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  1. You did kinda call him out tho..
  2. Those who say that the devs arent transparent or open about the development of the game for the few past months are clearly delusional. Everything i've seen in the end has been about open discussions with the community, more interraction and especially the functions! We just recently got a gameplay released.. And yet somehow people are saying the game isnt "transparent or open"
  3. Sometimes the suprises is a bad thing aswell.. Like look at CS:GO when they came with the R8 Revolver... roflmao Meh, it's the forum.. i wouldnt give alot of bother about the whole "scoring" thingy if i were you, and especially trying to mock em
  4. And what's the point of having the knife as an inventory? Due to a skin purpose? You wont be having time to run around with your knife out in the game due to it's gameplay speed! Rainbow 6 doesnt have it's knife as a inventory if i recall it correctly, and wont be needed in Bat44 imho, just due to how fast paced it is! Maybe add a function to "inspect" it, but do not for the love of god add it as an inventory item.
  5. Is there information that the knife will be a inventory based weapon? Cause sorry to say, but the knife wasnt an inventory in CoD4.. it was a instant keybind like the nade So you've got 2 weapons only, and that's why alot of people binded the inventory for scroll I did, and i also bind my knife to like Mouse 4 for instant reaction
  6. I agree that now is the wrong time to have, But i think it would be nice to see when the NDA gets lifted to see the things "in-progress" with a bit more real-time update/progress on things
  7. Hello! So i really dont know if this is the right place to post it due to it's not as "crucial" as many of the other titles. There's a few dev teams out there who's using Trello boards to give the community a little bit "in-sight" of which things are being worked on in somewhat more real-time.. That means someone will be "forced" to update the Trello board from time to time! I think this is a great way of show the progress towards the community without having to do every day a new forum post with loads of text of what's been fixed or a steam discussion! But like i said, it also requires someone to keep the Trello updated @[CM] BigTuna <----- ??? So what i want to say is.. will there be a Trello board when the game gets out from a NDA?
  8. Can you.. please not? Always played nice, he seems to have some personal witch hunt going on Ok, to clear some things out or rather "vent them out".. i dont know if some people may or may not have a less positive view of me due to my previous posts that occured during 1-2 months period last year/beginning of this year. It was pretty much where i was questioning the behaviour from the devs on social media towards other developers. We've talked it through private DMs where we came to an agreement where i was explained the situation. The reason they gave me i've accepted it to 100% and there's no further discussion about that matter.. If this is what "2 faced,hypocrite" means, then i'm sorry.. I'm sorry for being someone who wants to reason with somebody and agree to an agreement. I am sorry that people such as you Xclusive have an issue with points i've raised in the past, but nowhere have i been rude towards another community member. Or atleast the intention was not to be rude. @xXclusiivE
  9. Like i said, *random BS*
  10. Oh please DO elaborate how i'm a hypocrite... Like for the love of god please do... Let's see what more random sh*t you can come up with.
  11. I still dont see a picture of earth? You suck at Memeing
  12. It's 2017, skins are the new thing.. just can we stop these cringing posts being created as soon something doesn't please them? Do that on reddit rather than here. Raising money from skins, that can be used to further develop the game is apperently a bad thing according to others.. My Gooodneezzz!!1oneone!1 Oh.. the earths not FLAT either! Heck, even i fancy a pink fluffy unicorn on my gun from time to time! But you know what? When i dont want to have it anymore, i can just easily turn it off Even without making a post on a forum
  13. I think you need to explain yourself a little bit better.. Like give a in-depth of what's wrong.. Are the helmets all wrong? Like what's wrong with them? Instead of just saying what's wrong, better give an explanation of WHAT'S wrong And this got to be the worst Title for a thread
  14. 1 more week bois!
  15. Mommy.. give it to me now!