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  1. Humm... Started with Commodore 64 and 8-bit Nintendo where favourites were Summer/Winter/California games and some racing games mostly at C64 and of course Mario at 8-bit. Later came PC and PS1/2 where most played games were at first Rollercoaster Tycoon-series, Rollcage, Jagged Alliance 2 and some smaller DOS-games like Minebombers or The Incredible Machine. PS1/2 time were ruled by Crash Bandicoot-series, Gran Turismo-series and Tekken 3. Then it was time to turn back to PC and there for teenage self the number one was CoD-series up to CoD4, mostly CoD:UO with ~4k hours of ~6k total hours played and around half as much Diablo 2 until teenage was gone and other games replaced CoD games and those were mostly World of Tanks at online and old games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon for singleplay. Edit: Oh, forgot one important one... Red Alert 2!
  2. Datamursu

    realism vs authenticity vs gameplay

    This is interesting topic because I have even coined own term (Game realism) for these kind of discussions and after giving definition to already mentioned terms I try to explain it. - Realism: I don't like to use this term widely when speaking of games, but they need some of it to be interesting and well build, though I would compare that need more in way how fictional books need to be believable in their universe (see: game realism later). Then if we go in gaming, well... In sense of gaming I see that games which are described to be such would need to fulfill at least partly most of following things. Modeling and simulating reality as well and as far as possible. Weapons, vehicles, player interaction, visual and audio or whatever it is. Achieving this without minding much of how "fun" or "easy" it probably should be for most of players to be interested. Things in life are also hard if you don't learn first. In fact it I feel that it shouldn't be "fun" which make you play these games, but "interest" to dedicate yourself for such activity. - Authenticity: This is linked with realism but being authentic can mean other things too as it is not always about 1:1 model/simulation of real life. Sometimes I would say that authenticity is mostly realism but there are part on it which is just about feeling. It looks like real thing, it kind of sounds like real thing, it behaves kind of real thing and it is still fun and believable to play/use/watch. To put it short for gaming I would say that authenticity means that environment is realistic and being part of it feels believable even though what you can do or how isn't. - Gameplay: I use this term to describe how something is working and feeling. It could be divided to technical, conceptual(?) and feel based parts. Question about what/why/how related to how well it is going. Why some maps are working well and some are not, why weapons feel good or are well balanced in certain game, what makes it so or what would need to be done to make it so or what things make certain games to be good and distinguishable. As example I would say that gameplay of CS:GO is good, because by my point of view CS-series feels like it works as it is planned to work and therefor gameplay of it is good even if I don't per se like all choices on its gameplay. Shortly I would say that for me Gameplay means how well the game mends its part together (including realistic and authentic parts of it). Game realism: As I have tried to explain how I tend to use fore mentioned terms I shall now also try to explain term that I like to use in this kind of discussions..... That is "Game realism". To describe it shortly, it is mix of other three mentioned above eg. "How believable and immersive the experience is made by rules of gameverse" (see: fore mentioned fiction). Simple example of "Game realism" could be taken from vCoD/UO and how weapons are balanced on it. As far as I know the weapons look like real ones, sound and behave like you could though they do even if their other characteristics aren't realistic, so therefor they are mostly authentic. Now we come in part which is reason for term I use and it is how that authenticity is mend with gameplay. When you play the game the weapons feel good right? When compared to each other they feel like differences between them are believable, reasonable and in overall they feel solid? Yet if you compare how far example Thompson is effective in game and how far it is said to be effective historically there is quite much difference (by eye measurement I would say that effective range is about half of reality) but even then it somehow feels right. It feels right compared to other weapons or size of maps or whole environment as general and yet we haven't talked about what kind of damage shots do.... or other not so realistic parts of games. Same thing goes example for movement. Should I be able to jump there etc. etc. Tl;Dr: Game realism is case where something is made believable and "right" by non-realistic choices.
  3. Datamursu

    Forum Reputation System

    Hard to make real sense out of this anymore but as far as I understood, there are people who are salty because someone talked about them in Discord... Because it is speaking behind back, eh? What wrong there are if someone(s) voice out their slight frustration of someone/something at instant message chat like Discord channel which in this case could be seen as extended discussion board for forums? I see it as better choice than doing that same in forums where messages are more permanent and don't really fade out after heat of moment like in instant message chats. If this all pointless mud slinging would have been had in there, hardly anyone would remember it after few days (if we assume that it wouldn't be total meltdown). Additionally to this reason, I myself prefer IRC/Discord for this kind of discussions as I feel it to be easier to explain and get explained things there when most of useless clutter could be ignored also. Heck... if more than one people feel along same lines, there are probably some reason for it too. I feel that it is stupid to even care that much of what someone said of your nickname in internet. Someone is always wrong at here... Welcome to the internet and grow thicker skin if even minor acts of annoyance against you feel so bad, even worse if you can't take any critical feedback. Reacting to something like that with aggressively (and maybe defensively) is just pouring more fuel on fire. I don't say that there aren't line to overstep but I think that currently people are trying to draw it closer than it should be. What comes to smug comments like these "I know what you did wrong, but I won't tell you because you should know yourself" or otherwise implying bad things, I can olny ask what is the point to act like that if you don't dare to say it out loud? Especially if other person is asking you to elaborate what he/she did wrong by your opinion. In discussion where you are talking about not saying things out loud for person you are arguing with. Pardon my French.... I just don't get this level of butthurt of everything nowadays.
  4. Datamursu

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Remaking vCoD/CoD2 would be nice too, but remaking maps from different style/era to other is more interesting. Quite familiar layout, but yet bit improved and different to fit in the game where they are remade. I for once would see that it could be interesting to change theme of District resemble some sort of supply depot with following changes (starting from bottom and moving towards top): Themed like Depot from vCoD/CoD2 Street/road and other side of it could be anything to fit theme, even railroad station with warehouses could fit there to be B-plant. B-Arch with double doors as big entrance for vehicles etc., House and Back alley at right could serve as gate guard office. Spawn street could stay at it is and Platform could be modified to also have ramp driveway up from Market area to Spawn street with stairs next to it. Market area and Catwalk could have trucks, cargo crates, fuel barrels etc. fitting for supply depot. A-house could be modeled after barracks mess or something other quite open room while houses next to it around A-Arch could act as workshops/warehouses. Brown house, ATK-spawn and Petrol station could be act as administrative/office buildings. Top of the map around A-plant could be modeled example as barracks where AA-gun could be used as A-plant instead of Well and at Carpark would be as it name implies, parking area for cars. Overall height difference could need bit evening out (like half flight of stairs) and maybe A-Arch could be bit wider to fit theme of depot (need room for ammo resupply vehicles to drive where AA-gun is =) ). (- It could be discussed if there would be need for new access routes like example from A-house to house right from it over A-arch and down to Market area with exit at Market stairs.) There you go with some ideas based on just that bit of map design I remember from public servers and profound time of 15 minutes of coming up with them, so it is hard to say what kind of improvements competitive side would need...
  5. Datamursu

    Soldier Service Number

    This one was nice base idea.... If we add what others said it could be nice bonus for backers to get some unique tag for themselves. Especially if you had A, B, E, R for first part depending of your access and two at middle would be as described but last one would be your backer number with letter to show your status as backer. Others who didn't pledge for Battalion would just have numbers.
  6. Datamursu

    How will you play Battalion 1944 (Poll)

    Can't say it is just bit of both but heavily of each one. We pledged 10-pack with our old group which hosted servers in CoD from vCoD until CoD4 here at Finland and did couple of cottage meetings with lot of booze. We did also had many competitive oriented admins there who played CoD in Clanbase including me and therefor our administration was quite high level in community server too. Those were the days and maybe we really can get them back =)