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  1. Humm... Started with Commodore 64 and 8-bit Nintendo where favourites were Summer/Winter/California games and some racing games mostly at C64 and of course Mario at 8-bit. Later came PC and PS1/2 where most played games were at first Rollercoaster Tycoon-series, Rollcage, Jagged Alliance 2 and some smaller DOS-games like Minebombers or The Incredible Machine. PS1/2 time were ruled by Crash Bandicoot-series, Gran Turismo-series and Tekken 3. Then it was time to turn back to PC and there for teenage self the number one was CoD-series up to CoD4, mostly CoD:UO with ~4k hours of ~6k total hours played and around half as much Diablo 2 until teenage was gone and other games replaced CoD games and those were mostly World of Tanks at online and old games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon for singleplay. Edit: Oh, forgot one important one... Red Alert 2!