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    WW2 old-school shooters, Basketball, Translating, Organizing community stuff, Playing videogames, Being with friends
    I'm a student right now, and I wanna become a game programmer and artist. The website you can see below is where I'm writing my articles and doing translations.

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  1. Heyo

    Welcome @Lyxen to the forums!
  2. New to forum, old-school gamer

    Welcome to the forums @Tracer Bullet! I hope you'll be enjoying yourself here!
  3. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    True @pukiz, this is just an offer made by some members of the community, they don't have to accept it.
  4. Hey guys, DOOPZ here.

    Hi there doopz!
  5. Lets talk Taunts

    No probs. These will be awesome if made well. And of course they will be made well, just like the game is.
  6. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the forums Simon!
  7. Lets talk Taunts

    Yep it has been discussed before, and something will be done. These will be battle-crys I think. It would be a customizable thing in the game, so you could choose from various battle-crys. It's one of the "cosmetic" items which will be able to be earned through player progression like the other cosmetic stuff (clothing, helmet, gun engraving, etc.).
  8. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    Yep, that might be true. I would love to try it out if somebody would make it.
  9. Hello everyone!

    Welcome Amory! Good to see ya here on the forums! I hope we will meet in Bat44.
  10. How did you found your nickname?

    I got mine from a book. It's a hungarian book and one of the main characters was an Álomvámpír (álom=dream, vámpír=vampire -> so Álomvámpír=Dreamvampire) and in most cases I had to give a nickname using the english alphabet, so no Á-s were enabled. Simple as that. My only other used nicks are Alom (which is obviously a short version of Alomvampir) and CherryOn, because I like the sound of it.
  11. Tanks! how to make them work!

    Since I'm not a Wolf:ET player, that might be true . Thanks bro.
  12. Hi All, I'm Simon

    Hi there Simon the Evil Isaac! Welcome to the forums. Have fun with the game!
  13. Tanks! how to make them work!

    I know that and always knew that, actually I didn't write it down correctly. I was talking about the "other gamemode". It would be strange as well. With this kind of movement and skill based gameplay that we have here in Bat44 tanks would be simply strange for me. But that's just my opinion. I know that he's new but I think we've discussed ideas like this before and mostly we always have the same outcome. Sorry if I did something wrong.
  14. Where Are You From? [Poll]