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    RIP the official forum?

    I completely understand where you are coming from on available games. We pretty much play Arma3, which is a totally different type of game than a true FPS. Just an fyi, if you or any of your guys want to play a friendly Batt44 game, Friday nights and Sunday nights starting at 7pm Eastern, we hook up with Amigaman and the AMI Clan and play. No strafe jumping or corner jumping, but it's at least against real people, if you have interest.
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    RIP the official forum?

    Hopefully this will bring back player interest in the game, the only problem i see is that too many people have lost interest in the game and will definitely not return. MOD tools should be a must asap for those gifted enough to continue with map making and such and everything which kept cod2,4 and waw alive for so long. It should. The ability to mod, map and do skins is what garnered my attention to this title initially and I would bet that the same players that claim they will never play this game again will be back just because the modding option will be out there and the clans, groups and communities will run with it. At that point, I think it would be to hard to resist coming back knowing that the thing you were looking for exists. As the title stands currently, I agree that there is plenty to loose interest in, but in the end, like I said, unlike any other WWII FPS game out on the horizon, this title has the potential to deliver the uniqueness that has been missing for so long. I am prepared to wait patiently and participate productively until then.😀 I just think some expected more in EA because the trailers and such portrayed a nice smooth graphical playable game but we all know how that started. Then it was the arrogance of a certain dev which got the backs up of a lot of people and then the change in game direction from what was said the game was supposed to have been so maybe it wasn't just the game that has put players off but a number of things like abandoning this very forum the devs had taken feedback from to start the game and abandoning steam forums etc etc....... i really don't know but i am glad they are trying to sort this game out and i hope it isn't too late too late. I will not play the game at all until release, i played about 10 mins when the last update came out but that is my choice as the game for me is just not interesting or challenging at the moment and all of my clan members have dropped the game, we were a CoD4 clan playing in leagues right up until the end of last year so we were looking to pick this game up as our next main clan game but unfortunately it just didn't work out. I am sure some expected more in an EA release because the trailers looked cool, but sometimes I wonder if it was over looked that this title got it's start as a Kickstarter project by a small indie developer. Overlooking it's origins lends to unrealistic expectations. I think we've all learned over the years that the sandwich you get served never looks like the sandwich in the picture. In this case, they really haven't served up the sandwich yet, but they've let you see it and try it out as they are making it. Regarding the dev thing, this forum and Steam. Think it has been a major mistake to be all over the map. I read each place daily, this forum, Steam Discussion, Reddit, Twitter and Discord. I try to pay attention, it's like a job trying to follow whats going on. I wish it were different and I think it was a big mistake made by young minds. I don't think BH was quite prepared for the instant pressure that came with opening themselves up for community input. I'm sure we all thought it was great that they did that, and it is, but I don't think they had the foresight or man power to respond like we expected, or the way they thought they were going to be able to. Throw in the pressure from the publisher and others and I am sure it became a deeper set back than anticipated and not enough experience and leverage to recover without it being noticed. It's always better to be upfront and honest and own your mistakes instead of push back, unless you really have full command and control of a situation and really know how it's going to play out. I just don't think they did and got caught up in it. To bad, no excuses, just the way life works. Did you pick up another game for the clan or did your clan disban? I hope you guys didn't give up too soon. Anyway, hope to see you back on the battlefield in the future.👍
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    RIP the official forum?

    Don't misinterpret that I am happy with the direction Battalion started out heading in, but I am optimistic. I wish they would have approached production with the casual community first, then the esports, but that is not up for me to decide. I have to ride the roller coaster just like everyone else. Secondly, there are a lot of things they have built into the game that I am not a complete fan of, like the strafe jumping and corner jumping. It's just not my style of play as I prefer a tactical, more methodical style of play, but hey, I am on the roller coaster and can deal with it. What I find optimism in is the vision they are working towards. When mod tools come out, the community will be able to pursue and build a game which will cater to the individual. My assessment is that not one WWII FPS game out there now, at this caliber, even remotely comes close to pursuing that option. If you played COD2, COD4 or World at War, surely you remember all the great custom maps that communities made, the cool mods that got implemented which created an atmosphere for every taste in gameplay to find a place to play. That was a major factor in continued interest and longevity and lends to the uniqueness of this title. I am not happy that they didn't start out this way, but like I said... the roller coaster. Regarding player base. I know a lot of players (www.509th.net, been doing this since 2001) that are waiting for a full release game before taking on playing regularly. The feedback I get from them is that they like the concept and vision, but don't really want to get involved with an Early Access Beta that inherently has bugs and constantly will need updates. They are waiting for full release before they start investing time into the title. I read a ton of posts that continue to bash and trash this title, and usually from the same few people. I've asked myself and am curious to know how anyone that spent money through KS like I did or purchased Early Access through Steam will ever have a remote chance of getting a return on their investment of time and money by the bash and trash? Seems to me that providing constructive feedback for improvements and a proper level of expectation of an Early Access Beta would go a lot further with title development and player base improvement. So, for me, I am going to enjoy what I have to work with, look forward to what is to come and continue to support the development of this title in a constructive fashion to help improve it and the player base. That is what I've decided to do to at least have a chance at getting a little ROI on my investment of money and time. Some on the other hand, just don't have the patients, can't see the vision and expect way more out of an Early Access Beta than there should be.
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    RIP the official forum?

    I'm still here as well! The Blitzkrieg Masters was fun to watch, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I think there could have been some improvements with the cast, but all in all, I enjoyed watching. It is my opinion as well, that Battalion is a fun game to play at the moment. Sure it needs some improvements, but I am confident the improvements will come with more updates. BH published a "Road Map", which was an outline describing the way they are going to progress toward full release. For the most part, they have stuck to that plan and with each update, the game gets better. Personally, I am looking forward to the mod tools which will allow the community to do maps, skins, and mods. I play NA Arcade most every day and always see new players and have run into some old school (I mean players I've seen while playing COD2 and newer over the years) playing this game. Most of them think that what BH is creating is right on track. Regarding the negativity that you will read in the Steam Discussion and other places, including this forum. For the most part, it is the same few people that post "ded game" or "Devs are ripoff".. etc. My personal experience with BH devs and the community couldn't be further from that. I've always been answered and I know that they are working hard to deliver a great game. I am optimistic.
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    Make bomb visible when it's carried

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    Cant Play at all

    Very odd, I just literally just got done playing in NA servers.
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    Cant Play at all

    1AM Sunday morning, I was able to get into NA servers and played 5 maps and no disconnects! CTF still broken, but looks like NA is playable again:)
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    Cant Play at all

    I play daily. Last I checked, I was able to get into NA servers, however, I would get disconnected about 2 min into match. I know devs know this and are working it out. For the last month, I've changed my online setting to play in Europe servers, and have had no problems getting in. Sometimes, if it takes longer than normal to get into official Europe server, I just quit game and re-launch and usually get right in, if I didn't get right in the first time. I usually play at 120+ ping vs. under 60 ping, but its still fun and there are lots of NA players doing the same or they are playing on private closed servers.
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    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    Most typically, when you rent from a service, you are renting a virtual server that shares resources with other virtual servers that are hosted in the same physical box, and it is still considered a "dedicated" server. So, one physical box will have, let's say 5 virtual "dedicated" servers running on it. They all share the same resources (cpu, memory, nic), except you will have access the the "dedicated" part that is reserved for you. Most typically they rent by the slot or number of slots and are the most affordable. If someone else is renting a "dedicated server" in the same physical box that you are, and they have misconfigured something or there is a virtual machine misconfiguration, you will notice degradated performance and service. For an example, if their "dedicated" server is sucking up bandwidth, cpu and memory because it is searching for a fix to a problem, you may notice, because your "dedicated" server and their "dedicated" server are physically sharing cpu, memory and nic. If you rent the physical server box its self, you are not sharing resources with anyone else. This is most expensive and most robust. If you are going to rent a dedicated server, ask first to clarify if it is one that is virtualized within a physical box shared with others, or if it is dedicated unto itself physically (not virtualized and shared with others).
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    OTT Jumping

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    Which maps do you want?

    Crossfire Bay
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    Server not right after update.

    After it is installed correctly, if its not, try this as your Market0.json file. If you want to have just certain types of weapons available, replace the 0 with a 1, for each weapon you don't want. Same goes for grenades and smoke. { "Nations":[ { "DefaultWeapon":"Grease Gun", "DefaultSecondary":"M1911", "Weapons":[ {"WeaponName":"M1 Carbine", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"M1 Garand", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Thompson", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Springfield", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"BAR", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Trench Gun", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Grease Gun", "Cost":0} ], "Grenades":[ {"WeaponName":"Frag", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Smoke", "Cost":0} ] }, { "DefaultWeapon":"MP 28", "DefaultSecondary":"Luger", "Weapons":[ {"WeaponName":"Gewehr 43", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Kar 98k", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"MP 40", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Kar 98k Sniper", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"STG 44", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Trench Gun", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"MP 28", "Cost":0} ], "Grenades":[ {"WeaponName":"Frag", "Cost":0}, {"WeaponName":"Smoke", "Cost":0} ] } ] }
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    Modifying .json files?

    can't wait to check out the server!
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    Server not right after update.

    Amigaman, any time! Trice - in the Game.ini, you can change the deck name from DOMDeck0 to match the default one, Market0, and make sure that the economy settings are zeroed. Secondly, you might be able to make a copy of Market0 in the loadouts folder and change the copy to DOMDeck0 to match the call from the Game.ini file. Either way, the deck you use (loadouts) need to match what the game mode is calling for. It appears they have created one deck of loadouts to work with all game modes. Wartide requires an economy to purchase weapons, thus the use of the numbers at the end of each line in the Market0 deck, representing the "cost" of the gun. Since all other game modes beyond Wartide do not require you to purchase a weapon, the economy number needs to be zero, otherwise, weapons with economy associated with it will NOT be available since the mode you are playing (anything but Wartide) has zero economies associated with it. In these game modes, leaving a number larger than zero will make that weapon UNAVAILABLE, since you have no economy to purchase it with. Any deck with numbers larger than zero require an economy.
  15. 509thTactical

    Server not right after update.

    In the Loadouts / Market0.json folder, change all of the Wartide economy numbers from what they are to zero for all game types besides Wartide. That is what I did and have not had any issues.
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    Server crashes a host problem?

    Amigaman, I saw you guys on last night and tried to join at least 5 different times, and each time got the "lost connection to host" message. Last night was the first time that had happened to me while trying to get on your server.
  17. 509thTactical

    Server Browser Issue.

    Same here. Both 509th servers are up and running, you will be able to connect to them via direct connect and even play many rounds while in, but they do not show up in the server browser in any fashion, even if searched. Our dedicated servers run in the Windows environment, not Linux.
  18. Same for 509th servers as well. I am wondering if I may need to reset the firewall ports, as this did not occur until the latest updates. Grabbing at straws to try and find a solution.
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    I am including all things tactical. I'm not negating anything. Of course you can use an uncooked nade tactically. You can also use cooked nades tactically as well. It depends on your style of play and game philosophy and strategy. If I am about to clear a room and I don't want to be caught in the middle of a reload on a garand, I would prefer a cooked nade over an uncooked nade. If I am clearing and controlling areas further away, an uncooked nades work tactically as well. Again, it depends on what you are doing, which tool works best.
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    Yeah, we use nades for positioning on maps like that as well. As far as the "running to an area where you know there are some enemies with a cooked grenade in your hand and instakilling them" is just as you described it, a noobish move regardless of the style of play or game philosophy. Why would you do that when throwing works? Unless they are a trouble maker of some sort I suppose or a complete noob.
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    Toxic community..

    Wax, I completely understand your frustration. Since COD2 until present day, I've always been a tactical crouch player. Never gonna change. When Alpha came out, I was stoked to play, but I knew I was up against the wall because I understand the background, the types of games and the POV the devs are coming from for this game. So, when I started playing Alpha, There were times that I was completely ridiculed for the way I played. You see, I don't care to know how to do the jump shooting and sprinting and all that. My group plays to win the objectives by taking the objectives, not by hunting down and killing all the players on the other team first. There are differences in game philosophy and how people play. In my opinion, there is room for all different types of game philosophy that can be applied to how someone plays this game. Some players understand where I am coming from, some don't. But, I have to disclose, It's been that way for the last 17 yrs and I didn't expect it to be much different this time either, so hang in there! Regarding the servers. Until the mod tools come out, a lot of dedicated servers, like ours, will be restricted to players that are affiliated in some way with the group that runs the server. That is the largest reason why they are locked. Without the tools, you can't do much to help control what goes on in your server, when it is open to the public. Right now, you can't even kick a player with out going through a cumbersome command line process. That is why I am advocating that you might search out some like minded groups and see what they have going on. The 509th sends out notifications to our members and friends regarding when and where we are playing. Others may as well. Once tools come out, I think you will see more dedicated servers populated on a regular basis, and open to public play, including competitive play in their own styles. I know right now it is frustrating, I just say to myself that good things don't usually come easy.
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    Toxic community..

    Wax, I completely understand where you are coming from. Over the years, in every game, there has always been a level of toxicity that exists, and it has always been a real turn off. I can only suggest that if you like the game, but don't like the toxicity you find on the general public servers, you might consider the alternative. The alternative is to play on "family friendly" servers that are managed, sponsored and hosted by groups like ours. On our servers, members manage the "toxicity". Bad language, poor sportsmanship and all the other general bull that accompanies toxicity is managed right out of the server. Sure, we get the occasional A-hole that jumps in, but they aren't around long, because we remove them in an expedient yet diplomatic fashion, before they become a major problem. It's not just the 509th, there are many groups which provide servers that promote a more "positive" environment. Those groups may also have different "in-game rules" that are different from the 509th and are not tactical crouch. Everyone has their own preference. The point is, there are like minded people out there with available servers, that try very hard to maintain a "family friendly" environment as much as possible. Groups like us want to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone, including the family. So, if you like the game, but don't like the toxicity you find in the general populace of Battalion 1944 servers, there are alternatives out there that try hard to maintain a fun, competitive and enjoyable experience without the toxicity. I am only suggesting, if you haven't already, to consider this option before giving up on Battalion 1944.
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    Ready Up Setting

    Was wondering if it would be possible to have the "Select Allies, Axis or AutoAssign" screen pop up right after you hit "F1" to "Ready Up" instead of having to hit another key in the process to auto assign?
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    Ready Up Setting

    Thank you Cyruz.
  25. 509thTactical

    Ready Up Setting

    Skip doesn't really accomplish what I am looking for. Similar to Simo, I am looking for the team select screen to be the first thing that pops up when you join a server. 1. Join Server - with no count down or waiting once in, right into the select team screen. 2. Select team 3. Select weapons - then either "ready up" or just count down to start match. 4. Play