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  1. 509thTactical

    Be wary of Sam Brown (Sam Lockton)

    Thanks for the intel.
  2. 509thTactical

    Active Battalion servers.

    509th Tactical and the AMI Clan, in an effort to support Battalion 1944, have collaborated to provide a schedule when their community servers will be populated and administered to support gameplay outside the official Arcade servers. There are rules for playing on these servers, so please follow them. Players will be subject to being kicked for non-compliance. Battalion 1944 Server Schedule: Tues & Thur - 7pm Eastern www.509th.net Tactical #2 server. Fri & Sun - 7pm Eastern AMI Clan server. Rules*: 1. No Strafe Jumping which is shooting while jumping. 2. No jumping around or through doorways or corners. 3. No jumping to avoid fire. 4. Keep your boots on the ground while moving through the map. 5. Respect other players, server rules and directions from server admin. 6. These servers are family friendly, no foul language allowed. * Server rules are subject to change and may be slightly different depending on the hosting group. Everyone is welcome to play, however, if you find the rules or style of gameplay is not for you and you can't be compliant with them, then please just move back into the official Arcade and play. Tactical gameplay is a methodical style of play, which requires good coms and strategy. Sights up to shoot, work as a team to win the objective, dominate the point or capture the flag. a Team win is an objective. Having a decent KD ratio for your team is an objective. Being the high score is not the objective. Tactical gameplay is more like Chess than Checkers. If you want to or have interest in trying it out, come to visit and play on the above-mentioned servers at the scheduled times. These servers are open to play on 24/7, however, at the stated times, server admins will be present and enforcing the rules. Slots fill up fast. The last 2 weeks have been at or near capacity, so join early! Good Hunting!
  3. Tues Dec 4 @ 7pm Eastern, We are inviting everyone to come play on 509th Tactical #2 Battalion 1944 Server. The AMI clan will be joining us along with anyone else that would like to play. Game types are Domination, Capture the Flag and TDM. It will be fun, come and join! Strafe Jumping, bunny hopping, jumping corners, jumping to avoid being shot will get you kicked. This is a tactical realism server and we will be enforcing this, so keep your boots on the ground and fight like like you have a pair. We expect everyone to follow the rules and those that don't will be kicked.
  4. 509thTactical


    OK, I must have only played modded Cod4 servers.🙂
  5. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    That was a fun map!
  6. 509thTactical


    I think in 2019 upon full release, it will better than expected. The reason I believe so is based on the position BH took regarding what EA really meant to them regarding the development of this game. It was a true testing and feedback environment because they just didn't have the manpower and tools to do it all themselves, which are the words right from the lead dev's mouth, James Tatum, mentioned at a speaking event early on in Battalion's infancy. Some have glossed over that as if it weren't true, but it is. Based on that, I think many will be pleasantly surprised upon full release. Regarding XP and ranking up on private servers. I cannot recall any old school shooters that you were ever able to rank up on while playing a private server. I sure have not played every game or every server out there, but have played many and can't think of one where you were able to rank or get XP. I could be wrong, but having said that, I think that if the clan wars system BH is talking about implementing is built to be robust and inclusive, It should be feasible to think that you could also rank up and get XP on private servers if those systems are built to work together in any fashion. It seems like they could be and It would be a new and welcomed twist if that were the case. We will see I guess..
  7. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Yea, I read on Bramms twitter he mentioned that. I wish they would share more about it! Can't wait to play it! I wonder which game that map is modeled after? I'm interested in finding out more about it too.
  8. 509thTactical

    Battalion44 MAPS&SPRINT

    I agree, good maps make great games! I think the upon the mod tools release, the community will make some awesome maps for this game. I'm looking forward to that for sure!
  9. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    I agree that they should have done things the other way around as well. All we can really do now is play what we've got and wait... and hope for the best. I personally believe they will make the right effort, especially with SquareEnix involved, to deliver a quality product that encapsulates all of the goodies we've wanted for so long.
  10. 509thTactical


    You can download the server file : Battalion 1944 server file and host, install and configure one yourself as an option.
  11. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Mate, my hopes were so high for this game and that of my clan. This game was supposed to have got everyone together again, scrimming and leagues etc just like the good old days but for some reason this game just turned everyone in to something i just can't describe. In all the years i have played online games i have never had the misfortune to see such a huge divide in players and i blame BH for this. Why, you may ask...... well if BH made the game for the community first the game would have naturally evolve in to esports but because it was done backwards you got all the pro player wannabes because they could strafe and jump and shoot in mid air which made them feel 733t which in turn made these guys think they better than everyone else who didn't want strafe jumping, jump shot 360 midair head shots. I may reinstall the game when it is released just to see how it all turned out but for now, for me personally, Battalion has been uninstalled but always will be remembered for the game it could have been and the game to have brought back together a world wide community again. I understand where you are coming from. I wish they would have done things the "old school way", by addressing the community first and then let it evolve into esports. I am not a strafe jumper, corner jumper or any of that flying monkey stuff and have a group that is looking forward to the scrims and clan wars too. I just hope in the future you and yours are on the scrim list
  12. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Probably, but at the same time some people (like myself) will give up on the game just because 3 - 4 months to wait for an update is far too long. I'm sure it will all come good in the end for the remainers If you are like me, I've waited a long time for a game like this to materialize. I am not going to let 3 - 4 months stand in my way. I really hope you don't either.
  13. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    We will see. People tend to lose interest in grumbling when they are not constantly prompted by the hive mentality to do so all the time. Waiting for 3-4 months without having new updates or content to bellyache about may drive off the haters and discontents, which I think is part of the reason for the recent changes.
  14. 509thTactical

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    I think this is the best move BH could have made at the moment for many reasons. If you haven't seen these clips, you should. They really help define where BH is coming from, the real challenges they face, why they want to make this game and puts into perspective the recent move. First, they define what early access meant to them. I feel like a lot of people thought, like in many games, that early access was a pre-release of an almost finished product. That was never BH's perspective. They defined it as a true testing environment for feedback to continue development. Secondly, as a small indie developer, they just didn't have the resources(people) or tools to "behave" like a large developer. James Tatum, lead developer - Lead explaining concept of early access, challenges for indie developer Lastly, the genesis to make the game comes from the passion of playing, not the motivation to just make money. Sure, money helps keep it alive, but the passion to make a great game is the driving force. Joe - Origins of and for Battalion 1944 . Without understanding the above, it's easy to become disappointed and overreach on expectations. To me, the overreach is clearly evident with what you read in almost all of the discussion boards. The enthusiasm is relentlessly choked by haters and complainers. If you were a developer looking for constructive feedback, the current boards would not be the place to find it. Personally, all the negativity is exhausting. I'm not saying it's all unfounded, but it is overkill. At least most of Discord's "discord" is constructive or critically constructive which lends towards success and not riddled with hate and discontent which promotes failure. Now that Square Enix is 20% of BH, decisions are influenced at a greater level with seasoned thinking. SE brings more resources, equipment, knowledge and marketing skill to the table, which BH as an indie dev, just didn't have. SE would not invest in BH if they believed for one second that BH and Battalion 1944 were pushing toward failure. No one attaches their name, reputation or funds to something that is failing, especially an industry player that is knowledgeable about what is going on. Sure, I wish BH continued down the path to MU3 and on. I was so looking forward to it! But I think the community kind of shot themselves in the foot. They had a chance to be influential in a positive, constructive way. I some cases they were and in some they kind of squandered it. BH did the same thing in a lot of ways, especially in the beginning, and at least they admit it. That's what happens when there is not a clear understanding of what is going on, on both sides of the fence. Now that all of that is old news, it's time to look forward to the release of Battalion 1944 behind the support of Square Enix, which is a good move.
  15. 509thTactical

    Free For All

    Cyrus and I have looked at this a little. I agree with the conclusion that it's not doable right now with the files we have.