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  1. 509thTactical

    Almost there

    Me too. So looking forward to full release. Just around the corner!
  2. NA Community: 509th.net <<< Pros v. Joes >>> TDM server direct connect info: I have put up and will permanently keep up, even after full release, an 18 slot TDM server for the Battalion 1944 community. Unlike my Tactical #2 server, which is designed for the guys that want to play without the strafe jumping, corner jumping etc, this <<< Pro v. Joe >>> server is designated for the competitive pros and competitive joes to use, without any type of game play restrictions. Additionally, * The Kar 98 is available on both sides. * Nades and smoke are able to be picked up if you have an empty equipment slot, just walk over the equipment on the ground and resupply. * Weapons remain on the ground for an extended period of time to be picked up if needed. * Slightly reduced respawn time. I just ask that you use "autoassign" just to keep the talent on the teams from becoming lopsided and be respectful toward each other. Bramm and the rest of the crew, thanks for developing this game! I've loved every minute of Battalion since Alpha day one and am looking forward to full release and great success to the Bulkhead team! ~ Respectfully [509] Ryan
  3. 509thTactical

    Beta Testing This Weekend!

    Hey all! In keeping with running small scale beta tests on the run up to release, we’ll be releasing details sometime later today on the Official Battalion 1944 Discord channel on how you can get involved. This weekend we wanted to test some of the changes we’ve made based on the feedback from the last beta weekend, most importantly recoil, as well as test the original map pool with all of the minor changes made to bomb sites and new arcade mode tweaks. Weapon Recoil Reset We fully understand the frustrations players had with the previous beta’s weapon recoil reset. Fun fact - this is how games such as Call of Duty have always done and still handle their recoil, except now they have so little recoil in modern titles it’s not even noticeable. This means players aren't really used to the old method of handling recoil reset, and whilst we of course aim to be faithful to the classics, we do feel this is an area that modern game design has improved. Having to compensate in reverse after shooting was a pain for a lot of players, even though this is how older games used to function. In general FPS players are now used to the more intuitive recoil control systems where you only have to compensate whilst firing the weapon. This was only exacerbated by the increase in overall recoil values in the last beta. Now, we’ve made it so that if you do not compensate for the climb in recoil, the recoil will still reset by itself. However, if you do compensate by pulling down on your mouse, the reset will no longer occur, keeping your aim, bursts and spray transfers more consistent. M1 Garand Firing Pattern Punish Effect Reduced. A divisive change last beta was the M1 Garand fire rate punish where the weapon would ‘jam’ if you do not fire with a rhythm. This mechanic still exists to a minor degree, but is now drastically less noticeable and punishing. You should no longer feel encumbered by this weapon’s mechanic. Thompson & STG44 Fire Rate Re-increased The feedback for this change during the last beta was mostly negative. We’ve bumped the fire rates back up for both weapons, to the point where they’re just slightly slower than their live counterparts, meaning they retain their feel and fast fire rates without being too powerful. Leaning Accuracy Bug Fixed Many players didn’t notice that leaning and moving whilst hip firing was as accurate as being stationary. This has now been fixed! CTF - Extra Time When a player is holding a flag at the end of the 5 minute round timer, the game timer will now head into extra time until both flags have been returned back to their bases. This means if you pickup a flag, you can still have a chance at winning or saving a match from the jaws of defeat. No longer will the last 30 seconds feel irrelevant because the ‘games already over anyway’. Get that win. Maps All classic maps will be playable this Beta weekend - we want to get them player tested before release to make sure the minor changes haven't caused any larger issues across all game modes. For example every map now has a bombsite asset or area rather than a singular planting box. This should change the meta on most maps and open up new strategic options! Load Times Improved Optimized the way the game loads chunks. Having texture streaming disabled will be faster than the live game, however having texture streaming enabled speeds load times even faster. We hope you enjoy this quality of life change! Lots of smaller stability improvements / fixes. Bugs squashed! Important! You WILL NOT be able to open War Chests in the new beta test, however you will be able to in the live game. As a thanks for your support, we’re opening the testing servers for the entire weekend as well as re-opening beta servers for NA players again. The more feedback we can get now the better - so thank you for helping us test Battalion 1944’s smaller changes as we move closer towards full release. Remember, check the Official Discord announcements later today for the details and remember the beta is under NDA! Happy fragging!
  4. 509thTactical

    Beta Testing This Weekend!

    1/18 - 1/20 Changelog: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/ah9exm/weekend_beta_test_180119_patch_notes/ Beta countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?hour=15&p0=4364&font=cursive&csz=1 You can pre-load this weekend's beta right now! Weapon balance changes will hopefully give you a more consistent experience playing B44. Please let us know if you have any bugs or issues and PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Important Notes: - This time we're running EU and NA servers. Tell your mates! - There are A LOT of balance changes at once, so things will feel a little different. Keep an open mind! - As always, please post bugs in #bug_reports TO PRELOAD and LAUNCH THE BETA Step 1: Open Steam, go to Battalion 1944 in your games list Step 2: Right Click on Battalion 1944 and select 'Properties' Step 3: Go to 'Betas' and enter the code "racoonamatata" (without "") Step 4: Your download should now kick off, if it doesn't, please hit play Step 5: Return to Battalion 1944 Properties in the General Section Step 6: PLEASE CLEAR YOUR LAUNCH OPTIONS Step 7: Launch Game
  5. 509thTactical

    Is this game dead ?

    We just had a beta test a week ago. There are many improvements from new and improved maps, graphics, AI programming, interface, movement and gunplay and more. Also, it was confirmed by lead dev, Joe B. in a Reddit post, that mod tools will be coming, which means community maps, skins and mods! There probably will be more beta testing. Check the official Discord under the announcement section, that is where they post the beta testing dates and times. This title is still a beta, and is supposed to release early this year.
  6. 509thTactical


    Happy New Year!
  7. 509thTactical

    Battle Schedule

    Tue & Thur @ 7pm Eastern - www.509th.net Tactical #2 server Fri & Sun @ 7pm Eastern - AMI clan server We will be playing tonight @ 7pm Eastern time. NO BOTS Play/Internet/Server browser/ www.509th.net Tactical #2 or direct connect Everyone welcome to play, just be respectful and follow the server rules: No Strafe jumping No jumping/bunnyhopping to move around the map No jumping around or through corners, doorways, openings No jumping to avoid fire OK to jump in order to climb If you don't like the sever rules or do not want to follow the servers rules, please do not bother as I prefer to play rather than spend my time kicking non-compliant players that don't want to follow the rules or argue about them.
  8. 509thTactical

    Be wary of Sam Brown (Sam Lockton)

    Thanks for the intel.
  9. 509thTactical

    Active Battalion servers.

    509th Tactical and the AMI Clan, in an effort to support Battalion 1944, have collaborated to provide a schedule when their community servers will be populated and administered to support gameplay outside the official Arcade servers. There are rules for playing on these servers, so please follow them. Players will be subject to being kicked for non-compliance. Battalion 1944 Server Schedule: Tues & Thur - 7pm Eastern www.509th.net Tactical #2 server. Fri & Sun - 7pm Eastern AMI Clan server. Rules*: 1. No Strafe Jumping which is shooting while jumping. 2. No jumping around or through doorways or corners. 3. No jumping to avoid fire. 4. Keep your boots on the ground while moving through the map. 5. Respect other players, server rules and directions from server admin. 6. These servers are family friendly, no foul language allowed. * Server rules are subject to change and may be slightly different depending on the hosting group. Everyone is welcome to play, however, if you find the rules or style of gameplay is not for you and you can't be compliant with them, then please just move back into the official Arcade and play. Tactical gameplay is a methodical style of play, which requires good coms and strategy. Sights up to shoot, work as a team to win the objective, dominate the point or capture the flag. a Team win is an objective. Having a decent KD ratio for your team is an objective. Being the high score is not the objective. Tactical gameplay is more like Chess than Checkers. If you want to or have interest in trying it out, come to visit and play on the above-mentioned servers at the scheduled times. These servers are open to play on 24/7, however, at the stated times, server admins will be present and enforcing the rules. Slots fill up fast. The last 2 weeks have been at or near capacity, so join early! Good Hunting!
  10. Tues Dec 4 @ 7pm Eastern, We are inviting everyone to come play on 509th Tactical #2 Battalion 1944 Server. The AMI clan will be joining us along with anyone else that would like to play. Game types are Domination, Capture the Flag and TDM. It will be fun, come and join! Strafe Jumping, bunny hopping, jumping corners, jumping to avoid being shot will get you kicked. This is a tactical realism server and we will be enforcing this, so keep your boots on the ground and fight like like you have a pair. We expect everyone to follow the rules and those that don't will be kicked.
  11. 509thTactical


    OK, I must have only played modded Cod4 servers.🙂
  12. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    That was a fun map!
  13. 509thTactical


    I think in 2019 upon full release, it will better than expected. The reason I believe so is based on the position BH took regarding what EA really meant to them regarding the development of this game. It was a true testing and feedback environment because they just didn't have the manpower and tools to do it all themselves, which are the words right from the lead dev's mouth, James Tatum, mentioned at a speaking event early on in Battalion's infancy. Some have glossed over that as if it weren't true, but it is. Based on that, I think many will be pleasantly surprised upon full release. Regarding XP and ranking up on private servers. I cannot recall any old school shooters that you were ever able to rank up on while playing a private server. I sure have not played every game or every server out there, but have played many and can't think of one where you were able to rank or get XP. I could be wrong, but having said that, I think that if the clan wars system BH is talking about implementing is built to be robust and inclusive, It should be feasible to think that you could also rank up and get XP on private servers if those systems are built to work together in any fashion. It seems like they could be and It would be a new and welcomed twist if that were the case. We will see I guess..
  14. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Yea, I read on Bramms twitter he mentioned that. I wish they would share more about it! Can't wait to play it! I wonder which game that map is modeled after? I'm interested in finding out more about it too.
  15. 509thTactical

    Battalion44 MAPS&SPRINT

    I agree, good maps make great games! I think the upon the mod tools release, the community will make some awesome maps for this game. I'm looking forward to that for sure!