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  1. Cheaters??

    From what I understand, he said he doubts that there is a cheater foreach game you play in Battalion... And I think the same.
  2. Game's Dead guys..

    I'm playing 2-4 hours everyday and I literally don't wait more than 2 minutes between each game I play (arcade, unranked and ranked). Same for my friends. Some months ago, I was playing Paladins with the same amount of hours, the same timetables and I had to wait 6-10 minutes for a game (arcade ; ranked sometimes higher than 10 minutes - my personal record is 47 minutes). Battalion 1944: last 30 days avg. players: 2k Paladins: at that time I was playing, it was in 2017 and you can see it is above 20k players Stats are not always obvious... Try the game instead of checking stats maybe ?
  3. Damn the hype is real now...
  4. Price Strategy

    Agreed... I'm not sure if they have a lack of communication or if we are just so hyped
  5. Oh yes ! Would be awesome to play Battle Royale with good movements / firing system etc...
  6. Forum Reputation System

    Awww ! Who want to know who's downvoting for nothing ? Haha just kidding
  7. Forum Reputation System

    I know right. I though everyone had this, that's why I was a bit confused by some posts. Now I understand . why am I privileged tho
  8. Forum Reputation System

    Weird. Here's what I have :
  9. Forum Reputation System

    By the way, for those who didn't know, you can see who downvoted or upvoted you by clicking on the icon on the bottom right corner of your post. I voted for the current system for already given reason in this thread. I'd suggest a bit more moderation, I stopped posting a while ago because of the way it's going.
  10. Last weapon used bind "q" (CS)

    Just a little question @ToonBE, how come you have so many ideas on a competitive side if you are just a casual player ? No offense to casual players but I mean it's like you despising everyone who disagree with you because only YOU have the CORRECT idea... I'm just trying to figure out why, I hope you understand. Anyway, back to the topic, I'm fine with how it was on CoD2/CoD4: one button for nades/smokes and one button to switch weapons. Clear and simple.
  11. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    Just to talk about the 2 "bad" things he said during the interview: 1) I don't think this game will destroy the others old-school shooter like CoD1, CoD2 etc... CS 1.6 / CSS is still alive even with CS:GO. Same for StarCraft 1 / StarCraft 2. It will decrease people playing the game for sure but I bet those games will just be active forever. 2) I don't really understand what is the problem with Joe competing in his own game... I actually would be glad to compete against him... You create it, you love it then goddamn play it haha
  12. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    really good interview, thank you guys
  13. Won't be a problem in ranked matches since there is plenty of ranks. Here, they're talking about 15 ranks:
  14. In game IRC chat.

    Welcome aboard ! I really love this idea ! Would be awesome to have this direclty in-game. +1 !