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  1. DirtyDanLand

    Change Console

    Haven’t heard anything on this yet. Sent first message on December 31st. Sent second message January 19th. Just sent 3rd message today.
  2. DirtyDanLand

    Change Console

    Haven’t heard back abou this yet... Both have read my message early January but no reply yet.
  3. DirtyDanLand

    Change Console

    sent them both a message, Thanks
  4. DirtyDanLand

    Change Console

    When the survey came I stated that I have a PS4. My PS4 has died and is no longer functioning. Is there any way that I can switch to my survey to the Xbox One so I get the code for the Xbox and not the PS4 when the game comes out? I am a Deluxe Rifleman Backer.