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  1. j6k4

    Feedback from CoD1/2/4 Player

    Agree with most of your post but MP40 is defo a 2-hit kill in the head at close-mid range. You should double check that. Firing delays, netcode issues and weapon switching are one of the most frustrating things atm for me personally. Lot of good points btw
  2. j6k4

    Games literally dead in AU

    just gotta wait for the netcode update, hopefully after that the game will play better and players will actually enjoy playing it, boosting the numbers back up as a result. its a waiting game
  3. j6k4

    Game's Dead guys..

    this^^ this area needs improving the most at the moment for obvious reasons.
  4. j6k4

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    are they? haven’t tested but probably true, one of the reasons why running around with an SMG lacks the “feel-good” factor. Imo their movement speed should naturally be faster than Heavy, Rifle or Default. As that should be one of SMG’s strenghts, alongside ROF, ADS time and movement speed, and their TTK in CQB. Perhaps once their 2hit kill range & medium range damage are nerfed their movement speed could do with a tiny buff to make them unique in terms of movement compared to other classes if really necessary. Kinda like in cod4, when you picked up an SMG, you could immediately feel you are faster than the AK (Assault) which was a key factor that playing that class was so fun.
  5. j6k4

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    probably because of more activity / larger audience on reddit compared to these forums. that's my guess
  6. j6k4

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I think the problem isn’t the movement speed but the game’s netcode, desync, action delays etc, I wouldn’t make the movement slower, if anyhing the way movement feels, I think it could do with a bit of improvement in some aspects, like buffing the sprint duration for example. Or just something to make it feel better when running around the map. Make it more enjoyable as right now it isn’t fluid nor responsive enough to be “fun”.
  7. Some good points were raised here. I’ll list a few that I feel are crucial currently: - server stabilty and performance - netcode - arcade mode should not be neglected but instead improved a lot - just generally making the game more stable and playable before anything else. - lean peeking - weapon balance etc
  8. j6k4

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    like mentioned above, there isn’t much choice for peeking, since lean peeking is a suicide and jiggle peeking isn’t viable either. and since there’s a ton of stuff and places to jump onto futher increasing the frequency of jumping, combined with the current state of netcode jump peeking and jumpshooting seems the most effective way to go hence it’s so frequent. I feel like the devs or mods should put up a sticky on the forums and steam to clarify the confusion of many people who are misinterpreting bunny hopping with strafe jumping or even calling jumping bunny hopping. We as a community should be on the same page without confusion especially when it comes to basic terms (glossary) whether you are a casual or competitive player.
  9. j6k4


    I wouldn’t mind having them in as long as they’re balanced. Think of it as another card, another playstyle suitable for a specific type of players. Another potential strategy. More players might fall in love with the game. Aka “I love this game because of this gun, and just how it feels/sounds etc) I’m all open for the “more weapons, more variety” philosophy as long as they feel good to use and are actually viable and balanced. Your typical LMGs could have their own traits such as slow movement speeds, slow ads/slow reload times, high recoil, but high damage generally combined with a slow rate of fire or a low damage LMG combined with a higher rate of fire to allow for reasonable DPS balance.
  10. j6k4

    Soviet Union

    any gun can be balanced. this is a different game, in this game it would be made from scratch. so damage, rate of fire, magazine size and recoil etc would be adjusted accordingly over time to keep it balanced
  11. ADS’ing with a shotgun does not make you more accurate afaik, unless it’s been changed. The bullet spread is the same for both, firing from the hip and and shooting while ADS. Would have to test again, but I’m not aware of it being changed. Hitbox does seem to be a bit strange, but that again could be down to many factors. It’s tough to debate because sometimes you land an insane range one shot and sometimes you just keep tagging. If your tag hits them in the arm or leg it will obviously deal minimal damage per pellet which would need lots of tags to kill, but if you land enough pellets in the chest/neck/head area those usually end up in a kill.
  12. j6k4

    Nvidia ShadowPlay

    Indeed would also like Battalion to work with plays.tv, it’s a cool platform for sharing gaming highlights and it’s easy on the hardware whilst recording.
  13. sounds like you feel SMGs are challenging to use, which is surprising as they are “free elo” atm imo anyway. They have a recoil pattern as opposed to the circle that you get in promod after spraying a full clip, which doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. It was requested by the community long time ago and majority are fine with it. Making them easier to use than they are now would not be a good move considering how potent they are already.
  14. j6k4

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I don’t know the current values of this nor have I done any testing so I could be wrong on this one. But my guess is that those timings are probably unique for each gun. The total “switch time” is composed of two timings, weapon drop speed (of the gun being put away) and the weapon pull out/draw speed (the new weapon being drawn). Anyway, whatever the factor is, the delay after any of the following actions before you can shoot is just too long it’s rage inducing: (sprint+jump, weapon switching, picking up a gun from the floor, fake planting & defusing etc) it’s like the animation is too long before you can shoot after doing any of those actions. Not sure if that’s intentional but it’s doing the game more harm than good imo. SMGs’ damage is kinda silly at pretty much all distances, 2hit kill range is too long, medium range damage is too high, and long range damage is severely low. This is not cod4, there’s no deagle for the SMG players here to give them such heavy nerf at max range, so it would be more sensible if they could land some respectable tags at range instead of shooting popcorn at people. 8-9 hit at max range would be a step closer to make it slightly useful to land an odd tag (perhaps to help finish people off, or scare them off with a prefire) but not a threat that could challenge at range. And with regards to hipfire I’m not so sure right now but last time I played Defaults and the M1Garand’s hipfire is a piece of piss I sometimes don’t feel the need to ADS at all. Not sure we want full auto’s like SMGs or Heavies to do that as even for the rifles it feels OP. I do agree the weapon pickup radius feels a bit small my two cents bro, good suggestion with the BAR iron sights btw