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  1. Saying that there is absolutely not casual mode in CS:GO is like saying that there is no way to play football/icehockey/whatever casually because you can have same rules just with shorter periods in "beer leagues" or in games with friends. It is also stupid to cling on that "Casual playlist" because it is not only choice you have in CS:GO as said earlier, though CS:GO's mechanics are more comfortable for competitive players and community servers are bit hidden if you don't bother to seek them. For me it is not about mechanical stuff which make difference between casual or competitive but attitude how you play the game and it is even better if mechanical stuff allow me to decide between those two. It just happen to be that good games to play competitively are often also good games to play casually because competitive gaming need strong casual community to stay alive. Casual games in the other hand don't necessary need competitive elements that much but they can benefit from them as for many too easy things get boring quickly. This is biggest reason for me that I am not that much worried about what I have seen or heard about where Battalion 1944 is going in gameplay wise, but I hope that we get Linux files for community servers and we don't have to stick with 3rd party provider and hope good quality service.
  2. Tripwires etc. were horrible... AWE-mod or such bring them on vCoD/UO and it was just horrible, uh. Molotovs I wouldn't mind if they were in, they were quite useful weapon after all in 1939-1940 and somewhat I would like to see Satchel-charges in game, maybe just something you can pick up from predetermined place at map (public rule set). I would also like to know what kind of mechanics we would have in explosives? Two different ways to throw them? Different timing and/or power between them? Hopefully not cooking until the last second...
  3. Amen for that! Proper recoil is quite essential part of game even though it don't have to be something like in CS:GO in terms of intensity, but randomness is big no no.... maybe in really small dose it would be acceptable (to hinder ability spray accurately far away) but even in CoD2 recoil didn't feel that good anymore. vCoD/UO got recoil as whole quite close of ideal but bit less intensity on it wouldn't hurt it if that is seen as problem.
  4. In older CoDs it was because you could abuse it as it lead situations where hitbox and graphic information didn't follow each other accurately. also known as clipping.
  5. Can we assume that this apply to lean too?
  6. Speaking of lean and clipping I would do same what CS:GO did to crouching or L4D to melee. More you do it in row, slower you get with it. It would be less annoying that doing lean delayed full time or something. Wallbanging to certain level is ok and CS:GO do it pretty well and bit of it is about map design (looking at CoD4 fuck up).
  7. Even now after taking my time before I answer, I don't really know from where to start.... By this point I have asked several questions from you and got exactly zero answers for them. I have done some deductions of my own from what you have written to find out what you want talk about and apparently finally I hit the mark but damn it took time and yet half of that I write seems to be lost somewhere in time and space. So regarding my last post where I dished for the starters some ideas I could come up on the spot to give some food for the discussion. Some were more, some were less out of the box and yet it seems not to be enough. That is quite much coming from guy who made the topic but haven't exactly given more than two console commands by himself. For starters the thing in CS:GO is quite far from simple showtris command as it is also made to look good and informative for standard viewers. Also as explained earlier, it is not just ingame GUI for rcontool but whole system for full administration of server with tiered permission levels, easy-to-use options for even weekly/monthly administration to be quickly at hand when you feel like it, of course tools for punitive actions and all this would have support for IRC-bots etc. While I were at it I took note how we should think more out of the box and though out what else could be useful for server admins and came to conclusion that possibly AI bots could be beneficial for admins when they don't have friends online to test out some changes at server or for inexperienced admins to just figure out things like how many players feel comfortable for the maps and so on. The better path finding etc. abilities they have, the more you can test out quite reliably of course. I could see myself using them to test out some modifications at server such as damage value changes or other weapon changes, maybe even gravity things or other "game breaking" settings just to figure out how engine behaves. So there we have my total amount of ideas with explanations that I could come up on the spot. Would you be so kind and write down your ideas which you have been talking about for so long? Also I would appreciate if you could answer the other questions because it is sometimes hard to see where you are coming from with your reasoning. Yeh... Ideas are ideas but if you can give some kind of framework and reasoning for it, it would be easier to developers to take look at and even implement it. It is after all lot of work to figure out what, how and why to do something before actually even doing it. Well planned is half done as it is said. It is quite possible that some cheaters are there just for the score but by my experience they choose well populated servers with, if they even care of it, lax administration if possible. Normally if we practice with our friends or something similar, we had our server access behind password which keeps unwanted individuals out of it. If we were in the other hand playing just for fun together somewhere, we chose servers where administration was up to their job and kept most of the cheaters out of it, especially obvious ones. Luckily we had our own server where we could keep most of hackers out of it but when they came there, they couldn't give flying F for scoreboard but banning them was good way to remove our server from their targets. Going trough to the thread I think we have more than 3 ideas even if we just count my posts. It could be though that they are, even if some of them are bit out of the box, thought wrong and therefor doesn't count as server admin ideas... eh? I also appreciate that you are worried that I haven't had explained reasoning behind AI bots until now as I finally got time to write down longer post about all of this. Lastly I think I have to congratulate you for your victory over wrong ideas. Hopefully you enjoy of it and don't fall on desperation or disappoint greatly when no one else have any proper ideas or thoughts about this subject even if it is important.
  8. Ah... I though that I was pointing out how your examples and use of terms lead us to believe that we are talking about server administration as whole and why we have chosen fitting size of hammer for it, but apparently I didn't understood thing about what I said... eh? I also believe that I said multiple times that I don't mind having graphic rcontool but I also prefer to use console because it give more flexibility as I explained earlier, I was never pitting them against each other. I also think that to this point I have asked multiple times for you to give us examples and show what kind of stuff you want to talk because we are apparently not seeing what you want talk about but this far we haven't really seen anything concrete. Honestly you are not making sense half of the time, even after reading your posts tens of times. I had to ask if you have ever been administrator for any game server yourself because I can't properly follow your way of thinking about administration of game servers even with 8 years of own experience. Until now my deduction I could come up from what you have said is that you want to talk about useful rcon commands which we should/could have in game because to this point the examples have been such. Therefor I don't see it to be just "server admin ideas" because many useful commands don't really have much to do with server administration as they are client related. As pointed out earlier, most of us would be happy if we would just get lot of commands on our hands which we could use to turn features off and on as we want. Let it be any UI feature, any gameplay related feature or even physics feature. Of course some of them could "break" the game but it is up to us know what we are doing or suffer of consequences and therefor such commands shouldn't be in easy-to-use tools. So I can't see why we would need to really think out of the box here because often new tools are invented because there is problem/hindrance to solve/ease up. You don't have to try to invent wheel again or solution to nonexistent problem. That said I currently can think of only few features I could like to see apart from ability to turn on/off/alter "anything" via rcon commands (things which don't need server restart of course) and having proper tools to ban/kick/monitor players on server + manage those lists. From spectators (and admins) point of view CS:GO have really neat feature to see outlines of players trough the walls, their line of sights and grenade trajectories in replays or spectator/caster mode. If possible it would be great to have access to administrative tool GUI ingame too and for hierarchical administration it could be great to have ability to tie guid to certain level of permissions (compare to TS3 example) ie. "ingame moderators" could only kick players out, tag them for further investigation or if more than one of such moderators "vote" for it, they could use more powerful verdicts than alone etc. etc. For all this there should be some kind of preset permission categories and option to customize them. Above mentioned tools could even have GUI options up to weekly/monthly administrative server side duties like changing map rotations, gametype settings, allowed weapons (per map even) etc. which would take effect after old config version have come to its end. Options could look same as setting server up ingame normally which means that setting server up ingame would have options to same extent. Bot support for administrative/other purposes. B3 for example with IRC plugin was/is lovely. While speaking of bots it would be nice to have some practice dummies for you like in CS:GO or RO2 and possibility to tinker their difficulty and other settings. I think there is something general ideas for starters without further details. This is what for I have chosen my hammer from start with intend to use it and if problem still persist, it is because hammer is too small.
  9. So you ask for admin ideas and as an example say how removing scoreboard would lessen cheaters interest to play and give admins more time to play themselves, then you refer to B3 rcontool and how you want to take server administration to new level of ease. You also speak how the point of thread is to get ideas for new or essential admin tool and then when we engage in discussion of what we think would make our life as admin easy, we are suddenly speaking of wrong thing..... After all that you want us somehow realize that you want to talk about useful commands we could/should have in this game when you have earlier pointed out how useful ones tend to get lost in thousands of other commands. I can only wonder how this have anything to do with the things listed above or making administrator job easier because they would be mostly minor tweaks for personal taste. That is of course if we assume that we are getting something up to date options/tools for admins and not something 10 years old stuff... eh? Maybe you could list your ideas here because I don't think this thread lost its purpose even if they would already be in their way to the game. Heck... I wonder if even Sherlock Holmes would have been able to crack this nut but at least we got it clear now I think.
  10. So what else there is for server admin than these things I have been repeating? I asked already you to enlighten us about what you have in your mind. You talk about removing scoreboards and making it easy for admins to do daily duties so they can play sometimes too, you referred to B3 bot (and rcontool generally) which needs rcon password to command server and keep talking about server administration which need something to get to new level... But what? What this tool should do? What else could make admins life easier than easy-to-use rcontool which can handle variety of daily/weekly actions you would need as admin. There are already commands for nearly everything in older games so why wouldn't there be for Battaltion too? So what could make admins life easier than making it user friendly easy-to-use tool? I am totally lost how we can give any though for anything when we don't understand what it is we should be giving the though?
  11. So apart from rcon tool you want another program as admin tools or what? Because that is only choice I could think of anymore. It is beyond me why I couldn't have all this in one easy-to-use rcon tool where most used commands and utilities are behind several clicks, possibly even ingame if possible. If we consider that tool would be easy-to-use it would therefor, as explained, most likely mean that there wouldn't be all commands available because inexperienced user could mess up hardly and that would be bad experience. So using console won't have anything to do with me being "hardcore", it would be just most convenient way to do things which are not included in easy-to-use rcon tool. For the note, I call it Rcon tool because as long as I have understood, this potential tool don't have anything to do with server configuration files and therefor even if commands are in easy-to-use format they would essentially be /rcon commands. If it would have access to server configuration files etc. which are not behind then I think admin tool would be more preferable term for it.
  12. And apparently you are missing the part of my post where I keep pointing that I wouldn't mind of advanced rcon tool where there are more easy-to-use options available for daily/weekly administrative duties. As it would be easy-to-use and there are thousands of rcon commands like you said, there most likely shouldn't be all commands available because it would be easy to mess up if you don't know what you do as I pointed out in first post. Which is also reason why I would prefer console over rcon tool in certain things. As Soldat Ryan said, you are most likely to use certain commands more often than others which you will remember shortly and If you have even vague idea what you want to do, it is quite easy to find less used commands manually and therefor they probably aren't those included in easy-to-use ones. So what there would be at easy-to-use settings? Most often used commands of course, plus those that may be useful time to time and they could be divided between which need server restart and which not need server restart. Best part would be if you could use it as in game tool without need to alt+tab out of game. So would you enlighten us what else you would like that rcon tool do?
  13. I think that we are on same page now. And yes I refer that one S&D as Competitive mode because it is aimed to be such in this game but to be exact I would call other gamemodes competitive too if they are played like one. Example casual S&D servers would have different amount of rounds, players etc. than Competitive one where rules are universal between servers. I also tough that you were referring in my firstly quoted part on how competitive mode would/could be played as it totally eluded me that you were referring to KingHoward's post because for me it meant that if I am more skillful than enemies it would be viable for me to clutch rounds. It is after all relative what is skillful/talented... For normal player I am probably skillful but compared to active eSports player I would be nearly equal to noob. =) But yeh.. Now we are at same page.
  14. I don't quite follow you now.... From your first post I get idea that you are worried that other gamemodes wouldn't be fast and simple to join/play if this economy stuff would be the thing in game. Neither I get grasp what reserving servers for clans/communities or pro-gamers have to do with this. Competitive mode will have ranks (skill level) to determine how well you play, find other players around same level in that format and get game going which is most likely will be played at official servers to avoid tampering with server settings. All behind just several clicks even if you play with friend/s. Public servers (unranked/ranked?) in the other hand would be running also other gametypes with their own settings/mods/maps if they want to, like it was in vCoD/CoD2/CoD4 and you would be able to jump in and out just when you want to. Clans and communities though could run their own reserved servers for them to play pre-arranged matches/practices outside of competitive mode once again like in vCoD/CoD2/CoD4, without speaking possibilities of FACEIT etc. That is at least how I have understood it would go. One thing I don't remember now, if it have been said, is that will you be allowed to run custom maps at ranked server because tweaking server config/game rules will make it unranked. I assume that this goes like in CoD4, though I hope you could at least have custom maps running with "official" settings and keep it ranked or that all progress you have had in battlerank would be visible in unranked servers too. It was annoying in CoD4 as server owner how unranked servers wouldn't allow you to equip things you had gathered in ranked mode which lead players to complain that "Where is my golden AK" etc. and not playing at custom map server because of that and therefor small popularity of server (downside of running servers in Finland). I don't personally mind if I don't make progress in server which run custom maps but I would like to keep (show off) things I have achieved there also. So did we get in same page now Soldat?
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I have understood this economy stuff, if ever even being in game, would be for competitive gamemode and rest gamemodes would be more or less standard CoD2/4 style and therefor up to server owners to decide how they run things. Even in CS:GO that economy stuff isn't in every gamemode.