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  1. So excited for this game

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking this game for a while and thought I'd speak up about how excited I am for this game. Was a long time CoD1/2/4/5 player with a group called overdose (od) and this game seems to satisfy an itch I've had for a long time. Ever since Call of Duty lost it's modding capabilities (and many other valuable features required for competitive play) and subsequently its competitive community, the community was splintered off to other games and I'm excited that we have a chance to revive that old community with this game.
  2. Community Game Day??

    I would personally prefer to play CoD2 but I think CoD4 might be slightly more accessible and modern for people and easier to draw a bigger crowd and would ultimately be a more fun time. Also, I just finished setting up a CoD4 dedicated server using the latest promod (2.2) today in the US westw region and would be willing to donate the use of it for a community event or two. I've been craving some CoD4 lately and was thinking it would be great to have an event before the Battalion alpha comes out.