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  1. Estimate Release date?

    There's no need for an open beta either considering you've got Refund policy now in Steam : )
  2. Estimate Release date?

    It would be nice with some info about the release stages, like when's Closed Beta coming? looking at the initial KS it said August/July if i remember correctly? Looking at Alpha being in stage 0.2 by July it looks like the timeframe is set back a little bit?
  3. How you plan to play Battalion

    If you're going to go wireless then for the love of god.. look at the packets loss.. not packet loss against DNS like but rather internally.. Ubiquity got a great WebUI based controller for that, sure it costs more than your average hardware but you get what you pay for atleast. Medium business hardware for the cost of low business! + you've also forgot to mention the whole routing issues many providers got. Where they sometimes tend to buy a lower license cost for it. + alot of people barely knows how to build their own computer.. do you really expect them to even care what their equipment is? Most people just use Plug-n-Play... And most people dont even set proper channels to use on their Wi-fi and using Auto instead.... And you forgot to mention to check the Channel settings on their Router with built-in Wifi.. (which is the biggest problem these days with people overlapping each other in tight built apartments)
  4. Forum Reputation System

    You do realise that is the whole point from the devs right? To create a Competitive game which can also cater the casual side. Meanwhile the casual side wants to do the opposite things that the devs have in mind.. just wait until the game is out? And it's called an award system, to bring more players to the game, and hopefully make the scene bigger. You will get a downvote from me cause i disagree with what you're saying so.
  5. Forum Reputation System

    But same thing goes both ways right? It's a typical Intel VS AMD fanboy case.. toxicity will always be there.. and bantering.. Heck, even the devs are doing some light bantering! Just take everything with a pinch of salt and no.. No need to start pointing fingers at each other.
  6. Dukethon

    AFAIK the bots in offline mode arent usually coded to write in chat except for "fire in the hole" which is an automated answer Always thought you were a nice guy Duke, but now you're just being a mean prick mate.. dont sink to that level will ya mate?
  7. Revolutionize Competitive Play

    Says the guy who comments like this the first thing he did: "ESL sucks. They need to convince FaceIt." Wow, what a great contribution to the topic! Perfectly well valid points there! Top notch i would say... Now now.. let's talk about Faceit.. the problem with the function is that there's waaaaayyyyy tooo many smurfs.. compared to ESL organised games. And how many games does FACEIT support at this point? I think they've tried with several different type of games, but none seem to have flourished well.. and soon the project has been dead. So.. for CSGO FACEIT is better than ESEA (ESEA is used for the NA people mostly, FACEIT more approached by the EU players). For every game out there then you'll have to go with ESL, doesnt matter what you say.. It doesnt suck.. it's just "complex" for those who doesnt even have a slight patience. Faceit is great at integrating fast user experience... pretty much 3 clicks with your mouse and you're already in the QUEUE. But when we're talking about prizes.. so far ESL is way ahead with prize pool and tournaments.. yet they somehow "suck" for you? Have you tried ESL lately btw? I mean with the new design and integrations
  8. Revolutionize Competitive Play

    Why are you such a prick/hostile towards everyone in the forum? 9/10 discussions you've started has had 0 usefullness (Me habla no engleis?) towards the topic. Can you.. please stop? And no.. ESL doesnt suck.. longest striving arranger for competitive play, and easy to setup cups with it aswell for anyone who wants to start in a specific game. And like previosly said they're a great organizer at things! Sure their UI is complex.. but's that also a UI with alot features that many doesnt even offer without Payment.
  9. What happened?

    Problem isnt that the forum is getting toxic and not welcoming, is that the people behind their ideas or posts are taking it waaaaaay to personally than they should.. And tend to be super agressive when somebody questions or disagree with their post. I do understand people who are passionate about the game, but there's no need to be a psychopath-passionate about things. (IRL they're called SJWS right?) And i still think the whole "Reputation" system should be gone, it's clearly being abused left and right and something that got implemented without really giving it an extra thought.. If somebody is being a total jerk, most people already know it.. No need to "stamp" him as the jerk.. Think this was a really bad idea to implement into this forum.. It's better that people can make their own judgement of a character, not by looking at stats...
  10. New Reputation

    Exactly what i thought of, just remove the whole point of "negative" .. i mean sure people can between the fine lines if they dont disagree with some.. but instead of the troll abuse of downvoting without giving a good reason just makes the whole thing flawed. '* So maybe remove the downvoting? and force people to comment if they're in disagreement is a much better option IMHO @[CM] BigTuna
  11. New Reputation

    I also see it being abused too often here.. People are giving negative reputation, but they're not responding or quoting the comment.. which makes it abit sad! It should be more of a "agree and not agree" button instead what it's saying right now "F*ck you, and i like you" Right now it's being used as a troll button in many instances.
  12. Here's my 1 cent Like Bramm said, dont think this game is for you.. and dont think your suggestions will be taken seriously... like at all..
  13. You did kinda call him out tho..
  14. Those who say that the devs arent transparent or open about the development of the game for the few past months are clearly delusional. Everything i've seen in the end has been about open discussions with the community, more interraction and especially the functions! We just recently got a gameplay released.. And yet somehow people are saying the game isnt "transparent or open"
  15. Trello / Progress status

    Sometimes the suprises is a bad thing aswell.. Like look at CS:GO when they came with the R8 Revolver... roflmao Meh, it's the forum.. i wouldnt give alot of bother about the whole "scoring" thingy if i were you, and especially trying to mock em