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    Played CoD2 and CoD4 competitively since a really long time but when I joined the army it was hard to find a team to play with due to my ''inactivity''. Been to a lot of LAN's, mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Lag v1, The Lag v4, Regroup 16, eNeRGy LAN v1, The Party 7, LAN-macht v1, The Party 5, Campzone 2008, Frag -O- Matic 10.1, The Reality VII, eNeRGyLAN v2, Dreamhack Winter 2009, Crossfire Intel Challenge 7, Antwerp Esports Festival 2010, Benelux Gaming LAN 3, The Party 9, Benelux Gaming LAN v4, SAGE, E-Series Maximus Frag-o-Matic 14.0, The Party 10, Antec Arena Summer 2012, GAMEBOXLAN, Frag'o'matic 15.0, The Last Stand LAN and Frag'o'matic 15.1. But the thing I still remember was my game with POTENCiAL against Team-Dignitas in cod2 which was streamed on the Sky Channel during the Xleague CoD2 Steelseries Finale. Hoping this game will bring me back to competitive gaming, liking the game so far. Best team I've played with cod2: mouseFX (bazu, bluez, glowixz, phanz, Xtreem) and POTENCiAL (sPi, poEEE, fever, deadey, Xtreem) cod4: Regez (switcher, bluez, xndR, murky, Xtreem) and ART (drayen, stoonez, smy, snatje, Xtreem) Tried some cod:bo2 back in the day with AT Gaming (rikk3rt, neyki, dynz and H1dzR) and LowLandLions (pazazu, senzaj, vato and ptEr) but bo2 was just a crappy game Currently platinum in Overwatch, but not really my sort of game. some old fragmovies