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  1. You'll get an answer this week when the gameplay video will come out. But I think it's cod2-cod4 animations.
  2. Damn, they're so lucky !!!
  3. I am not sure if it's good or not for me to see this gameplay... I'm sure I'll be even more impatient and I will not be able to wait until May
  4. Agreed it could be better to have something else than the skins. But I don't agree with something that's benefits those who can play a lot.
  5. Yes, like battlefield 1, like CoD's, like... This is a oldschool FPS ! Everyone on the same level !
  6. I think so too, you're looking for the wrong game =X
  7. Agreed
  8. Agreed with you, Gott verdàmm mi !
  9. You didn't had to
  10. Ewww, I was thinking the same when I wrote my post (second message of the topic), the message is pretty clear to me. People just downvote for nothing... Maybe I understood what SoldatRyan wanted to say because I'm french too...
  11. Fatality !
  12. Good movie ! Aww the good old time, hopefully we have battalion now !