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  1. kinda


    From what I understand, he said he doubts that there is a cheater foreach game you play in Battalion... And I think the same.
  2. kinda

    Game's Dead guys..

    I'm playing 2-4 hours everyday and I literally don't wait more than 2 minutes between each game I play (arcade, unranked and ranked). Same for my friends. Some months ago, I was playing Paladins with the same amount of hours, the same timetables and I had to wait 6-10 minutes for a game (arcade ; ranked sometimes higher than 10 minutes - my personal record is 47 minutes). Battalion 1944: last 30 days avg. players: 2k Paladins: at that time I was playing, it was in 2017 and you can see it is above 20k players Stats are not always obvious... Try the game instead of checking stats maybe ?
  3. Damn the hype is real now...
  4. kinda

    Price Strategy

    Agreed... I'm not sure if they have a lack of communication or if we are just so hyped
  5. Oh yes ! Would be awesome to play Battle Royale with good movements / firing system etc...