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  1. Well i think the video Farq-S posted is very nice
  2. How is everyone getting on in the latest BF1 dlc ? Good to see the french getting a look in with some great maps ( love the poppy fields ) weapons and uniforms. I would imagine BAT44 rolling out some future factions ( not included in the Kickstarter ) like the dice guys. While waiting on Bat 44 i am enjoying BF1 atm .
  3. COD14 will not go back to iron sights. The kids just don't know how to use them.......
  4. 2018 is a long time away... I just hope i am still around to see this game on my console
  5. If you want to talk about legitimacy .The wehrmacht were a much respected army and very competent and effective adversary to the allied troops. Don't just take my word for it. The 'distasteful' SS on the other hand.... what a bunch of total c*nts. They don't deserver to be in any video game.
  6. I'll do it for a couple of cans of kestrel lager
  7. What is Alienware is it any good ?
  8. Well I'm currently re-visiting and grinding thru BF4 ( in preparation for the great war ) on PS4 if anyone want to squad up and compare weapons or helmuts !
  9. Its all been said before... Back to Basics in WW2. British Dev Team. Old School Action. Sick of Modern Shooters
  10. Joe talked about Anti cheat on the latest twitch 1st up on the Q&A. EasyAnticheat way forward " really good" VAC sucks. Bulkhead are gonna shut the cheaters down. Anticheat guys love Battalion so its looking good
  11. I havent re joined the PC master race yet.. but what about us lowly Console guys. Any plans to get a few game going on egg box or PS to rally a few forum dudes together.
  12. Thanks for the the live feed tonight fellas. "marketing jargon aside"...Did you only have a 4 pack of Peroni !! playing cod 4 after work its a hard life but kutgw. Whats the community thoughts on the latest twitch teaser. Loved the the idea of character degrading WAR TORN SYSTEM ftw! Great job on the M1. When is the next twitch instalment? As Backers we wait patient.
  13. Its about time Tuna got his finger out......
  14. Great looking weapon guys. Just need the sound spot on and awesome recoil to boot
  15. True fellas, its way off i know but i just threw the 4k suggestion out there. Still, should see better textures on the upgraded console versions. 60fps 1080p and a few beers makes me happy. Still Neo and scorpio must be in the dev thinking as the game lands same time upgraded consoles hit.