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  1. 1 more week bois!
  2. Mommy.. give it to me now!
  3. Now, this should put an end to the loads of speculations out there! Great summery of things @[DEV] KingHoward Feels like the community needed it How's the neck feeling after the horrid train trip?
  4. Kinda got to agree with everything scaR just said. And it's still too early to make speculations of HOW the game will be when nothing has been revealed, especially about the skins/microtransactions.. I do understand that you're entitled to have your own concerns, but to keep posting them over and over again for what purpose? I just dont see the agenda behind all this.. Is the agenda to force the devs to revert all the changes? Yet again i'm wondering, where do you have the information about child like colorful weapon skins? @[CM] BigTuna i think it's best Tuna to come in here and answer some of the concerns, before the same story keeps repeating itself. Cause right now assumptions are being made left and right, and who's not the best one to answer than the community manager? And spray pattern? i'm also wondering about that, where have you heard that?
  5. I understand But i just dont think it was great way of dealing, rather report them Too bad, @vozER had 2 great explanations regarding of WHY it would be bad to the game, maybe he can remember em?
  6. I agree that there were healthy discussions but alot of people were jumping into assumptions and using the "as the Day 1 backer" card... But where was the reason behind the deletion of the thread? Just lock it instead? So according to you it was schoolyard level? Alright.. now i know that i stay out of every topic created by you, cause you cant run a normal conversation without getting personally attached to it.
  7. I dont know, but you and me seem to have whole lotta different opinion on casual gaming. Like can you please stop? I know you're quite stubborn on your opinions but you cant go around and saying to other people that they are wrong? you're literally trying to say that one of the biggest casual/competitive FPS game ISNT casual at all? Dear lord.
  8. In the initial start when i backed this project, there was a few screw loose (I mean like information being swapped left and right) So it was really hard to understand what the games goal/potentional was, but since the latest VLOG that was shown last week it's quite clear what the direction is. They want to cater both casual and the competitive players (Which is a great thing!) The problem is, it was a long time since we saw a game that was like that, latest that the real casual/competitive game to be released was CS:GO that actually manages to fill that gap. Well, There's Overwatch also but i wouldnt really use that game when describing BT44 or CS:GO Now with a WW2 game, hopefully BAT44 can fill that gap with providing a new type of FPS genre out there. And to be honest, from the initial project, by looking forum,kickstarter AND Discord the devs has been quite clear that the game will be competitive? And to have microtransactions that boosts your progress as a player within the game i dont see how that would be a deal-breaker all of a sudden? I would say, the more content the game, the more players it can attract isnt a bad thing... For a game to grow, you need to see the bigger picture by adding more content.. Like CS:GO does, adding more skins, changing official maps and what not.. That's how they keep their game interested and growing. The same with Overwatch with their contents.. The game is getting bigger and bigger, and now with the League coming aswell it can be bigger than at this point... But if you cant attract players and you dont have any content, you've got just a plain old server browser without any Match Making system, it's going to be hard to even compete against the other FPS games out there.. Then you would start to rely solely on the community itself to make the game bigger. So what my point is, it's not fear knocking at the door, it's needed changes that are knocking at the door for an FPS game to survive both in the casual and competitive enviroment in 2017. Remember, we're not living in the early 2000s anymore!
  9. i think you've heavely misinterpreted what i wrote , what i meant was, that BT44 will be a competitive game, and not as the other WW2 casual shooters out there. Maybe i've should've wrote it that way instead? I need to get some Pasha London School lessons ASAP! That was more of a response to the initial thread creator of this topic.
  10. Seems like alot of the movement is taken into consideration from CoD franchise, nice to see! Makes the personal skill a bigger requirement into the game
  11. So it was just Tuna baiting for Re-Tweets? God dammit!
  12. Well like we spoke in Discord, it's mostly a "consideration" or how you will call it. So it's nothing set in stone But as also being spoken, it's that if you start pushing out DLC:s like a new map,weapons and what not (exactly the same as BF3 did) it will mostly cause damage to the community overall.. (remember this is my own opinion) it will somehow split it apat! Like it did for Battlefield 3. DLC should maybe be like skins,weapon skins.. but that's not DLC either.. that's more of a "purchase in-game visual content"? I dunno.. but the same system as CS:GO uses can make a game go a long way, and still make money for the developers imho
  13. Ok, read some of the things in here and some not.. But really.. how can you expect and request a new casual WW2 game? When there's literally S*itloads of them out there? The current good competitive games in terms of FPS at this moment are Overwatch and CS:GO And how can you tell Esports has ruined games? As far as i know you can play CS:GO quite casually in a competitive enviroment yet not except to do anything special (thanks to the ranking system) from what i've seen the game is doing quite well on it? Overwatch is doing remarkably good with their current comp/casual playstyle. In fact they're doing great i would say! So i dont understand the whole concept of "E-sports ruining games" i think it's more that "Casual players cant adapt or doesnt want to adapt into a more fast paced games with a mixed enviroment"
  14. So in your opinion there shouldnt be any kind of recoil? I mean, im used to actually adjust my sp Exactly! For realism, you got Ro2 i would say... gosh what a nightmare
  15. So what's the problem with the recoil? Not realism enuff? Cause right now all i see is people saying that the recoil is bad, but not why? I tried it, and it felt quite natural? I mean there's actually mouse adjustment needed for a spray pattern