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  1. yageru

    Pause function?

    As the game hits early access and with tournaments on the way i was asking myself if there is a pause option ready at launch for dedicated servers at least. You can expect some crashes out of a game in early access and i didnt find any answer here. Thanks in advance!
  2. yageru

    Battalion Server Hosting

    [–]BRAMMERTR0NDEVELOPER 1 Punkt vor 9 Minuten Yes. Dedicated servers will be released February 1st with the release to Early Access. on reddit
  3. yageru

    Is there a Mapoverview?

    About the setting: Manorhouse is a map placed in hell. Thank me later.
  4. yageru

    Is there a Mapoverview?

    No those were in the official posts on Steam. edit: made some quick callouts for manor. dont know if they are called like that but whatever https://imgur.com/a/0X3AP
  5. yageru

    Battalion Server Hosting

    Dedicated servers will be provided by the launch of early access. Thats all we know right now.