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  1. kinda

    Cooked grenades?

    I don't like it either... too easy to kill someone with this. (Welcome back Bramm)
  2. kinda

    Is this game dead ?

    The game will be released this year. I think we will have their plan for the coming days this month or in february (only suppositions tho).
  3. kinda

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Well personally I'm bored of waiting so much (I like the game but I don't want to grind it in its current state). But I think it's the thing they have to do because: 1) They lose so much time fixing bugs foreach update - for a small studio it's important. 2) After all the negativity since Early Access launch, I think they need to make a big splash to get players back and to welcome new ones. And that can be only done with many new features, changes etc So yeah I agree with WeAsOne They tweeted about a russian map being developed, this hypes me so much Let's just hope for the best...
  4. New update: ow.ly/dThJ30mw3jI
  5. kinda

    Major Update 3

    Their communication is still not on point ? Let's hope for the best...
  6. kinda

    Update on progress please

    Apparently, there will be an update preview today. Let's hope for some good news ! https://twitter.com/Battalion1944/status/1036510588074160129