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  1. Well Done To Everyone That Donated and the winners And Well Done to Bulkhead and the rest off the lads of a Fun 8hour livestream was really good fun and a good laugh and well done on the reach off that $1000 goal.
  2. M1 Garand! would have to be my fav from WWII
  3. Theres a mod for it on Arma 2 but as for arma 3 there aint as far as i no off. but yeah i good teamplay game off WW2 would be good i have Arma 3 but i been watching the mods on arma 2 and tbh i might have to get it now lol
  4. so i have been thinking long and hard to my self about a new game witch i would really like to see be made as same off u no theres a game out called Arma 3 if u dont Youtube it then come back to this lol WELCOME BACK So now u have seen what Arma 3 is all about. what are your thoughts on a World War 2 Game just like That its been stuck in my head for the last couple off weeks now and its a game i would really really love to play Make platoons Go On Missions its just something i would really love to see be made if i new what i was doing i would make it my self haha i been Watching the Box Set Off Band Off Brothers and i been thinking to my self that i would really love to play this as a game and the same with The Pacific so what are your thought then Leave Them Below Pvt.IOE Battalion 1944 Easy Company 506 101st Airborne Division
  5. So i been Thinking that The Forums Needs a Clan Section So Members Can Find Other Members To Join There Clan For Battalion Just Like My Self . if it does come down to it And There is A Section Put On For clans then i will be looking to make a Clan Called =B.O.B= [brothers Of Battalion] if you think this is something you would like to see and get then lets make this happen People IOEGaming =B.O.B= [brothers Of Battalion]