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    I am - Twitch.tv/aussiexthunder Awaiting the Big T to amend... RgdS Clakkers
  2. Would just like to add a big Thank You to Mr BigTuna for working late into the night and sending me my key at stupidoclock time. Your time is appreciated Alex -
  3. Hey Razor/Kannon Fodder - I understand and appreciate your comments. I guess i was happy (and stupid) to risk - and i have to accept that. However, I wont let it rule my heart again, and eventually, we all lose out if such things arent thought though or evaluated. I suspect the train will roll on through regardless. Also, I'm still waiting for my key still, which i've paid for over 12 months ago - which ofc doesn't help.(Its not in spam, trash, promos or updates). Disappointing.
  4. Well said - The Beta lasted for how long exclusively before being opened up? and wasnt even for a whole weekend - Now i havent dug the detail but having stumped up £35 to end up this out of pocket regardless of skins and chests is unnaceptable. Given I've had to chase BigTuna twice now (second one still ongoing to receive a key to play) is not part of the issue BUT combined is leaving a significant bad taste behind. Cannot trust any startup if its used to catapult the business with little or no reward. Be good to hear someone from Bulkead respond.
  5. Hi All, So as a kickstarter thingy majugs, (Beta) How do my posts show as a kickstarter backer thing?