSports (rix, dommel, bluez, pRinS, Xtreem) Teams CoD4: MCON eSports (blitzz, wAde, IVO-, Qic, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, ploxxio, ROBZZ, Rk0, Xtreem) Versus.Pro (xndR, neyki, kix, pride, Xtreem) Regez (xndR, switcher, bluez, Xtreem) ART Gaming (smy, drayen, snatje, stoonez, Xtreem) Results CoD2: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #1 The LAG v1 #1 The LAG v4 #2 Xleague.tv Steelseries tournament (online) Results CoD4: #1 Benelux Gaming LAN v3 #2 LAN macht #2 Antec Arena LAN 2012 #2 Frag-o-Matic 15.1 #2 Campzone 2008 #3 GAMEBOX LAN #3 eNeRGyLAN #7-8 The Party 7 #7-8 Frag-o-Matic 10.1 #7-8 The Reality VII Some Old Screenshots Video’s https://youtu.be/zwzhlvXOQxE https://youtu.be/f18EYBZWWIw Contact Steam: ppollingx Twitter: https://twitter.com/XtreemNL Discord: Xtreem#6612
  2. Xtreem

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Have never really disagreed with you mate, won't start doing that now! Some really good points being made here and deserves to be seen. Couldn't bring myself up making a feedback post, but thanks @sh0tyz couldn't have done this one any better!
  3. Xtreem

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    I think it be a good point to make a little update somewhere yourself BigTuna where you take some of the best questions, topics and/or feedback from the forums/reddit etc and react to them, sort of a weekly Q&A from you. This way the community also gets bits of information about the development and idea's for those who can't be asked for reading every forum topic, so you highlight the best for them and anwser them.
  4. Xtreem

    The LAN announced - questions

    I feel similair about how this LAN has been announced and feel like it's lacking to much in forms of the LAN itself and with the late announcement nobody could get early bird tickets. The prices below are calculated with the ''best'' transaction fee on the internet, so you'll always get less Pounds for your Euro's. Almost no European teams will compete (unless they really want to go and spend a lot of money) Currently no form of recording matches or offline LAN mode (I hope you will work really hard on that one, as if you fail on that during LAN pfff..) five figures prize pool (just barely) First of all are the tickets to enter the LAN: 1 BYOC standerd ticket is £99 x 5 players = £495 and you have entrance from 9am Friday until 4pm Monday. If you rent a V8 (i3 and GTX 1060) or V10 (i5 and GTX 1070) essentials between £104 or £130 you'll get a PC with monitor (144 hz) times 5 players = £520 or £650. Then we're talking about location, the UK is prolly the worst location for a European LAN: 1 planeticket from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Birmingham is £88 x 5 players = £440 (only hand luggage). 1 ferryticket with Stenaline from Rotterdam to Harwich is £95 x 5 players = £475 (with bagage, but long travel time and no transport from Harwich to Birmingham). 1 trainticket with Eurostar from Rotterdam to Londen is £220 x 5 players = £1100 (still no transport from Londen to Birmingham). Haven't calculated going by car, but for 5 people with PC's etc. you need two cars atleast or rent a van. Now lets just say you want 5 standerd BYOC tickets and go by plane, but need to rent a computer (which would be in my case and don't think this game works well on an i3) I would have a minimum of £291 and for my whole team it would be £1455. Then you still have food and drinks, lets say between £100 and £200 that would make a total of around £400-£500 per person or £2000/£2500 per team. First place wins £5000 (total winnings between £2500 and £3000); Second place wins £2500 (total winnings between £0 - £500); Third and fourth place loses money, unless prolly it's a local team or the team has LAN support. I've got to admit, a £10.000 prize total isn't bad at all for a BYOC LAN and especially your first LAN, but it's bad for a competitive one and without TUP, can't see this go far as an international LAN. In 2013 there was a CoD2 TUP lan named The Last Stand in Prague with £8000 prizemoney and £1300 worth of hardware prizes. TUP LAN so you only needed to bring your mouse, keyboard etc. Needed a hotel (£20 pounds a person per night) £220 pound entry fee (5 players) Everybody could get there by car and only some had to go by plane (only needed gaming gear and cloths) I hope your second LAN will be more central and for the love of god, please do a TUP LAN. I know it's called the UK Masters, but this shouldn't be the game it's ''first official LAN''. They should just do a compo there to try and sort things out for their ''first official LAN''