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  1. Awww ! Who want to know who's downvoting for nothing ? Haha just kidding
  2. I know right. I though everyone had this, that's why I was a bit confused by some posts. Now I understand . why am I privileged tho
  3. Weird. Here's what I have :
  4. By the way, for those who didn't know, you can see who downvoted or upvoted you by clicking on the icon on the bottom right corner of your post. I voted for the current system for already given reason in this thread. I'd suggest a bit more moderation, I stopped posting a while ago because of the way it's going.
  5. Just a little question @ToonBE, how come you have so many ideas on a competitive side if you are just a casual player ? No offense to casual players but I mean it's like you despising everyone who disagree with you because only YOU have the CORRECT idea... I'm just trying to figure out why, I hope you understand. Anyway, back to the topic, I'm fine with how it was on CoD2/CoD4: one button for nades/smokes and one button to switch weapons. Clear and simple.
  6. Just to talk about the 2 "bad" things he said during the interview: 1) I don't think this game will destroy the others old-school shooter like CoD1, CoD2 etc... CS 1.6 / CSS is still alive even with CS:GO. Same for StarCraft 1 / StarCraft 2. It will decrease people playing the game for sure but I bet those games will just be active forever. 2) I don't really understand what is the problem with Joe competing in his own game... I actually would be glad to compete against him... You create it, you love it then goddamn play it haha
  7. really good interview, thank you guys
  8. Won't be a problem in ranked matches since there is plenty of ranks. Here, they're talking about 15 ranks:
  9. Welcome aboard ! I really love this idea ! Would be awesome to have this direclty in-game. +1 !
  10. Prob' he remember you pwned him Upvoted ya
  11. I would love to have the following mods. I enjoyed them so much in CoD2/CoD4 after playing so much pcw's. hide & seek jumping maps zombie mod aim maps
  12. Waiting with knowing the exact day I will be able to play will be even harder than those last months... Me and my mates are f******************ing ready !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Prepare yourself to get downvoted because you posted another guy video oh wait, you didn't get any... people here are funny :D. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I hope people's mind will be cleared out a bit now !
  14. I'm thinking about it too... I'd really like to try the Zowie's mouse ! My DA is getting old