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  1. Rifle Balance

    Your concern seems to be the public servers being filled with snipers. So to avoid disapointment just play on servers with rifle limit. In the S&D Matchmaking setting you won't have a full server of snipers. Because; a) it won't be viable; b) there will probably also be some sort of limit or c) they are trolling/not playing meta to win. I do hope that Battalion will have scoped and unscoped rifles. Both being able to one shot. We just gotta try different values and tweak them as we go along (as a community) My general suggestion for the rifles would be something like.... Scoped rifle being able to kill lower torso up + upper arms + upper legs Unscoped rifle being able to kill lower torso up + upper arms (OR upper torso up + upper arms) I just like the idea that the scoped rifle will have a higher one shot kill capability vs the unscoped rifle to compensate for the limited FOV (as you scope in) and potentially lower movement speed. Anyway, nothing is set in stone that's why we have our amazing dev team that listens to the community by patching the game/updating stuff/nerfing/buffing etc in order to achieve a good balance catered for the competitive level of the game.
  2. Hitbox damage areas

    "If a single bullet passes through several hitbox areas with different damage multipliers, then it will inflict the highest amount of damage in the different damages." - counterstrikewikia ^^^ this looks like a fair solution for this scenario
  3. Hitbox damage areas How many damage areas would be best for Battalion and why? I don’t know much about how it will affect the hitreg and general connection stability but I’m guessing the more complicated the hitbox the harder to keep it accurate and stable? Perhaps devs and people who have experience with hit-box design can shed some light on this topic. There’s probably limitations to each engine and some hitboxes could work better or worse on different game engines and it also depends on other things like netcode, and quality of servers in general but this is definitely something we should think about. Obviously damage multipliers can be weapon specific (And I hope they will) Please keep the discussion about the actual multiplier values of each gun to a minumum as in this topic I'd like to discuss how many damage areas would be best for Battalion and why. I'd like to know people's opinions and some facts about hitbox and what the ideal number of damage areas would be for Battalion. Options & examples COD2 had 7 different damage areas -Head -Neck -Torso -Upper Arm -Lower Torso (Stomach) -Upper leg -Other limbs COD2 Damage areas The later editions of COD such as COD4, COD5, MW2, BO1 etc had 5 hitbox areas -Head -Neck -Torso -Stomach -Limbs COD4,5,6 etc Damage areas CSGO interestingly only has 4 damage areas. - Head - Chest and arm - Stomach - Leg Because in CSGO kevlar (armor) is a big part of the game the Stomach damage multiplier is x1.25 compared to Chest and Arm which is x1.0 this means you are dealing more damage when you hit the enemy in the Stomach than you would if you hit them in the Chest and Arms. Kevlar probably won't be part of Battalion so the multiplier values strategy will differ, but that's now irrelevant. Additionally I’d like to know if Battalion uses “hit bubbles” or standard square hitbox shapes. If you don’t know what I mean by hit bubbles check the video below. CSGO had this update a few years ago and it did make the hitreg much better as a result. A video explaining “hit bubbles” instead of “hit boxes” A comparison of old and new hitboxes in CSGO Bottom line: So yeah once again don’t turn this post into “the damage multiplier for the snipers should be this or that” kind of thread I just want to discuss the number of damage areas a player model (hitbox) should have in your opinion and why. PEACE!
  4. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    aka nadelot. this highlight is from one match, some mad nades ? https://plays.tv/video/570ab6ceb0428f08d0/the-legend-of-latenades-on-backlot-nadelot?from=user
  5. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Hope the directional sound in this game will be spot on, especially since S&D will be the main mode. Obviously no cook nades, that's a no brainer. And I pray to god that the nades will not have the range and speed of cod4 promod. They had way too much impact on rounds imo. There was a lot of nade kills in promod. Very hard to avoid while easy to get kills with. The easiest and therefore the most used tactic was to release them soon as you spawn and off you go. Not much variety there really. So I hope in Battalion we'll see a fine balance with nades which will encourage players to generate variety of ways to use them.
  6. Rifle Balance

    If you have an SMG you shouldn't even try to challenge a sniper at range. How about; Unscoped rifle - chest up kill Scoped rifle - (slower movement speed) stomach up kill
  7. Price Strategy

    A lot of people can't afford a €50 game. That's obvious. Such a high price tag would put me off as well for most games, but not for Battalion. On a wider scale if you look at PS4/Xbox1, that's how much they have to pay for a new game and even more in most cases. I am not saying how much Battalion should or shouldn't cost on each platform and region because speculating it would be pointless. Honestly, I would be surprised if it costs more than €30. Anyway, it's not me nor you who decides that. We decide whether we buy the product or not. Keep in mind not every studio can afford to run a F2P game and be able to sustain itself long term. And F2P FPS games are flooded with cheaters. I personally wouldn't pay €30/€40/€50 just for any game, PC or console unless it was already a hit or has long term potential something we all hope Battalion is about, it's a unique project, something promising. People have different ways of how they spend money on games, someone might prefer to buy 5 different games for €10 rather than one for €40-50 that's their choice. Nobody is forcing you to spend your savings on a game. You can spend them as you wish.
  8. Price Strategy

    so you say they could afford a decent PC which costs a few/several hundreads of Euros but could not afford a game which would cost €30-50? but yeh, the price strategy is important indeed. Bulkhead would probably have to hit the ideal sweetspot to make enough money to sutain themselves long term and keep the game going with patches/updates/reworks/changes/events etc and still profit but also make it affordable and less off putting for casual gamers because they will make up the majority of the player base.
  9. What about the maps

    this ^ the fact that we will be able to create maps and if they're good enough and balanced they could make it to the official map pool. The options will be vast. Whether we're talking fun public/practice servers or competitive map pool. You could always use maps from the past as an inspiration to create a new original map.
  10. What about the maps

    It's expected within the modding community. In the official map pool, probably not. Due to originality and legal reasons I guess.
  11. Would be nice to see free servers for Battalion on fshost. It's a great place to go and rent a server for free when you need one for a scrim/pcw or just a mess around. This idea would be good especially if there will be a more hardcore competitive platform beyond the ingame MM, think faceit in csgo.
  12. Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    good post. agree with pretty much everything you've said. I personally also prefer CoD2 TTK (time to kill) compared to CoD4 promod. Movement per weapon is key. I hope nades in Battalion will not be as brutal as they were in cod4 promod. Wallbangs should be possible but again, not as powerful as in cod4.
  13. Customizable ScoreBoard

    being able to see some key stats while you're playing is a great idea. would love to see this in
  14. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    How far you could throw nades in cod4 was actually one of the main reasons why so many rounds were decided within first 3-5 seconds by a nade kill. how powerful they were in general was down to their damage and effective radius. let's be honest in cod4 promod there was a lot of nade kills, especially in comparison to other fps games I really hope that in Battalion they won't be as powerful + so easy to get kills with, or at least I hope they will be a bit different. They should be more of a challenge than just lining up a pixel at the start of each each round to get an easy kill and spam LÖL binds Kappa. Make nades so that players will use them more mid round/late round and manage their resources differently. You'd see players in cod4 saving a nade for mid/late round occasionally (mostly scopes/AKs) but most of the time people would just get rid of the nade soon as the round starts because it was the most effective and easiest thing to do and they were taking their chances, rather chuck a long distance nade and hope to cause some damage than die and not do any nade damage at all. Unless they were saving it to nade a bombsite or a common camping spot late round. and the exploding cars ? that's another treat... tl;dr I agree the nades and exploding cars were brutal in promod. Definitely played a big decisive role in many rounds.
  15. Ranked Pre Reqs

    Definitely agree with your suggestions. There has to be some sort of targets you have to achieve before you can play ranked to weed out trolls and to make sure that people who play in ranked games are in most cases "worthy" of your time to ensure enjoyable and competitive playing experience things like - play each competitive map a certain amount of times get a certain amount of kills with all guns (obviously of appropriate values in relation to the weapon) have a good reputation score or vice versa have a low enough % of negative score on your account a good report system will be key to this to tackle players who are AFK for too long (eg. 2 rounds in a row) and leavers perhaps have a bot spawning instead who can be controlled by a team mate who has already died in game, kinda like in csgo, can't think of anything better for that matter as of now.