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  1. Ryssk

    Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    Ofcourse it's not in English, but it's still steam and not another platform, Either someone pulled a prank on you or you're just missinformed in some way. And it's completely irrelevant to the topic aswell. But yeah there's alot of cheaters in PUBG who originates from Asia. But let us stick to the topic before we derail even further?
  2. Ryssk

    Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    And where do you get information from?
  3. Ryssk

    Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    And how's that relevant?
  4. Competitive, old school feeling, more mechanics, competitive mind-set from the Developers. The game's just good in general, which fills a gap that's much needed by alot of competitive players. People are sick of CS:GO at this point, something new needs to come out. And those are just a few of the things that pops into my mind right now.
  5. Ryssk

    Battalion Discord

    I agree on the part where there is only 1 active Discord Moderator. There is more people as "mods" but they really havent shown their presence, or if it's just their way of working behind the curtains. I know for example @Oh_Gaz is one of the admin/mod but recently quite inactive? Anything happened to you bro? Or it's just working behind the curtains as mentioned above?
  6. Ryssk

    PC Games Insider Interview

    Dafuq did i just read?
  7. Propably just for the cinematic purpose, or just screenshot for PR. If it's the case of air-support then i'll request of a refund instantly. But propably some props laidd around on the map
  8. Ryssk

    Price Strategy

    Agree both with @Farq-S & @SupreMe and i'm suprised still that there hasnt been any kind of clarification, either it's going to be explained in the upcoming news at the end of this week as promised or one of the devs will post something about it in here. I guess maybe tagging the community manager would be the best way to get a clear answer regarding this matter? @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy I'm also one of the closed beta founder @jackis and kind of feel left behind the courtains regarding the state of the game and aswell a proper roadmap of the game atm. I would be quite baffled if i paid a let's say 32EUR for a closed beta, which maybe could be only a months worth of gameplay? Or if the lay-up is the same as Alpha maybe we're talking roughly about 6h gameplay in total? (This is just my own assumption from the current lack of information there is) Alot of people are going to propably say in the lines with "Well, you're also supporting for the development for the game" yeah, i totally get it. But i'm also supporting a game based on the information that we had aswell, and the timeline which was presented aswell. Just too many questions, and someone has to be the "black sheep" to ask them.. Seen alot of people wondering the same but too afraid to ask due to (sorry to say this) whiteknight/fanboy-ism in the community and facing the angry mob. #RantIsOver